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Amalux Book And Information Selection

Our books are all related but fall into two main categories:

sun through cloudsAt Amalux® we have diverse interests that all tie together in a living philosophy. In this section we are showcasing books and information related to health and personal growth on more than one level. The root of that health philosophy has traditionally been based and has grown out of mysticism. That mysticism in addition to being primarily from the Western cultural landscape is also recognizing the global nature of the traditional mysticism from all parts of the world. That mysticism is gradually being shared and enjoying a global awakening and resurgence.

Although there is plenty of “feel good” type literature available that draws from traditional inspiration, we find that when it become commercialized, the essence gets diluted and lost as people grasp at sense of “feeling good” over the actual journey and efforts towards the actual enlightenment.

Please enjoy the works being presented both in the health information as well as the more mystical works that have been sought after many years of intense search. It is hoped that they will resonate and find  a place in your hearts to ultimately lead towards and help establish a new world with a new peace based on individual inner growth.

If knowledge is your purpose, you will find you will find books about health and healing modalities as well as mysticism and the spiritual training to go along with the reality of that mysticism on the navigation menu just above.

These principles have never changed and have always waited to the sincere seeker to find them. They exist for one purpose and one purpose only; that you may find your true self and the true nature of existence through their implementation. Nobody owns them. They belong to everyone but, their secrets are revealed only to the sincere of heart.

Enjoy your journey towards a new reality, a new awareness and new life from principles and practices that have never changed.



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