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Pre – Allergy Cold Testimonials

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Thank you for the prompt delivery of your product.
I tried Pre-Allergy when I visited my friend, Donnielle… love it.

Take care,
Sara A.

We have used 2 products of Amalux. 

One product we continue to use is Pre-Allergy & Cold Capsules.  We use it at the first sign of a cold or sore throat AND it works!  It has been years since we have had a cold.  I have also used Soft Ointment for Paronychias (“infection in the region of the nail”) I had contracted.  A medical doctor friend of ours had prescribed antibiotics for it.  The antibiotics cost almost $50.00.  We tried Amalux Soft Ointment.  The Paronychias was gone within a week & has never returned. 


Bud B.
So. Lake Tahoe, CA

Dear Sirs,
I have always had trouble with allergies. I tried the Amalux formula; Pre-Allergy & Cold. Since then I have had no problems with my sinuses. I think this product is marvelous.

B. Woodland
Owner- B&L Health Foods
Layton, UT

Hello Amalux,
I had just got a promotion and was starting a new job in a new area. The night before the most important day at work, I got sick. I was congested and miserable. I couldn’t sleep. When I laid down I absolutely could not breath through my nose. I knew that I had to get some sleep. My Corporate VP was in the next day and we were meeting with all the local area Radio representatives to negotiate commercial rates for an upcoming large purchase. I had to get some sleep. I had to be able to focus and have a clear head. This was my first big job in my new position and I wanted to make a good impression. After tossing and turning and trying to sleep upright, I remembered that I had some Pre-Allergy and Cold. I searched through all my as yet unpacked boxes and I found it. I took 6 and went back to bed. Within 15 minutes my sinuses had cleared and I was able to relax and breath and I went to sleep. I woke up feeling ok. I took more in the morning and was able to function and not feel the need to blow my nose every 15 minutes. My head and my sinuses remained clear and I made it through the meetings and I made a good impression. Pre-Allergy and Cold literally saved my job and reputation that day.

Donnielle C.
Promotion Manager
Warner Bros. -TV
Green Bay, WI

Thanks Amalux,
You’re saving my life! I have no allergy problems so far this season.

Thanks again!
Shauntelle M.
Springville, UT

Dear Amalux Products,
Recently my daughter was suffering with any itchy sore throat and burning eyes. I made a tea using Pre-Allergy & Cold, poured the tea into her bath water and let her soak and play in the water. After her bath she was on the go. Her eyes and throat were no longer bothering her. She was full of energy and feeling great. I will be sure to keep a bottle on hand.

Thank you for your wonderful  products,

Elk Grove CA


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