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Natural Healthy Shoes and Footwear

Natural and Healthy Shoes and Foot Wear

Footwear sounds downright irrelevant when it comes to good health but, it is one thing no one should completely ignore or skimp on.

Corns are one consequence of poorly fitting shoes. Corns are painful. Very painful! Here is a simple, natural solution.

Shoes are not something we should take for granted. We stand on our feet and our posture and skeletal alignment is to some extent determined by how well aligned we are from head to toe or from our feet to our head. Just like a house needs a proper foundation to remain structurally sound our feet are the base we stand on. Keeping them healthy matters. What could be more basic to our feet than the shoes we wear around them. Doing all that you can to keep your skeletal frame straight as you go about walking through your daily routine can be as simple as wearing a good pair of shoes.

When you click on any of the links below feel free to fully explore all of the selections available to you. Buying shoes is not something you should take lightly. You have to love them and they have to fit comfortably for you to be completely satisfied them and for you to get the absolute most out of them. That may not be 100% health related but, satisfaction does a person good. That a good pair of shoes that support your feet through their well constructed structure is not that easy to find.

So many shoes people wear are bargain basement specials. You can tell when you’re walking someone in front of you wearing them that they do not fit because the person wearing them is walking funny, or their ankle is bearing down on their sides of the shoes more than on top of the heal of the shoe or at times the entire foot looks as though it’s hanging off to one side of the sole wearing out the sides of the entire shoe. We’re better than that and all deserve a much better. Enjoy the shoe shopping from the comfort of your own home from a wide selection of comfortable shoes designed to satisfy your feet more than make an extreme fashion statement that leaves your feet and your toes aching.

Note: By clicking on any of the links below you will be able to shop for any type or style you shoe that suits you best.


haflinger shoesWe bought these Haflinger clogs for around the house and would not want to have any other type of shoe to wear indoors. They are warm and comfortable. The uppers are made of a thick and durable wool felt that breathes so that your feet are kept warm and do not sweat. The contoured food bed is formed from cork and latex to produce excellent arch support. The sole is made of rubber with a tread to prevent slip. These shoes are durable and attractive. They can be worn out doors too!The Haflinger line of shoes come in different styles to suit personal needs. Given their durability, comfort and good design they are fairly priced and pay for themselves when ever they are worn. When you click on the link to the left you will be taken to where you can look at all of their styles and take advantage of any specials that may be available. They’re German . . . what did you expect?


birkenstock shoes birkies Birkenstocks are synonymous with comfort. Their styles have come a long way from the “hippie look” to have created some pretty nice shoes. They may not be your first choice in dancing shoes and they may not exactly go with a tux but that is not what they’re about. They’re about comfort, durability and healthy feet.Apart from comfort, what I liked best about my Birkenstocks was the fact that they were nearly indestructible. I just wore them and wore them and wore them and they just kept on keeping up with me. I had them for over 15 years before I gained a little weight, my feet streching out a little in the process as my heel started to overhang the back end of the sandals. The Classic Birkenstock shoe has a bathtub like foot support system where your foot is cradled with a suede-lined cork/latex molded footbed that is protected from below by a shock-absorbing sole and keeps your foot in place with a number of different sandal straps, thong or clog type uppers. I have to say this yet again – They’re German . . . what did you expect?


We own ECCO shoes and love them! They are made of materials that ECCO produces itself. ECCO has it’s own leather tanneries, material supply chain and distribution. This means that they are not necessarily into being trendy, their purpose is to make great looking, great fitting and long lasting shoes – comfort over conformity. They make everything from clogs, to sandals, to hiking shoes, to dress shoes. Everything they make is designed in the Scandinavian tradition of attention to detail and function.With a name like ECCO you can expect that ECCO is continually improving and evolving its lean production methods for better environmental management. Efficient waste-elimination is built in to Scandinavian culture which leads to increasing energy efficiency, decrease water use and waste, reducing and reusing materials, and recycling waste as part of their normal shoe production process all in an effort to reduce environmental impact.The result is great looking shoes that fit like a glove, cradle your feet from a company that is environmentally friendly. The shoes shown here are only a small sampling of what is available. Good comforable, environmentally conscientiously made shoes does not mean you have to wear sandals or look like a hippie. There are also elegant models to choose from that are built with the same concerns for the environment that you would expect.

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