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Appliances To Make Your Health Easier To Maintain

Appliances For Your Health

Low Tech, Proven, Affordable and Effective!

There are many appliances for your health We are finding them and adding them One at a time! The products on these pages are being made available through Amazon.

From this area you will be able to review these product, their availability and their costs. You will notice that there is not a fixed price for any of these products listed on this page. This is so because the prices will vary depending upon what special or promotion happens to be running in Amazon at that moment.

The Champion Juicer

The Champion Juicer

champion juicer

The Champion Juicer

The champion juicer is an almost indestructible appliance. It will grind almost anything and last anyone their entire life time.

It is available in a variety of colours and its parts are also available should they be needed.

It’s motor is so powerful that some people have also used it for grinding peanuts or almonds into nut butters or for making thick cold smoothies from frozen fruit in addition to juicing. A typical blender just hasn’t got the power to do this.

The Champion juicer’s assembles and disassembles very quickly and easily for easy cleaning.

When you buy this product you are buying a juicer that will last a lifetime. It is quite typical for the Champion Juicer to last for up to 30 years years and then be passed on to someone else, still working as if it were new.

A truly great and versatile product!

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