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Getting Started

Browsing Our Site

This site offers a variety of high quality herbal formulas, books and related products for sale as well as information on various topics that may be of interest. You will find these products and information by navigating to them using the various buttons throughout the site. The “Top Banner”, “left column” and “Footer” at the bottom of our site all contain navigation buttons or bars designed to help you find your way within the site. The top banner serves as basic orientation throughout the site. If you click the word “Amalux” in the top banner, it will always take you back to the home page. From the “top banner” you can email us, go to the shopping cart and get help. Just below the top banner there will always be navigation buttons.

To the top left, within each page, there are additional small square logo images to help you orientate yourself in our site. These images match the spedific area within our site that you happen to be in by category. The same image will appear to the left of the page title as long as you are within that category – ie. herbal products, books etc. The “Footer” also contains a navigation bar.

When you click an “add to cart” button, you will be taken to the shopping cart where you can complete the buying process.

Special Sale Item or, New Product Announcements

These are usually shown on our home page and in certain other sections throughout the website. Special sales are for a limited time only, and all prices and promotions are subject to change without notice.┬áIf you sign up for our regular newsletter and/or create an account with us you’ll be notified by email regarding sales and special offers.

How to place an order

When you see the product you want to purchase press the “Add to Cart” button. This will take you to your shopping cart. From there you can make changes to the quantity required by adding the new quantity number and then pressing the “Update” button. Similarly, you may remove items from your order by selecting the “Remove” checkbox and then clicking the “Update” button. When you’re ready to purchase click the “Checkout” button. This will save your order. You will then be asked to input some important information. This information is necessary to complete your order. Once you have added your name, address and contact details you can proceed to choose a shipping method and a payment method before finalizing your purchase and returning to the Amalux home page.

Safe Shopping

You can shop safely with us at all times, as all purchases made through Amalux are processed with guaranteed security through FirstData, our secured online payment provider. Furthermore, your transactions and account information are protected at all times using 256bit SSL encryption. Look for the “padlock” logo in your browser for confirmation. See Security Policy for more details.

Returning to Amalux

When you checked out or registered at amaluxherbal.com you were asked to provide a password for your account. Just enter your full email address and this password to log back into the site (if you’ve forgotten your password, simply click on the “Password Forgotten” link below the sign-in button, and we will email you a new temporary password). Once logged in you have full access to your purchase history, order details, account information and other features.

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