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What’s New

This page has been created to inform visitors about any changes made to our website. Including new pages, new products, new topics or general web improvements that could be useful to anyone coming to our site.

General Web Changes

We have upgrated our entire website in order to improve its overall appearance, functionality and security. In the process we have also brought the entire site up to current web design standards using the latest web design programs which are the “state of the art” in web site design.

  • Upgrate To WordPress: Many have commented that the new site changes have made the site “cleaner” looking and easier to navigate. In addition to this we have invested a great deal of time upgrading our site to be internationally compliant with www.w3.org.
  • You can now leave comments on any page you want as well as on our blog.
  • Our Contact us page is finally up and working properly after some server adjustments were made.
  • In addition to the already existing SSL shopping cart security features provided by COMODO we have also added 
  • SiteLockSECURE   website security   as an added security measure for the peace of mind of those who visit and shop on our site.  SiteLockSECURE provides active protection against hacking, identity theft and credit card fraud by providing a daily audit of our online systems. They perform a simulated “hack” which deliberately looks for weaknesses and possible points of access into our servers. As long as they do not find any their logo will display that we are in conformity to their security protocols and your experience in our website will be secure. Although we have never had any kind of security breach because of our own internal security procedures in over 15 years of business, we felt that in today’s electronic world it is safer to err on the side of caution for the sake of our customers peace of mind.

  • We have newer more secure contact us page.
  • It is Captcha protected. This protects your information and us from spam emails.
  • Our new Blog is up but in the processes of getting a facelift.

New Products and Services:

  • Some new products are in the works.
  • We are creating two new websites/shopping carts that allow us to offer literally thousands of new products through Amazon, eBay and others. You will soon be able to purchase from a vast array of products and product categories that we could not offer before. If there is something you do not see in our new stores please let us know. We can make it available usually for a considerable savings. The new stores are active but are still under construction. They have the appearance and feel of a shopping cart but unlike a typical shopping cart they connect directly to Amazon, eBay, Overstock.com, and a few other very interesting shopping venues that are truly astounding.

New Pages

  • More coming after we have completely revamped the current site.
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