You Cannot Have More Problems Than You Have Parts

Consider A Machine!


partsIf you have a machine consisting of a total of about 400 components, it can logically be concluded that there can only be 400 possible things that can go wrong with that machine …..and no more than the sum of its parts.

The Human body consists of a finite number of vital organs that support and maintain life. Therefore, if there is an ailment it stands to reason that there can only be a finite set of causes the number of which cannot exceed the number of organs/parts the body has. (Symptoms believed to be the direct result of a virus or bacteria are merely the result of specific organs struggling to remove them or other toxic wastes from the body.)

How then is it possible that there are literally thousands of ailments and causes of ailments with new ones being discovered all the time? Are these new problems or simply overcomplicated explanations that miss the point? There is no need to get unnecessarily technical in order to explain anything – especially ailments. The details are only necessary after the main concept is explained and understood. Once the principle is understood the means of aiding are self evident to a thinking person.

Each organ can either be inflamed, not functioning, constricted(relatively cool), clogged, or damaged from trauma.

Are there any other possibilities?

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