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Atomidine® – New Information On An Old Reliable Product

INTRODUCTION: What Atomidine® Is

edgar cayce, atomidine

Edgar Cayce has often been referred to as the sleeping prophet and perhaps the only prophetic personality  to the Americas. Made famous for his healings and medical readings in the 1930’s, Cayce was himself a man modest in personality and of means.


Iodine Solution

Atomidine has poetically been referred to as the ‘golden liquid fish’, because of its iodine content. It is actually a clear, yellow-gold liquid that is a concentrated source of io­dine, a mineral particularly abundant in the ocean, and in its products and creatures. In view of this abundance, how any in­dividual can be deficient in this mineral is a mystery until one examines its chemical nature.

Although ordinary iodine is useful externally in various preparations for antiseptic purposes, solutions of iodine in this form would be poisonous irritants if taken internally. In sources such as kelp and other types of seaweed, the iodine is in a form that can be better assimilated, but it apparently re­mains somewhat irritating to the system.

Atomidine however is at least according to Cayce, uniquely different from substances based on molecular iodine compounds such as these. By a special process, iodine is compounded in a solution that liberates the element in an atomic or nascent state on contact with an excess of solvent, such as the fluids of the body. Iodine is thus furnished in a form that is readily utilized. In addition, what Cayce called ‘atomic iodine’, or Atomidine, is believed to be more active, less toxic, and less irritating to the system than molecular iodine, and is thus suitable for internal use in small quantities in addition to its effectiveness as an external antiseptic.

What is the nature of the process that transforms ordinary iodine into such a valuable, non-toxic state? Basically a sol­ution of iodine trichloride is treated with several herbal com­pounds. The result is Atomidine, which contains approximately 1/100 grain of iodine in each drop of the solution, supplying in a single drop approximately six times the minimum daily re­quirement of iodine.

Unfortunately, the very fact that a drop of Atomidine does supply six times the MDR of iodine places it outside the cate­gory of iodine products such as kelp tablets which can be le­gally used in oral form. This is because in the U.S., at pres­ent, drug law limits the maximum allowable iodine content of a single dose of a non-prescription drug or food supplement to .15 milligram or 150% of the adult minimum daily requirement.

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Disclaimer :

Neither the publisher of this book nor any party associated with the publisher present this work as a prescription for any person, nor makes any representation concerning the physiological effects of any or the remedies mentioned. The services of a professional medical practitioner should be sought in every case where any indication whatsoever suggests the need of such services.

[i]*For more information about Edgar Cayce, write to the A.R.E .• Box 595-P. Virginia Beach. VA 23451. This article is from a booklet published by Heritage Publications in 1974
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