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Atomidine Articles By Paul Solomon

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Atomidine® In The Paul Solomon Readings

Following are slightly edited portions of a transcript of a reading given by the Virginia Beach psychic Paul Solomon on the general subject of Atomidine. Continuing in the Cayce ‘tradition’, his readings have sometimes recommended its use. It will be natural on reading this section to note parallels and a few seeming contradictions between Cayce’s and Solomon’s state­ments. One apparent contradiction is in the usefulness of Atomidine in cases of asthma. While Atomidine is mentioned as a specific for asthma in the A.R.E. Circulating File on the subject, Solomon finds that it would only rarely be helpful for this disorder. A closer examination of Cayce’s readings, how­ever, reveals that Atomidine was actually recommended in only a small percentage (about 5%) of the readings on asthma, bringing the two psychics into closer accord.

Q-1. You have before you the product known as Atomidine, which has been marketed under various names throughout the world for the past fifty years. You will give indications and under­standing to the following questions concerning this product. This product was highly recommended by Edgar Cayce for various conditions, usually involving problems related to glandular misfunctioning. Please summarize the value of the present prod­uct for internal use and list the medical conditions which would respond favorably to treatment.

A-1. Now it has been given for use and recommended for use. There are these properties that we find, that the action occurs in this manner: In touching or coming into contact with those of the glands and particularly the thymus, those of the endo­crine, there is set up that property of the glands to cast off or to reject, thus exciting the glands, increasing both excre­tion or the normal glandular activity and the setting about those eliminations that are the natural tendency of the gland to attempt to discard the toxins. It is, then, rather a reaction to the toxicity of the substance that would be most valuable in those cases as stimulating the glands, you see. It is rather in their attempting to overcome the toxicity that there is stimulation, bringing about glandular balance or the activity of the sluggish glands, particularly the thymus, that set about the body repairs, you see, for the body repairs are centered here; or protective forces of the body, you see, would be stim­ulated in this manner, this [thymus] regulating others of the endocrine and the systems.

Then, the purposes are, too, the stimulating of the glands and the pouring forth or the balancing of the activities of the glands and the stimulating of the eliminative forces throughout the entire system, you see, for the pores are opened that there might be the casting off of the excess iodine provided in such a formula. The pores are opened. All of the assimilation and elimination, both are stimulated in attempts to rid the body of the foreign substance, you see. In these manners and as well there is provided that material from the iodine for the build­ing within the glands. Now, as to those conditions, all those requiring the bal­ance in glandular activity or imbalance in the various glands ­those conditions involving the cellular production from the glands or secretions you see here, those involving a lack of protective measures about the body. Or the hypothymic condi­tions, or hypothyroid (not hyper) needs to be stimulated here, and the thyroid would, as well, require the presence of iodine for the manufacture, for the stimulation, you see. Then the iodine is provided in such manner as might be used, not being over toxic as in other forms. Yet the very toxicity, the pres­ence of, is a portion of the action thereof, and particularly in the external use would it as well be true. There is a stim­ulation of conditions, electrical conditions – it might be called that. The conditions of the neurons, the protons of the cells reacting against one another, or the exciting of condi­tions, you see, would set about the eliminations and the clean­sing of that area to which it is supplied.

In cautioning in use, those conditions that are hyper, or would be endangered by hyperactivity of the glands and particu­larly heart conditions here, for in the stimulating of the thy­mus and those other glands, the regulatory glands or the pro­tective devices of the body, the heart as well is stimulated. Those conditions where the constricting of vessels would pro­duce harmful results, as in hyperactive or hyper-nervous indi­viduals, could produce cerebral hemorrhaging and such, for the opening, the constricting of the vessels here, you see. These reactions we are observing in the system.
Most useful in those conditions of inactive or sluggish glandular activity, lack of assimilation, or poor assimilation where proper chemicals are present, and in lack of energy through poor assimilations and such; you see, a stimulant to the gland­ular system. Not so dangerous where there is normal body activity, that is absence of heart or cardio-vascular dysfunction. Yes, it can produce constriction in bronchial and respiratory tract as well. Not to be used in most conditions of asthma and such, where such would be a problem. Yet, in some would be helpful.

Q-2. This product has been described as less toxic to the body than other forms of iodine, such as Lugol’s solution, or even kelp tablets. If this is true, please state why this is so.

A-2. Yes, a partial neutralizing of that effect, the electri­cal effect, in the passing of the gas, you see, through the iodine, the restructuring. In the gas infusion, we have ar­ranged the molecules in such a way as would not bombard that of the system, or the neurons of the system and the activity, as is the property of iodine, so that not as quickly rejected by the body, and yet, this is a portion of the activity and some­what to be retained.

Q-3. This source has sometimes recommended Formula 636 and sometimes Atomidine. Please discuss the relative merits of the two products.

A-3. We find, in advising use from these records, that we have favored the 636 for the reason that it is far less likely to be over-dosed. For the suspension, you see. And as well, used in those properties and in those mixtures that have best effect for those systems in which we have prescribed most often for the increase in energy through better balancing of the glandu­lar activities, particularly in those whose diets include that needed for the body but not well balanced; and given here only for the balancing of the glandular activity and increase in eliminations, for the sluggishness of body activities and such, you see. Not often would Atomidine be given in such conditions, but only in specifics. The 636 can be used by most, excepting those who are hyperactive and very nervous in the beginning or have excess energy or cardio-vascular difficulties.

Q-4. Please give any of the indications which might be helpful at this time to the use, distribution and manufacturing of this product.

A-4. Most useful in these times for the external activities, except there be those physicians on your plane who would study and understand those properties and begin the applications. Easily these could be researched and found, for there is obvious activity of the glands in the use of Atomidine. Those results are dramatic and can easily be observed. Such research should be done on your plane. There is so little that could be given from these records that could give validity or assistance in the use, but must be from observation and recording of those interests, you see, and compare those with common use. You’ll find more dramatic results and better, less toxicity, with Atomidine than with Lugol’s solution and so on, you see – a little research. This done from your plane would be so much the better. We go for now.

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Neither the publisher of this book nor any party associated with the publisher present this work as a prescription for any person, nor makes any representation concerning the physiological effects of any or the remedies mentioned. The services of a professional medical practitioner should be sought in every case where any indication whatsoever suggests the need of such services.


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