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Organic Flax Seeds

Organic Flax Seeds – Simple But Powerful!

Flax, Seeds, OrganicFlax Seeds   are about as basic as it gets as far as health products go. They have a variety of uses the simplest of which is to relieve constipation. For this purpose they are best used whole not milled.

They are taken before bedtime, 1 or 2 tablespoonful with some water. If by morning the desired effect is not realized. A teaspoon of whole mustard seed with water can be taken.

They also have a great drawing ability. The ability to draw out toxins by the use of poultices is almost a forgotten subject. Nevertheless, there are many plant and mineral derived substances that are effective for drawing and simple flax seeds are among the best.

The oil derived from the flax seeds is also well known for it’s nutritional value but, that is a more complex subject.

Flax when applied correctly are very helpful in Breast Lumps.

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