Health Through Reason

In a world where the truth is tinged by marketing and selling it is ultimately left up to the individual to find the truth of things for oneself! You cannot rely on a hyped sales pitch, accepted conventional wisdom, or authority figures to tell you the truth because it seems like they all have a vested interest in pulling you in their direction. More and more, we are all being forced to wake up and think for ourselves to separate fantasy from reality to confidently build a clear minded sense of what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Our present world is a very confusing place. Whether it’s a product, a political idea or some other “push” intended to modify our behavior; someone is always trying to sell us something. To make sense of the world learn to step back, take a deep breath and learn to think before acting on an impulse that someone else is working hard to put into your head. We are all searching because none of us has the answers to absolutely everything and so we search on our own and sometimes with the help of people who cross our paths at the right time to answer our questions. This may not solve a problem altogether but, in the process we build enough experience that enables us to think a problem through to the point that we can make sense of it. That understanding leads us to the actions we must take to solve our problems according to terms we have intelligently arrived at through our own sound reason.

All too often people seek out others to solve their problems for them and in taking their advice are often lulled into a sense of false security and end up in a worse position than when they started. Ultimately, solutions to personal problems can only to be found personally because the benefits and consequences are also personal.

We offer theories and explanations that have stood the test of time, are understandable, workable and, at least compared to present day thinking, are from “outside of the box.” We hope you find them useful!

There have been many who protect their own integrity by following this line of reason. To quote one of the best:

“Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect)” Mark Twain

“I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Mark Twain

Health and Healing are related to the concept of “wholeness.” In latin the word “san” means health and it also means to be whole. In the word “san” the implication goes beyond the physical to include the whole being of the person. It includes also the health of the soul and spirit; emotional and constitutional health respectively. It is impossible to deal with health without including the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

We offer the following topics explained from Traditional Herbal Theory as a truly alternative health perspective. The natural point of view being much simpler and more to the point.

Having said this, please do not expect explanations to be reduced to simple “sound bites” for a simple “how to.”  Without comprehending  fundamental principles of causes, effects, and consequences there is no point in blindly pursuing what appears to be  a solution. Without understanding how and why something is, it would be nearly impossible to pursue any constructive suggestions to their end.

If someone wants to help themselves, understanding must come first. Therefore we do not just provide a product, we also prefer to present a plausible explanation from an alternative and natural point of view.

It is interesting to note that when ever an apparently “new” ailment is being observed that it is being assumed that it must have a completely new cause. The Human body has remained virtually unchanged for several thousand years, containing exactly the same organs, in the same positions, having the same functions. The only things that have noticeably changed are the environment we live in and the foods we eat. The environment has clearly become  less rural and more urban, the foods are obviously less natural and more processed or otherwise “treated.” Let’s See, could the epidemic increases in major diseases have something to to with these changes instead of viruses, bacteria, heredity and DNA? . . . . . . You can decide or at the very least question!

“An explanation of any ailment and their causes from the Traditional Herbal point of view may sound more like an allegory than an explanation. But, anyone with common sense will usually understand it quickly. Also, what becomes apparent is that many ailments are interrelated and not separate from each other. All of the ailments mentioned here are closely related and so is their resolution.”

It must be noted that the natural way of describing an ailment is quite simple – but not simple minded.

We hope that this information will be useful. The views, ideas, and concepts contained are based on Natural Principles long established by Traditional Herbal Theory.

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