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Products From The Beehive

Products From The Bee hive

Honey Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly, Beeswax

Not many people realize that when the first European settlers arrived in the Americas they brought their livestock, grain crops, fruits and with them they brought the European bees. It did not take very long until they noticed that their crops and fruits were failing because their were no honey bees to pollinate them. North America had no apples, cherries, peaches, grapes, pears, apricots, wheat, oats, barley, cows, horses and a whole lot more that Americans consider to be American. Without bees from Europe none of these crops would exist in the Americas.

In our technically oriented world where a great deal of value and importance is placed on technology and information while very little importance is placed on what sustains life. The honey bees are just one forgotten work horse without whose assistance the food we live of would just not be there. So, in the hierarchy of needs it would not be hard to conclude that food comes far ahead of technology in order of importance.

The hard working honey bees pollinate the crops that become our food and in addition to doing this most fundamental task produce a number of truly remarkable products of their own. Honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax are all part of what makes up a bee hive, in addition to the bees themselves. Each of these bee products have nutritional or industrial value and cannot be produced synthetically.

Books are written about each of the substances these products are made of.

Bee Venom Ointment

Bee Venom Ointment is another product that most people may have rarely or never heard of – especially in North America. This type of ointment has been in use for centuries. It produces heat in the area where it is applied and with it also much needed relief. This product is free of steroids and other artificial pain killers that cause so many people residual problems. In a world where doping in sports is now scandalously common, bee venom has become a very popular health support application for pain relief.

Bee Venom

30 grams.

Bee, Venom, Ointment, Muscle, joint, ligament, and arthritic painBee Venom as a remedy for arthritic type pains is nothing new. Bee venom has enjoyed historical use in the medical field for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is centuries old. Bee keepers who suffered from pains would allow themselves to be bitten by one or two bees to great effect before they learned to extract their venom and use it topically.

Besides this, bee venom has also been found useful for some nervous system diseases, immune system diseases, and skin diseases. Bee Venom has been documented to support the control of the symptoms of:

  • Muscle, joint, ligament and arthritic pains
  • Gout
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ

The people who find Bee Venom Ointment helpful are those who are active in people or in occupations that are demanding on the muscles, joints and ligaments.

This is a product from VeneX of Canada. The manufacturers have not sacrificed quality in the preparation of this Bee Venom product, insisting that the bee venom is top grade and pure. This attention to quality means that product batches are made with care. So, they ask that you please be patient as they prepare their product for you. Anti-inflammatory Bee Venom Ointment is organically produced and contains Grade 1, bee venom (Apis Venenum Purum), pure essential oils in water-soluble (non-greasy) base. 

Safety Information: As some people have allergies to bee products, some caution needs to be taken in their use. IF YOU SHOULD BE ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS OR ANY PRODUCT TO DO WITH BEES, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS REAL BEE VENOM AND COULD CAUSE A SEVERE REACTION EVEN DEATH.  A little redness is normal but discontinue use if redness persists.

Customer review:
“I am a bee-liever in bee products from raw honey to propolis & royal jelly. I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel & a friend told me to try it. It is giving me relief but beware it Is a venom & you need to be sure you’re not allergic. You squeeze this cream on the affected area leave 1-2 minutes & rub it in. You immediately feel a tingly stinging sensation & I had redness where I applied it. That goes away in half an hour. Results: pain & stiffness subside. Only 4 stars because I’ve only used it twice. I’ll be back to report on continued use. I would definitely give this a try for painful inflammation. – from Amazon”

Beauty Products With Bee Venom

Many are using bee venom for its anti-aging properties. Using bee venom as a facial mask to reduce and prevent wrinkles is quickly becoming routine for aging adults. Adding a touch of honey to the bee venom increases moisture retention of skin tissue as well. Many celebrities are choosing this natural wrinkle prevention technique.

More To Come

Royal Jelly Frozen

Royal Jelly 1lb.

Shipped Frozen
in 24 hours.

  • anti aging nutrition that is all natural honey bee product
  • energy, stress, aging

The Queen bee becomes the queen bee by being fed royal jelly. As a result she outlives every other bee in the hive and lays eggs continuously.

Seeing the effect that Royal Jelly had on the Queen bee ancient healer rightfully deduced the benefits of royal jelly. It provides rejuvenative energies. What is meant by this is that it provides energy in a different way than normal foods. Food is eaten for the sake of the energy it gives to the body for it to do what it must to maintain life. In order for this energy to be passed over from food to the body, the body must first digest the food. By ingesting the royal jelly the energy is gained directly through the royal jelly without the need to digest it. Royal Jelly comes in many forms such as liquid vials, capsules, mixed with honey and other ingredients. The very best form royal jelly can come in is in a frozen state. In this form you are getting more royal jelly ounce per ounce than in any other form making this not only the best state of the royal jelly to buy but, also the most cost effective.

The Royal Jelly once ordered will be shipped overnight with an ice pack to keep it frozen.

Royal Jelly is one of Natures Miracles and in the face of all the very much hyped products on the market none can claim to have been used for thousands of years with as great a success. I was used amongst the ruling dynasties of the Orient and hence the name Royal Jelly.

Bee Propolis 1000 mg. 90 Capsules YS Organic Bee Farms Brand

YS Organic
Bee Farms
Bee Propolis

1,000 mg
90 Capsules

  • Free Of yeast, salt, sugar, starch, preservatives and common allergens
  • Ultra mega Strength
  • Super Premium Quality
  • Super Premium Quality Recent Medical Data has show Propolis has Multi Beneficial Properties; Powerful Antioxidant and Immune-Enhancing Properties.

Bee propolis is natures very best antibiotic. It works not by inhibiting any function or suppressing immunity. Bee propolis works by preserving the bodies flesh from the heat of an inflammation. In extreme cases when left unchecked the heat produced by an inflammation can produce purification in the flesh. In Traditional Herbal Theory the flesh has an inborn capacity to heal by virtue of an inborn substance that protects and heals it. This substance is called “balsam.” In the older languages it was called “mummia” hence the word mummification for the preservation of flesh.When a part of the body is in a state of inflammation it is exceeding the normal temperature for that organ and it is very normal to experience pain because of it. Or, in the event of an injury, tooth extraction or the like there is accompanying pain due to the inflammation.

The danger of inflammations when it affects a specific organ is that due to it’s inherent heat it can render an organ inoperative which, needless to say, is extremely dangerous.

Propolis, by feeding the balsam acts contrary to the inflammation and its pathogen not by killing the pathogen but, by virtue of the strength afforded to the flesh, the pathogen is over powered, consumed and expelled – the flesh itself is doing it because of the propolis not because of the propolis itself. The strength of the flesh is preserved and maintained.

Dosing is critical: Propolis, in order to work must be taken in two hour intervals, at least three times per day in 2000-3000 mg doses.

Brazilian Bee Pollen Granules 1-lb.

Bee Pollen
1 lb.

Brazilian Bee Pollen is collected by bees from the blooms of Brazilian Rain Forest plants. Compared with other pollens, Brazilian Rain Forest bee pollen has several traits which set it apart. It is bright orange color bee pollen of unparalleled taste and texture. In addition, the area that the pollen is gathered from is famous for its clean environment. Nutritionally, Brazilian Bee Pollen averages around 20% protein with all 22 amino acids. Its fatty acid content is around .6%, which is dominant in the essential linoleic acid. Pollen’s normal macro and micronutrients are present, along with naturally high levels of potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, manganese and zinc. With its delicious, sweet and wonderful taste, Brazilian bee pollen improves the taste of any other pollen it is combined with. Eaten alone, it is in a class by itself.

Bee pollen is natures most complete food, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a complete source of protein. It can give us that extra edge to stay healthy. Get the edge. Take pollen. An all-around nutritional supplement, bee pollen is ideal for daily use. Various foods have been hailed as “perfect”. One that deserves this distinction but is rarely mentioned is bee pollen. Studies from all over the world indicate that the pollen collected by bees from the stamen of flowers is worth its weight in gold. Bee pollen contains 22 amino acids (and higher amounts of the eight essential ones than most high-protein foods), 27 mineral salts, the full range of vitamins, hormones, carbohydrates, and more than 5,000 enzymes and coenzymes necessary for digestion and healing. A little known fact is that bee pollen is also rich in the bioflavonoid rutin, important for capillary strength, and in vitamin B12. It is, in fact, one of the few vegetable sources of this vitamin. Preliminary observation indicates that bee pollen may prevent cancer. The Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in New York City has been studying effects of bee pollen, royal jelly and bee venom on cancer.

Bees Wax Blocks 1-lb.

Bees Wax 1 lb.

Note: should a bigger quantity and price brakes be desired they can be had by following the link to the left.

The highest quality beeswax at wholesale prices. Our beeswax is 100% natural and filtered, cosmetic grade. Each 1 lb block is individually shrink wrapped for your convenience and ease of storage. Beeswax is the oldest and purest wax in the world. Our beeswax is 100% natural. At honey harvest time the honeycombs are carefully opened to allow for honey to drain from the comb. The bees seal the honey into the combs with wax “capping” placed over every cell filled with honey. This capping is removed at harvest and is used in the production of our beeswax which is scented with the sweet aroma of honey.

Ideal for making your own beeswax furniture polish, lubricating drawer runners, waxing cotton threads, water-proof stitching on shoes and boots, making candles, for use as a traditional wood filler and countless other uses. Can be dissolved with pure turpentine.

Bee, Venom, Ointment, Muscle, joint, ligament, and arthritic pain, propolis, bees, wax, royal jelly

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