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Affilate Products – Great Health Products!

These Are Great Products – Indispensable, Yet You May Never Have Heard of Them!

German Products

More often than not people get lost in the latest and greatest . . . even if it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. The marketing of mediocre products can be so seductive and glitzy but it’s usually  a dead end. The best products are usually the ones you’ve rarely ever hear mentioned in the main stream. As a general rule; if a product needs to be pushed that hard in the media it is usually not able to stand on its own. The thing about good products is that they actually work. That is what keeps people coming back to buy them over and over again without any real marketing push.

We at Amalux are so very happy to be able to present to you products that we have used and recommended for over 30 years. We can only describe these products as exceptional, superb, truly wonderful and, of course, effective. We feel blessed to be able to provide them for you. We are able to do this through newly formed affiliations with Amazon and a few others that will be coming online soon. The fact that these products may not be our own does not mean that we could or should not endorse them. There are many great products out there but, unfortunately the very best products are never mentioned, hyped or presented with the usual fanfare we have become accustomed to. We present these unique and time tested products for the benefit of our customers, many of whom are genuine seekers in matters of good health.

These are Great Products that you may never have heard of but are nonetheless tried and true, very effective and have been on the market for a long time. These products have been around for several decades and with good reason – They, like our own products – WORK, and WORK VERY WELL! They are reasonably priced and have no hype attached to them and any knowledgeable person in the alternative health field will know them or has probably recommended them at some point.

You may have noticed that in some areas the small mom and pop health food stores are dying. Twenty years ago there were literally hundreds of health food stores all over southern California. They are now all gone. They’ve been competed out of business not be better stores but by huge corporate mega health food stores. Try asking them for information of any kind. They will not have it. They only carry almost generic products that people had been made aware of by the smaller mom and pops! By clicking on the products you will be taken to an area of our website that resembles a shopping cart. From this area you will be able to review these product, their availability and their costs. You will notice that there is not a fixed price for any of these products listed on this page. This is so because the prices will vary depending upon what special or promotion happens to be running in Amazon at that moment. This will be more obvious when you visit the pages where that particular product is being shown.

Edgar Cayce Products

Edgar Cayce Products

Edgar Cayce products are products with a history of reliability, a documented track record and quality.

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Castor Oil Cotton Flannel Atomidine Rose Water Glyco-Thymoline
alka-thyme, alka thyme, glyco-thymoline, glyco thymoline, mucous, lungs, throat, mouth wash, pine tar shampoo, edgar cayce, heritage store, psoriasis, scalp ipsab, teeth, gum, gums, tooth powder Ibsab tooth powder
Alka-Thyme Pine Tar Shampoo Optikade IPSAB IPSAB Tooth Powder
    coca cola syrup liver and gallbladder cleanse    
    Coca Cola Syrup    

Oriental Products

Oriental Products

There are literally hundreds of great Chinese products. They are all reasonably priced and generally work great provided the right product has been used. It is just a matter of getting familiar with Oriental concepts of health and how they apply to everyday life and health issues.

african sea coconut cough syrup xiao yao wan, free, easy, wanderer, liver, spleen da bu yin wan, abundant, yin, yin depletion Zheng gu shui, chinese, liniment, bone, pain, bruise
African Sea Coconut Cough Syrup Xiao Yao Wan – Free and Easy Wanderer Da Bu Yin Wan – Abundant Yin Zheng Gu Shui – Liniment

Beehive Products

From The Beehive

Many manufacturers of health product would, like most other product manufacturers, that you consume their products blindly and often. The reality is that, for the most part, this is not true. Few good health products need to be taken on an ongoing basis. When it comes to products that come from the beehive some only need to be taken when needed but others, being foods of a higher order can be taken daily. Bee pollen is an excellent food as well as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Royal Jelly is unique in that it is one of the only substances that will permit a bee that normally lives for about 6 – 7 weeks to live as long as 3 -4 years when Royal Jelly is fed to it. Products like Propolis is generally used for infection and is not needed at any other time.

bee propolis, natural, antibiotic royal jelly, frozen, fresh bee pollen bees wax, candle,
Propolis Frozen Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Bees Wax

Dr. Bronner’s Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soaps and Products

dr bronner's, castille, soap, organic, Everyone needs and uses soap. Most are aware of the detergents and foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate that are in soap and try to avoid them. These and other additives used in most commercial soaps are known to be carcinogenic and are best avoided. Look no further than to Dr. Bronner’s product line up of pure organic castille soaps and products. We know these products and have been using and selling them for decades. Dr. Bronner’s have been making soap for over 5 Generations. That’s 150 years dedicated to soap making excellence. Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps and bar soaps are both USDA Certified Organic, certified Fair Trade and cruelty free to animals – no animal testing is done by Dr. Bronner’s! They have expanded their soap line to include other high quality personal care personal care products. , from lotions to shaving gels – all certified under the same USDA program that certifies organic foods. Dr. Bronner’s were in all health food stores and still are. They are a very cost effective, high value product.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Classic Liquid Soaps Dr. Bronner’s Organic Classic Bar Soaps
Dr. Bronner’s Organic Baby and Sensitive Skin Care Soaps Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand And Body Soaps
Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sal Suds All Purpose Cleanser Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lotions
Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gels  


Vita-Myr Oral Health Products

Vita Myr started as an attempt to solve a personal health problem and turned into a business. The founder of Vita-Myr products stated: “Have had gum problems since I was thirty years old. I was going to loose my teeth…it seemed to be a hopeless situation. Then my wife and I decided that we had nothing to lose, we would try to find a remedy ourselves.” The result was a tooth paste and mouthwash that are second to none. The Vita Myr product line is excellent. The addition of clove and myrrh also make it mildly anti inflammatory. This stuff beats the most popular nutritional brands hands down in every category.

Vita-Myr Herbal Mouthwash - Ingredients: Zinc (picolinate), Folic Acid, Clove Oil, Myrrh, Distilled Water.Original VITA-MYR Toothpaste Ingredients: Zinc, Folic Acid, Clove and Myrrh, Purified water Dicalcium Phosphate, Glycerine, Silica, Hamposyl L -95 (Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate) it is NOT Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Carrageenan, Grapefruit Seed Extract. Contains No Fluoride, No Sugar, No Saccharin, No Aspartame, No SLS. Low -Abrasive Formula .
Zinc-Plus XTRA Toothpaste with Xylitol & Co Q 10 - Vita Myr has simply added to all the natural and effective ingredients used in their Zinc-Plus formula the added cavity fighting and antioxidant power of Xylitol and Co Q 10.Children’s Toothpaste with Xylitol & Natural Orange Flavor - Vita Myr simply blended the same beneficial ingredients found in their Zinc Plus toothpaste adding the cavity fighter, Xylitol and a juicy natural orange flavor.


Good Shoes Are Part Of Good Health!!

If you’ve never stopped to think about your feet, it’s time you started. All the reflex points that link to every part and organ of your body are on the soles of your feet. We all use our fee to walk and stand why take advantage of those necessary activities by treat yourself and the rest of your body to comfortable shoes that also contribute to your overall well being. When you feet are comfortable and warm in well fitting shoes that pamper your feet, you’ll forget that you even have feet.

haflinger, shoes, health, cork, sole, wool, upper, comfort, healthybirki's, birkenstock shoes

Painful corns are just that – PAINFUL!! Here is a simple solution.

Please know that when you visit this site and select a product you will be taken to Amazon where you may find other pricing options for the same product. Look for the best bargain you can find. If you are going to find a bargain this will be the best and most likely place you will find it. That said, also know that sometimes you are better off paying the full price to take advantage of free shipping. The lowest product price at times ends up costing you more after you include the shipping fees.

Every Healing Modality Has It’s Own Tools And Products

bach, flower, remediesMost people associate ancient, natural healing modalities with the Orient, an opinion that has merit but, there are Old and New and, extremely beneficial healing modalities whose origins are entirely Western that are as good or even surpass those of the East. What is interesting about the natural healing modalities is that none of them are in conflict with each other. In fact, all of them build on the same basic and often universal principles that they are each built upon. In that sense they are all complimentary disciplines of healing that do not contradict one another. Bach Flower Remedies are a great example of a therapeutic system that seems too simple to actually be of any worth yet, anyone who has tried any of the Bach Flower Remedies has been astounded by their near immediate effectiveness. The British physician Dr. Edward Bach developed the Bach Flower Remedies because he felt that the medicine as recently as the 1930’s was not working on his patience as well as he’d liked. In his search for a solution he had concluded that the cause of most ailments was emotional in nature, something that the Swiss physical Paracelsus had stated about 400 years earlier. The Bach Flower Remedies work on the homeopathic principle of “like cures like.”

bee hive remediesRemedies that originate from Honey Bees and their Bee Hives have been used by every culture on Earth, except perhaps for ancient North America cultures where honey bees were first introduced by European settlers. Pollination is just a small part of what Honey Bees have provided to humanity. Propolis, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bees Wax – even Bee Venom have all provided enormous benefits to what ever culture has had them available. Caution: Anyone who is allergic to bees and bee products should avoid these products.


schussler cell saltsThe healing modality based on Cell Salts is based partly on biochemistry and partly in homeopathy. In the 1870’s, after having examined the cremated remains of several people, the German physician Dr. Wilhelm H Schussler discovered that there were 12 minerals that were consistently in the remains of all people. He concluded that they were essential to human life and created homeopathic remedies around those 12 “tissue” salts. The original 12 have been expanded upon but the principle of action remains the same.


clay, healing, therapyContrary to what it may seem, simple, humble Clay is an extraordinary and completely natural healing remedy. Clay has had a documented history of effectiveness that is several thousand years old. It was recognized by all ancient cultures as an excellent remedy for cuts, burns, broken bones. It was used both internally and externally. It was kills bacteria and viruses and healed quickly while removing pain by it’s mere application. It has more uses than be counted both in healing and in industry and is an exceptional friend and healing modality when needed.


fasting, therapy, juicing, juice, fastFasting is another healing modality that is too simple to believable to some. Yet, people have also documented their own experiences with fasting as an excellent and life altering healing therapy and method. Fasting is not limited to food. Any attempt to refrain from something can be considered a fast. Stopping a bad habit, staying away from bad food, bad mental habits, bad emotional tendencies or, from bad company are all forms of fasting. The main benefit of fasting is that a person learns to master themselves and be master over all aspects of their life. The life changing nature of fasting is why it has been part of various religious practices over the centuries.

herbs, herbalism, healingEvery culture, without exception has a Herbal Healing Tradition. Contrary to what most people think herbs and herbalism is based on a very logical, systematic philosophy. There is nothing arbitrary about it. It’s a logical system based on sound principles. There are basically two schools of thought in herbalism; the Eastern and the Western. Eastern Herbalism is a near perfect allopathic system that uses “opposites against opposites” to arrive at optimum health. Western Herbalism has a similar conceptual base but it is not as well developed as the Eastern. What the Western system offers is the concept of cleansing before balancing; the idea that by removing the pathogen first, the body will have less trouble healing itself.

homeopathy, same to sameHomeopathy was developed in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700’s. Hahnemann too was appalled by the medical practices of his day and proceeded to look for other, better healing methods. Homeopathy is a very simple non-invasive healing modality that is without side-effects. Like Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathy works on the principle of “like healing like.” Up until the turn of the last century homeopathy was taught in hospitals and was the preferred method of healing. With the help of Rockefeller and Carnegie all funding was halted to homeopathic hospitals and teaching as they were promoting their own medical industry at the time.

hydrotherapy, kniepp, water, therapyHydrotherapy as a system of healing is another form of healing that was part of all hospital and sanitarium protocols at the turn of the last century. It was brought into prominence by Fr. Sebastian Kneipp in the 1850’s who cured himself of his own sickness using nothing more than water. Hydrotherapy is not about just drinking water. Hydrotherapy is about using warm and cool water externally on various parts of the body. The water is either bathed in, used in foot and hand baths, sprayed onto various parts of the body, compresses of hot or cool water were placed according to a systematic protocol. This hydrotherapy is still in use by naturopaths world wide and in health spas that know how to use it. Hydrotherapy also incorporates the use of herbs as part of its protocol.

Tsauna,he Sauna as it is commonly known is of Scandinavian origins however, the concept of entering a hot room that is either dry or steam filled is not an exclusively Scandinavian idea. Turkish baths and Indian Sweat Lodges are based on the same principle. The process of heating and then cooling the skin to opens and closes the pours which causes the circulation to rise to the surface of the skin and then retreat. This forced circulation not only feels great, it opens the pours of the skin to allow toxins to be expelled and produces tangible health benefits. It is a simple but effective concept. It may not be an official healing modality but anyone who as had a sauna has experienced the benefits. Those who are in poor health or have existing heart conditions should consult their physicians if sauna is advisable for them.

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