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Atomidine Manufacturers and Their Recommendations

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The Recommendations From The Manufacturers Of Atomidine®

edgar cayce, atomidine

Edgar Cayce has often been referred to as the sleeping prophet and perhaps the only prophetic personality to the Americas. Made famous for his healings and medical readings in the 1930’s, Cayce was himself a man modest in personality and of means.


Iodine Solution

In addition to its application for human conditions, Beslin, otherwise known as Formula 1440, became established in the field of veterinary medicine. Its use was recommended whenever an internal germicide or external antiseptic was required, ranging from treatment of fevers (in cases such as distemper) and toxic intestinal disturbances, to prevention of epizootic diseases and use as a local antiseptic, germicide and surgical dressing.

The Laboratoire Durveaux announced its discovery of Atom­idine, as the product was now called, in glowing terms, herald­ing the beginning of ‘the era of atomic chemistry’. Atomidine was given the following uses: as an internal germicide in in­fections of both microbic and parasitic origin (indicating its use for feverish conditions such as malaria and acute staphylo­coccus and streptococcus infections); as an active and effic­ient gastro-intestinal antiseptic (through its stimulating ef­fect on the endocrine glands);to reduce blood pressure in cases of hypertension; as a non-irritating diuretic; as an efficient urinary antiseptic for infections and inflammatory lesions of the kidney and urinary canal; as a specific for all types of iodine deficiency diseases; and as an activator of general met­abolism, a stimulus to endocrine functions, and an energizer of cell secretions (increasing physical strength and vitality)

The average dosage advised by this company was five to ten drops in half a glass of water (freshly prepared for each ad­ministration), repeated every two or three hours. Frequent small doses were advised rather than larger doses at less fre­quent intervals. Atomidine was preferably given in cold water on an empty stomach, particularly not after eating a starchy meal.

An Atomidine ointment was also made by Laboratoire Dur­veaux. Laboratory tests found it to be a non-irritating, deep­ly penetrating germicide and antiseptic that would relieve pain due to local congestion or inflammation, promote or activate cell metabolism and repair, and increase local resistance to infection. It was found to have particularly outstanding re­sults in treatment of burns.

Schieffelin and Company produced literature on Atomidine largely similar to that of its former manufacturer. They indi­cated its use particularly for iodine deficiency diseases, gas­tro-intestinal disorders, hypertension, asthenic conditions (cases of depressed metabolism), and as a diuretic and urinary antiseptic. Use of Atomidine in dentistry was also advocated, particularly in post-operative cases such as tooth extraction. It was found to arrest bleeding, reduce pain during and follow­ing oral surgery, and stimulate growth of tissue. Schieffelin and Company noted additionally that Atomidine should not be ad­ministered in combination with other drugs.

The previous Atomidine Company cautions users to adminis­ter it under a doctor’s supervision, particularly in cases of lung disease, chronic cough, goitre or thyroid disease. Ex­ternally it is recommended as a general application for cuts, boils, toothaches, and surface infections. For use as a mouth­wash or gargle for sore throat, the suggested dilution is fif­teen to twenty drops in one third glass of water. The mouthwash can be done twice daily and the gargle as often as every few hours. The label states to “prepare fresh solution for each administration,” which simply means that (because a diluted solution of Atomidine is less stable over a period of time) the Atomidine should be added to water only when ready to use.

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Neither the publisher of this book nor any party associated with the publisher present this work as a prescription for any person, nor makes any representation concerning the physiological effects of any or the remedies mentioned. The services of a professional medical practitioner should be sought in every case where any indication whatsoever suggests the need of such services.

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