The purpose of this blog is to present perspectives on Health from the natural point of view.

Although the present health model is slowly accepting and in some cases even validating many of the Traditional concepts of healing, there is resistance more from intrenched interests than from practitioners. The Traditional healing perspective contains concepts and ideas on health that are valid, workable and above all simple. The fact that these ideas survive and are sought after is testimony to their effectiveness. Any practitioner of natural healing will testify that the effects are fast and without side-effects, which is more than can be said about some healing methods.

Some have stated that the healers of old were naive and misinformed. This is a hard claim to substantiate as there was much quackery around then as there is now. Thankfully science has removed much of the superstition associated with medicine only to have it undermined even more by commercial interests.

Although much effort is being made to focus on the modern medical paradigm of health many, as many as 50% are still seeking out safe and workable alternative modalities and remedies for what ails them. People still seek out the original natural healing modalities and are willing to pay for them.

When it comes right down to it; if they did not work people would not pay for them.

With expense, deficits and often ineffective methods, a more natural healing paradigm is necessary.

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