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Pre – Allergy Cold – Support for Allergies Common Cold Stomach Allergy

Pre-Allergy & Cold natural support with Allergies the Common Cold and Related Issues and the coughs, burning eyes, sore throat and sneezing that goes along with them!

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Supports Clearing,
Through Digestion
100 Capsules
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Allergies and Colds are often attacked by suppression. A cold is a cleans that should not be stopped but “hastened.” Allergies are digestive problems in disguise and Flu’s are a pathogen that can be eliminated through digestive enhancement. Simple problems – simple solutions.

  • Allergies
  • Burning Red Itching Eyes
  • Common Cold
  • Soreness in the Ears
  • Stuffed Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Cough
  • Sneezing
  • Ear Infection

It is important at times to think a little outside of the box to solve a problem. Allergies and Colds are always looked upon as an invasion. Not that it is not possible to catch a cold from someone else but, all too often people make themselves susceptible by weakening themselves. It is possible to protect the body from invasion and strengthen immunity by simply strengthening basic digestion.

Product Description

The Pre – Allergy & Cold Product

Pre – Allergy and Cold is an excellent herbal product combined to support digestive functions specifically when Allergies and colds are present. The ingredients in this product were carefully selected but not from the usual herbs that are typically used for Cold, Flu and allergy herbal remedies. Pre-allergy and Cold was formulated deliberately to support Allergies, Colds and Flu’s based on what the body is doing when it is suffering from allergies or colds. This explains the remarkably quick effectiveness of this herbal product.

Pre-Allergy and Cold works by letting the digestive function consume the pathogens causing the problem through its normal functions rather than focusing on trying to address a specific bacterial or viral organism. This is a gentler, less disruptive yet, more direct and powerful methodology because of its inherent efficiency. There is a more detailed explanation of this in the Herbal Philosophy tag.

Pre-Allergy & Cold is sold primarily in health food stores and by health care practitioners as one of their Cold and Flu remedies.

For Allergies and Colds alike; when taken in the proper dosage – Nothing works quite like this herbal combination!!

Herbal Philosophy

Traditional Theoretical Explanation

As our world becomes ever more polluted common problems will become even more aggravated from environmental causes. The symptoms of allergies and common colds are becoming more persistent, intense, stubborn and linger longer than normal. Not surprisingly the natural remedies typically used for these problems are having a more difficult time working. Traditional Herbal Medicine has long understood that a bacterium is not the important factor in removing the problem.

(aside) An antibiotic doesn’t normalize the bodies own internal environment to help the body remove the bacterium. Instead it uniformly suppresses the environment of everything in the body including the bacteria. The extreme symptoms lessen but cold is not gone – it just feels “suppressed.” And, whereas the cold could have been eliminated in a matter of days or week. The symptoms can continue – if somewhat muted – for months.

The human body is perfectly capable of eliminating an invading bacteria or virus when properly assisted. One of the first functions that shuts down when the body is infected by some foreign organism is the digestion. From the perspective of Traditional Herbal Theory, the digestion is the front line of the immune system.

It should always be remembered that it is the primary function of the digestive system to feed the body and eliminate its waste. Bacteria and viruses are in and usually part of the waste! IF the digestion is strong and properly assisted the bacterium or virus doesn’t stand a chance.

But, if the remedy itself cannot be digested and distributed to the whole body it will not manifest its effect fully or at all. A non-digested and non-distributed remedy, even the best of remedies can not work. While being a complete remedy in itself, Pre-Allergy & Cold was first conceived to assist other natural allergy or, cold remedies taken 15 minutes afterwards to be more effective.

However, in the process of achieving this it turns out that the Pre-Allergy and Cold remedy is a complete remedy in itself.

In most cases taking 4 to 6 capsules between meals three times a day with water of Pre-Allergy & Cold just at the onset of a cold may remove the symptoms almost immediately and stop it from developing in about 24 hours without drowsiness. In addition if there are seasonal allergies present it will do the same to them as well.

By supporting digestion first – even if all of the symptoms are fully manifested Pre-Allergy & Cold may remove them or go a long way towards it.

It should be understood that if a toxin enters the body, the body must find a way of safely disposing of it. We have three main filters for the solids, liquids and  gases we ingest (take in). Sometimes what we eat, drink or breath is contaminated by some unfriendly organism. To use something that literally “kills” that organism will also affect the physical body adversely by “killing” off necessary and beneficial organisms that are part of the body. Rather than kill the intruder Pre-Allergy & Cold makes the internal environment of the body more “normal.” In a normally balanced body these bacteria cannot exist and the body disposes of them. The common symptoms of allergies and, common colds are the result of the body trying to eliminate the unfriendly intruder. The symptoms tells you which organ is overworking. If you aid that organ and help it to eliminate its wastes (without actually purging) makes the internal environment of the body more “normal.” In a normally balanced body these bacteria cannot exist and the body disposes of them. The common symptoms of allergies and common colds are the result of the body trying to eliminate the unfriendly intruder. The symptoms tells you which organ is overworking. If you aid that organ and help it to eliminate its wastes (without actually purging), the problem stops. This is what Pre-Allergy & Cold does.

The liver is the organ that filters solid wastes. In principle, if too many toxins find themselves in an organ, that organ usually produces a fever within itself in an attempt to remove the toxin. In the case of heat in the liver a whole series of effects become noticeable. The nature of heat is to rise, carrying with it its unclean and often irritating vapors. These find their way to the upper parts of the body and the lymphatic system. This includes the chest, neck and head (sometimes groin) and the related organs. These vapors look for a way out. The eyes, ears and throat etc. are convenient outlets. Therein lies the root of the symptoms. Bear in mind that this is an explanation based on Traditional Herbal Principles and stands apart from today’s germ theory.

This formula is built around the formula for our Digestorum product with the addition of Sage and Ilex Root. Sage is very beneficial for the lungs and is antibiotic-like in effect. the Ilex affects the upper parts of the body and helps clear blockages in the vessels of the upper body.

Pre-Allergy & Cold may aid in severe allergies and common cold situations by helping disperse this heat positively affecting the internal environment.

Pre-Allergy & Cold is all natural and surprisingly fast acting, usually in minutes.

The long held belief that a cure for the common cold has not been found by modern science should prompt one to ask; “where were they looking?” Clearly if you look for something where it cannot be, it will never be found. The cure for the common cold has existed in various cultures for millennia. This point is being made to suggest that it is good to think and search on ones own to find what others do not find. This having been said it is very likely that the common cold always have and always will be with us because they serve an important function.

Allergies, Colds and Immunity a Traditional Herbal Perspective




Sage, Gentian, Fennel, Ladies Mantle, Ilex, Peppermint, Wormwood, Bitter Orange, Sarsaparilla, Cascara

Suggested Use


First Day:  6 Capsules between meals with warm water three times. (For immediate support)

Second Day: 4 capsules between meals three times per day with warm water.

Third Day Onward: 2-3 capsules between meals three times per day. (Will likely not be needed after this day.)

Note: Children should not take Pre-Allergy & Cold internally. However, young children with Ear infections have been bathed in a tea made and put into the bath water. The bath lasting at least 15 to 20 minutes were found to be helpful not only for ear infections but, also for colds. The powder of 4-6 capsules was put into boiled water and steeped for about 10 minutes and then strained through a coffee filter before being placed into the bath water.

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