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VitaCoCo 100% Pure Coconut Water

100% Pure Coconut Water

Another Low Tech, Proven, Affordable and Effective Product For Hydration!

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100% Pure
Coconut Water


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Vita Coco 100%
Pure Coconut
Water, 11.1-Ounce
(Pack of 12)

Coconut water is one of those things that have been around forever but has only been really noticed recently. It’s a simple tropical drink made only with the pure coconut water taken from young, green coconuts. Coconut water is naturally full of potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous; all essential electrolytes that enhance the hydration process. This clean-tasting refreshing, beverage quenches your thirst and hydrates better than anything artificial. Your mouth feels clean after drinking it and your normal energy level feels revived.

Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water provides a healthy, delicious all-natural boost that sugary sodas and sports drinks will never come close to.

Keeping it simple!

You could go out and buy one of those artificial hydrating drinks that are being marketed like there’s no tomorrow but, why? Vita Coco is a simple, all natural, One-Ingredient Wonder product that’s all about hydration and, few products do it better. VitaCoco is made without added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or pick-me-ups like other beverages or sports hydrators. The simplicity and beauty of Vita Coco is that it’s made with 100% pure coconut water from young, green, hand cracked Brazilian coconuts that average about seven months in age, while they are still fat-free. It works because it’s simple.

Hydrate with Five Naturally Occurring Essential Electrolytes

It is a medical fact that a tablespoon of naturally occurring vitamin C from the juice of freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice is known to cure scurvy while artificial vitamin C will only treat it. Taking in nutrients that are naturally occurring from nature is not the same as adding them to foods artificially after the fact. Vita Coco is loaded with five naturally occurring essential electrolytes that your body craves — including potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. These help keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout your busy day.

Each serving of Vita Coco contains 660 mg. of high quality potassium, that’s more potassium than you’ll get in two bananas and 15 times more than the leading sports drink plus, more of the essential electrolytes needed for proper hydration. These electrolytes work to keep the body cool, help boost poor circulation, replenish your body’s fluids after exercising, and aid in the detoxification process while boosting your immune system.

We all get thirsty and we all need to stay hydrated. Everyday life is hectic enough — you don’t need to be a marathon runner, a football player or Tour de France winner to enjoy optimum energy by keeping yourself properly hydrated.

This refreshing and very smooth tasting, cholesterol and fat free drink can also help soothe an upset stomach, and when paired with a healthy diet, it can even promote weight loss. Hard to believe that such a simple, one natural ingredient drink, that is without any other added ingredients, artificial sweeteners or added sugars could do so much.

Natural Coconut Water is the only ingredient. Just shake it and serve chilled. Nothing could be easier.

Directions – Shake and serve chilled!


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