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Universal Ointment: A Great Skin Healing Product


Recently, my father who is in his late 60’s cut himself with a chainsaw on his pointer finger. There were four flaps of skin and he nicked the bone. I soaked a cloth with Elixir and wrapped his finger with it followed by a layer of waxed paper. We left it wrapped over night then repeated again the next day. The following day we wrapped it using Universal ointment. The next day we put a spilt on it and applied more Universal ointment leaving it open. He left it splinted another day but all the skin had grow back together. All that remains is a little deeper than normal crease on his knuckle.

Thank you Amalux.  

Dewey S.
Herald CA.

Thank You….

We have used your Universal Ointment with fantastic results…we have applied the ointment to sores and cuts and the results have been phenomenal…thank you for offering a great product.

B & K
Salt Lake City, UT

My name is Tony P. I had a very serious automobile accident 30 years ago and lost part of my leg as well as several other fractures. In the following years I have always suffered from pain and blisters where I had been injured. I have finally had the good fortune to find this new remedy ( Amalux Universal Ointment) which I find to be very good and helpful for the local pain and blisters on my remaining leg and the area of my amputated leg. I am very pleased and recommend it to anyone with my conditions. Thanks again!

Tony P.
Toronto, Canada

This letter comes from someone who speaks Italian. The first letter is in Italian. The translation is right below it!

Toronto, Canada,

Mi Chiamo Iride,

Per tanti anni ho avuto un grande problema ai piedi; Un male indescriblie, alle volte bruciavano come fuoco con dolore, alle volte erano come un pezzo do legno. Sono stata da tanti specialisiti , ho preso tante medicine, ma sensa risultato.

Poi un giorno qualcuno mi e sugerito di usare questa crema Amalux Universale.

Da quando ho cominciato a usare questa crema il problema ai piedi non ce l’ho piu. E molto buona anche per altri problemi. Avevo un prurito e bruciore in altre parti del corpo, ho messo questa crema e sono stata meglio. Le consiglio ad altre persone e veramente buona.

Iride Novelo


I have had a problem with my feet for many years. It was an indescribable problem – at times they would feel as if they were burning with pain and at other times they would be numb like a piece of wood. I have been to many specialists and have taken many medicines but without results.

Then one day someone suggested that I use this Universal Ointment by Amalux.

From the time I started using this ointment on my feet I no longer have this problem. It is very good also for other problems. I also had a burning rash on other parts of my body. I applied this ointment and was better. I recommend it to others – it is truly great.

Iride Novelo
Toronto, Canada

To the people of Amalux,It is a rare treat to find a company with so many products that all live up to their claims and even more rare that I would write to tell you about it.

My wife my daughter and I have found so many uses for the universal cream, that I would need to write a book to tell you about it. It has been used for small cuts and scraps, cold sores, minor burns, and just dryness of the skin. All with quick results.

The Psoriasis cream is the quickest, cleanest, most effective ointment I have ever used on my Psoriasis. One application in the evening and the rash was gone in the morning.

I have also suffered from the problems associated with digestion for many years. I have tried many different medical treatments, with little effect. The discomfort, the pain, and the inability to sleep with the over-active mind were all eliminated quickly with the taking of two Digestorum capsules. I carry a bottle in my car, one in my overnight bag for travel and one in my home. I have even found relief from a night of excess, with the taking of this product.

Thank you for living up to your claims and thank you for giving my family and me the relief I need.

Bill Engel
Toronto, Ontario

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