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Atomidine Reports, Publicity And Testimonials

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Atomidine® Was Thoroughly Researched By Professional Health Care Givers

edgar cayce, atomidine

Edgar Cayce has often been referred to as the sleeping prophet and perhaps the only prophetic personality to the Americas. Made famous for his healings and medical readings in the 1930’s, Cayce was himself a man modest in personality and of means.


Iodine Solution

Atomidine has been subjected to a number of analyses throughout its history. In 1914 a London chemist who performed an analysis of the product, which was then called Beslin, made the following comments:

1. I have made an exhaustive chemical examination of this sample, and find it to contain a high percentage of iodine in an easily liberated condition. From the chemical point of view it is a disinfectant and germicide of very high value.

2. I have made a number of bacteriological tests with this sample, and find that when diluted to the extent of 1 in 500 it rapidly kills the following organisma: Bacillus coli communis, ordinary sewage organisms, typhoid and gonococcus. In every case the solutions became sterile in well under three minutes.

3. I have carried out a number of tests on bacteriologi­cal cultures on the above named organisms in comparison with phenol, and found, as a result of my examinations, that on an average, it was nearly twice as active a germicide as pure phenol (carbolic acid).

As a result of the whole of my experiments, I am of the opinion that Beslin is a scientifically prepared germicide of very high value indeed. Its non-irritant qualities render it quite suitable for internal administration as a germicide, etc.

In 1933 a survey questionnaire was sent by Schieffelin to several thousand physicians and dentists who had tested Atomidine clinically. The 1241 responses received were classified as follows:



Cases Decided

Favorable Results

Negative Results

Gastrointestinal disorders 540 494 46
High blood pressure 1029 978 51
Acute infections 515 483 32
Throat infections 1155 1122 33
Diseases of urinary tract 691 614 77
Iodine deficiency diseases 583 558 25
Asthenic conditions 231 140 91
Topical applications 1369 1332 37
Syphilis 3 3  
Influenza 53 53  
Bronchitis 15 15  
Rheumatoid arthritis 1 1  
Pneumonia 2 2  
Malaria 2 2  
Goitre 2 2  
Pleurisy 2 2  
Pyorrhea 2296 2145 151
Vincent’s Angina 884 821 63
Dental post-operative cases 8787 8714 73
Gingivitis (sore gum) 26 26  
Antrum 1 1  
  TOTAL 18,186 17,507 679
    (96%) (4%)
It is apparent that of a total of 18,186 cases with decis­ive results (in 2,188 additional cases results were undecided) from treatment with Atomidine, 96% of the reports received were favorable and 4% unfavorable. Following are some of the favor­able reports which were sent to Schieffelin and Co. Note that the reports suggest usage in some diseases which Cayce did not.


“There is no doubt about the excellence of Atomidine. In fact I am using it in the treatment of so many different dis­eases with such satisfactory results that it seems to prove to be almost a cure-all. But there is no argument against facts.”
Report #2220

“Many preparations on the market kill disease germs but play havoc with the body cells. This we find impossible with Atomidine. It is a triumph of biological science and one of the greatest contributions to materia medica.” Sanitarium.
Report #1942

“Having had a tremendously wide experience with antisep­tics and germicides, I feel qualified to make this positive statement; to wit; that there is no such preparation existing today, that meets with the requirements of modern surgery so well as Atomidine. It has the peculiar property of activating the growth of normal tissues.
Report #1944


“Stomach ulcer cases are all well. Full recovery. Quite a feat as those were old ones and medical men were quite help­less.”
Report #1976

“Another intensely valuable property is its undoubted ac­tive therapeutic effect in the control of putrefactive and fer­mentative conditions of gastro-intestinal tract.”
Report #117

“As a urinary antiseptic in the presence of inflammation in the urinary tract, Atomidine, I find superior to any others.”
Report #1945


“I use Atomidine always as the remedy of choice where io­dine is indicated in deficiency diseases. The action is prompt.”
Report #1945

“This form of iodine is without question our most valuable therapeutic agent for the prevention and treatment of goitre.”
Report #117

“All cases where iodine is indicated. Works wonders with children.”
Report #2106


“Atomidine is an asset to the tropical medicine. Its vir­tues are unsurpassed in treating various tropical fevers.”
Report #1936

“Successfully tried several cases of malaria, and other fevers. Temperature becomes normal within twenty-­four to forty-eight hours without causing any harmful or de­pressing effects on the heart or reducing the vitality of the patient.”
Report # 1942

“In fevers it is very fine and the improvements are soon noted. It is non-toxic and does not leave any untoward after­effects to be feared.”
Report #127

“Found Atomidine superior to quinine, as it promptly checks chills and brings the fever under control within twenty-four to forty-eight hours and there is a complete absence of undesir­able symptoms associated with the use of quinine. Atomidine is well tolerated by the system.”
Report #2159


“In chronic gonorrhea cases of both sexes improved immed­iately the vital resistance of the patient, alleviating at once the genito-urinary symptomatically. Good benefits resulted in cases of syphilis in its 2nd and 3rd stage.”
Report #1655

“Found Atomidine unexcelled in the treatment of syphilis. Treated 50 cases.”
Report #2159


“Sinus infection – Nothing seemed to help except Atomidine, and this is an unusually difficult case where everything failed.”
Report #1953

“I used it several times on a chronic sinus where tonsil had been removed. The sinus is apparently well. I have cured two cases of chronic otorrhea with diluted solution.”
Report #2259

“Pharyngitis and tonsillitis cases under observation, 52 – In 47 cases improvement occurred within three to five days with subsidence of pain, fever and congestion. The solution was em­ployed in swabbing the throat thoroughly.” City Hospital.
Report #1687


“Had chronic bronchitis for over seven years. Tried many doctors and remedies, with no success. Took three bottles of Atomidine. I am now well. No signs of old trouble since. Re­commend it to all my patients. Worth all that is claimed for it.”
Report #1947

“Had most excellent results in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.”
Report 2254

“Atomidine three times daily stopped persistent cough of long standing.”
Report #2165


“We have used Atomidine and found it satisfactory in every way.” Hospital for joint diseases.
Report #124

“Tried on arthritis patient who had right knee and wrist swollen, and very painful on least movement. In three days she could move the knee and wrist a lot better and less pain.”
Report #2157

I have found Atomidine unexcelled in the treatment of Treated 50 cases.”
Report #2159


“Severe case of ivy poisoning. Found it to be almost a specific.”
Report #226

“Had been in a local hospital for seven months with strep­tococcus infection. Draining pus from seven incisions. Pre­scribed Atomidine. In two months most of the wounds healed. “Severe infection of toe nail, septic poisoning set in. Gave Atomidine internally. In four days the infection was cleared up.

“Leucorrhea discharge which had resisted every form of medicine. Prescribed Atomidine douches. In two weeks discharge stopped and the female organs resumed their natural position.”
Report #206

“I have prescribed Atomidine in many hundreds of cases as a preventive and prophylactic in periods of epidemics with marked benefits. As an abortive in infections it has marked and rapid inhibitory action proving beyond the least doubt that it has decided internal antiseptic or germicidal action.”
Report #1945

“Giving it first place, not only in first aid but think of nothing else when I treat infections. It is really wonderful.”
Report #193


“Selected several cases of pyorrhea usually difficult of treatment. Three of the five cases entirely cleared of pus within ten days. In the treatment of putrescent root canals, had considerable success. It is the best oral germicide I have used.”
Report #38

“Very quick cure for most cases of pyorrhea. After three injections pus flow stopped, soreness and irritation disappear­ed, and rapid formation of new tissues. Heartily endorse it to the members of the profession as our best remedy to date.”
Report #24

“Using it for two years, found it an exceptional drug in the treatment of pyorrhea and various infectious diseases.”
Report #120

“I find it my best friend in all inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity and cannot do without it. It seldom fails in treatment of pyorrhea, Vincent’s and root canal work. “
Report #105

“Surely it is a good remedy for use right after an extrac­tion case. It seems to work miracles. It minimizes the usual post-operative inflammation and the process of healing is much accelerated.”
Report #1667

Favorable reports from users of Atomidine are continually received. A few representative testimonials are included here:

“I have been using your Atomidine. Before the Atomidine tests showed very low thyroid. I took the Atomidine as directed, under an osteopath’s guidance, and numerous tests since then have showed normal thyroid function.lt is a tremendous product. Also fantastic for sore throats.”
. . . . . a woman from Texas

“I was taking the Atomidine for mouth ulcers and noticed immediate improvement. I was cured in three days. This is the only product that has ever given relief.”
. . . . .a Pennsylvania man.

“Your Atomidine works quite well to provide immediate relief from sore throats.”
. . . . . .a New Jersey woman.

“Your Atomidine is excellent. I used it for an ingrown toe nail and it corrected the nail and also eliminated infection.”
. . . . .a South Dakota woman.

“I used your Atomidine under direction of a doctor for Hodgkin’s Disease and it worked excellently.
. . . . . .a man from Kansas.

“Your Atomidine was used for fever sores in my mouth and within three days it was for them to heal.” It usually takes two weeks.”
. .  . . a woman from Arizona.

“The Atomidine provides the stimulation necessary without the side effects of that ‘thyroid medicine’ that doctors pre­scribe.
. . .  . . .a New Mexico woman.

“I seem to have more energy and have had less depression since taking Atomidine. General health has improved.”
. . . . . a California woman.

In early 1974 a sample of Atomidine was sent to a New Jer­sey laboratory for an acute toxicity test in mice. Such a test is designed to determine the oral toxicity of a substance over a short period of time.

The Atomidine was administered undiluted to female Albino mice of the Royalhart strain and the animals were observed over a 14-day period.

The 14-day mouse oral LD-50 (the lethal dose necessary to kill 50% of the mice) was determined to be 38.5 ml. per kilo­gram of mouse body weight, plus or minus 16%. The solution may be regarded as having a very low oral toxicity in mice, but since an equivalent LD-50 for a 150-pound person would be near­ly 3 quarts, the results in mice probably have little relation­ship to the human LD-50.


Neither the publisher of this book nor any party associated with the publisher present this work as a prescription for any person, nor makes any representation concerning the physiological effects of any or the remedies mentioned. The services of a professional medical practitioner should be sought in every case where any indication whatsoever suggests the need of such services.

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