Cleansing the Liver and Gall Bladder

liver cleanse, gall bladder, natureIn the wilderness we rarely if ever find the ingredients of disease. The things living in nature live in harmony with each other. All bacteria, all viruses have their place and do not kill anything. Animals eat and defecate to the mutual benefit of all that lives. There is never any waste piling up anywhere. On a very macro scale; as long as the creatures of nature eat the foods provided for them by Nature and they stay within what is meant for them to be eaten as food, there is nothing in them and nothing expelled from them that will contaminate their environment. If that were not the case, Nature would have destroyed Herself a very long time ago and us with Her.

On a micro scale, the internal environment of any living creature is very much the same. As long as what that creature is eating and drinking what it’s supposed to, there is little that can harm or disturb it’s inner environment. Should there ever be a creature or an environment that is out of the order of Nature, Nature will dispose of it. The predators will seek out any week animal and devour it as food, trees that have gotten too old will fall over and compost themselves back into soil, creating thousands of other life opportunities for an incalculable number of living organisms, leaving nothing that is detrimental to life behind. Human beings living in that sort of environment, provided they are able to adapt to it can live potentially contaminant and consequently disease free. That has been the case of all aboriginal peoples all over the globe.

liver, cleanse, gall bladder, natureIt may not be a very pleasant topic of discussion but, everyone will appreciate as a matter of fact that every living organism must eat and must in due course expel the waste from what it had eaten – without exception. As long as people were living in small towns that were spread out over a large enough area and every home contained their waste on their property to eventually revert back into soil, disease outbreaks were rare. Cities do not have that same luxury. People living in concentration need more food and consequently produce more waste. All large cities need to supply fresh clean water and food to their inhabitants and in turn dispose of the high concentration of sewage being produced otherwise the population will get sick. There are many examples of cities that have had epidemic break outs of deadly disease because water and food supplies were getting contaminated with human and animal sewage.

What Happens Outside Also Happens Inside

Just like in a big city, should anyone’s body not be able to dispose of it’s own wastes, they will get sick. It’s that simple. The wastes will naturally ferment to produce the ingredients of many or most known diseases. The accumulated wastes themselves may not immediately produce a disease but, they often create an environment that is friendly to bacteria or viruses that would otherwise not be able to exist within a healthy strong body. Add to this accumulation of waste the chemical residues of modern life and you have another layer of disease causing toxins. In the past, these were often dismissed as insignificant but, presently their threat to health is recognized as very real and threatens not only human health but potentially also human existence.

Why treat the effects of these accumulated poisons when by working towards removing them a lot more is accomplished with less effort and in less time. We all know that by cleaning up a contaminated environment that Nature will easily restore itself to it’s former vigor and glory, so why should this not apply to the inner environment of our body. It certainly seems simple and obvious enough. Removing these accumulated poisons is as much a simple and obvious preventative measure as it is a relief from potential problems and discomfort. Cleansing the inner body and its organs takes away the environment where bacteria and viruses can potentially thrive. Without all of these extra toxins in body tissue and in the circulating bodily fluids for the internal organs to deal with the body has less work to do, and more energy to devote towards sustaining it’s life, health and longevity.

There are three main filters for our body fluids, the liver for solids, the kidneys for liquids and the lungs for the gases. Each acts like a stomach or sorts to not only filter but also continue the digestion of what they contain. The organ that works the hardest to keep us as toxin free as possible is also our largest internal organ – our liver. By cleansing of the liver  and adopting a good clean healthy diet the whole body benefits and the results are quick to be seen.

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