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Helpful Information About Weight Loss And Your Skin

To help Circulation in the skin:

Taking frequent Baths in salt water (sea salt) is an excellent way to help detox through the skin. Rock salt is good too as it contains more than just sodium chloride.

In some cases one pound of salt and one pound of baking soda can be used in a bath it alleviate pains and draws out toxins through the skin.

Baths can be made with the bark of white oak. White oak bark in a bath helps to clean and shrink enlarged pours which many people who are overweight tend to have. White oak bark has also been used an an anti inflammatory for centuries. Proving to be excellent for skin sores, hemorrhoids and the like when bathed in.

2 tablespoons of white oak bark in one quart of water is boiled for about 20 minutes at low heat. Add this to the bath water and bathe for about 20 minutes.

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