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Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals – Salus

Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals Are Now Salus Red Beet Soluble Crystals

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Red Beet
7 oz Granule

Welcome To The New Look Of
Schoenenberger Red Beet

Salus, Schoenenberger, Red-Beet, Crystals Red Beet Crystals, Red Beet, red beets, schoenenberger, beets

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Red Beet Crystals, Red Beet, red beets, schoenenberger, beets, salus,

Red BeetCrystals
Blood Support
Blood Builder


Salus, Schoenenberger, Red-Beet, Crystals Red Beet Crystals, Red Beet, red beets, schoenenberger, beets Salus
Red Beet
7 Oz

Low Tech, Proven, Affordable and Effective!

HURRAY!! Finally, we are able to offer this magnificent product again. Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals are now available again as Salus Red Beet Soluble Crystals. It would appear that there has been either a merger or a buy out of the Schoenenberger brand to Salus Haus of Germany. The product is being manufactured to the same specifications as before and we are all breathing a sigh of relief that after nearly two years we can buy the red beet crystals again. Ahhhhhhh!!

“Keep what is natural as natural as possible.” Walter Schoenenberger – developer of the Schoenenberger Juice Therapy

Schoenenberger is a German company renowned for its exceptionally pure plant juices. Unfortunately, none of their amazing juices are available to the North American public. In North America the only product that was being imported and available was their Red Beet Crystals. However, it’s appears that the importation of that product has now been taken over by Salus. The only product available from the Schoenenberger line to North America is their Red Beet Crystals. However, even if they had no other product, this product is a stand alone giant of a product that fulfills many needs by simply fortifying the blood better than nearly any other product on the market today.

By clicking on the product’s link to the right you will be taken to where you can purchase the Schoenenberger Beet Crystals. From this area you will be able to review these product, their availability and their costs. You will notice that there is not a fixed price for any of these products listed on this page. This is so because the prices will vary depending upon what special or promotion happens to be running in Amazon at that moment. This will be more obvious when you visit the pages where that particular product is being shown.

Based on the old laws of analogy; red beets have as their unmistakable signature in their blood red colour which means that their usefulness is just as unmistakable; they are for the blood and its fortification. It therefore stands to reason that as blood affects every part of the body; almost without exception every part or the body and its function is enhanced through the consumption of Red Beets.

Beet Root (Beta Vulgaris) has blood fat inhibiting and liver cell regeneration properties. Beets has high iron, potassium and magnesium content, soluble and insoluble fiber, sugar stabilizing effects, and essential for liver function and regeneration. This is not the same as detoxification even though improved functions also helps with the metabolizing of wastes. It should be noted that like vitamin C in citrus fruit the iron content of beets is not as concentrated as one might find in an iron supplement but, the iron that presents itself in red beets is more easily assimilated, useable and digestible and therefore far more useful to the body than a regular supplement. Tests performed with lemon or lime juice in cases of scurvy showed that even though synthetic vitamin C removed the symptoms of scurvy, a tablespoon of simple, freshly squeezed lemon juice completely cured it. This is something to consider with red beet juice in general and red beet crystals in particular. Experience has proven that unlike the Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals, simple powdered red beet root, in any form, does very little as a supplement.

The freeze drying process used to create the Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals concentrate the Red Beet ingredients making their effect very pronounce.

Fresh beets are not available all year round, particularly organically grown beets. Red Beet Crystals are easier to store and use. A seven-ounce jar of Red Beet Crystals contains the equivalent of about 24 eight-ounce servings of red beet juice. This is in crystal form, so you would have to eat an awful lot of beets to match this – six pounds, in fact. Anyone who uses beet juice on a regular basis, I think, would find it rather difficult to eat enough or squeeze their own beets. Schoenenberger herbal juices and crystal products are grown in special fields in the Black Forest and Swabian Uplands of Magstadt, Germany. After harvesting, the beets are taken immediately to the processing facility and there they are washed, peeled and grated. They are then hydraulically pressed, which squeezes all juices out and then vacuum dried into crystal form. This all, including the bottling, takes place within three hours.

We are very grateful to Salus for having continued the Schoenenberger legacy by continuing to offer this amazingly effective product. Salus is a German company that has been producing great natural health products for decades.

 Salus, Schoenenberger, Red-Beet, Crystals Red Beet Crystals, Red Beet, red beets, schoenenberger, beets


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8 thoughts on “Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals – Salus

  1. Laurie

    I’ve been using Salus Red Beet Crystals in my smoothies for quite some time. Today when I went to make Smoothies I noticed the crystals are solid in the jar. I can’t get them out. Can you please suggest a solution. Thank you.

    1. Amadeus Post author

      HI Laurie,

      That does happen at times. Could be the humidity. If they are almost finished, we usually add a little water to dissolve them. Or, if there is over half the jar still left we use some sort of metal utensil that will remove a chunk of it and then add it to a smoothie if that is what we are making.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Laurie

        Thanks very much Amadeus. It has been extremely hot and humid as of late. There’s something I always use for Brown Sugar (small clay disks that are dampened/dried and placed within the jar that keeps the sugar from doing exactly what the Red Beet Crystals has done). Do you think this just might be the trick? The only thing is to place it in there before it’s a block of sugar…..

  2. Amadeus Post author

    I don’t think clay should have any detrimental effects as it is often a supplement all by itself. I hope it works.


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