Never Waste A Good Rose!

SONY DSCValentine’s day is over. Millions spent billions on roses for their sweethearts but now that it’s over all those roses are in the garbage. What a waste! This is probably one of the best examples of wasteful meaninglessness in our modern world. That people would spend good money on something that could have been said or expressed in so many more meaningful ways is a little dumb. Not that the expression of love is a bad thing but, if you’re going to express it at least understand why red roses express your love for someone. The red roses can’t help it if they’re beautiful. Red roses can’t help it if because of their extraordinary beauty they, like so many other things, have been reduced to something commercial while being so much more valuable than that.

Few read poetry, let alone Shakespearean sonnets written to express love. In those kind of writings the authors go on and on about their love and often use red roses as their metaphor for expressing it. Because of it’s velvet like texture, it’s color, it’s fragrance – the rose has been used by men to describe the women they love. Today, most have no idea why roses have come to be the expression of love. All they know is that if they don’t buy them on Valentine’s day, they’ll be in the “dog house” – big time! Most people have likely never even smelled a real rose in the past 10 years because, for the most part, the roses they buy have been hybridized and have no fragrance, which would at least give them a clue.

The mystique of the rose is more in-steeped in mysticism than most can even imagine. The fragrance cannot be adequately described for it’s loveliness and soothing pleasantness.  The color, fragrance and texture are not arbitrary they were the indicating features that led people to understand the many healing properties of this beautiful mystical flower. Roses were used to treat wounds, cool sores, soften skin, “cool” the blood, aid in digestion, improve eyesight and a whole lot more. More about that here.

Gottfried Mayerhofer wrote in one of his New Revelation writings that:

“The rose is the loveliest flower on your earth for it combines fragrance with the most beautiful colour, one expressing love, the other wisdom. As the rose in its charming raiment combines beauty with fragrance, thus also My Word, the word of ‘love combined with good deeds, makes every admirer sense the charm of My Divine Being.

The thorns are the worldly passions which have first to be removed through struggles and suffering. Thus the rose actually wishes to say: “I cannot exist without thorns!” These have to be overcome. As the rose sucks electricity through its thorns using it for its own beautification, so everyone who wants to follow My teaching and live according to it, has to exploit the wordly difficulties in such a way that from them, like from the thorns of the rose, the spiritual and sublime may grow.”

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