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Spirituality: A Science Unto Itself!

Spirituality Is About Maturing Because of Knowledge. Open The Heart To Learn!

The Spiritual heritage of the entire world is being shaken in recent times. It would seem that with the coming of age of rationalism and science, many feel that the entire concept of matters spiritual are outdated; a fantasy; something primitive, constructed out of the imagination; a construct to establish a control mechanism upon people that they might be rendered subservient.

franz bardon, hermetics, practice, evocation, kabbalah, How sad that people based on their own presumption place their sense of grandeur upon their own “educated” but limited intellect above all else, seeing materiality as an end in itself. And, incapable to conceiving anything beyond it, laugh at the possibility of there being anything more. They say that religion is old fashioned, dictates too much, is out dated, is irrelevant. The irony is that even among some of these who do not want to be considered atheists, there is a desire to identify with what they refuse to rationally accept.

In place of traditional religion, they have constructed several stripped down concepts and philosophies that are just their versions of religion; very watered down pragmatic systems of belief that ask and expect nothing of them, wishing to redefine God to suit themselves as though they were the god, that everything revolves around. This does not make these people immoral. It does suggest that they too are stuck in an anti-religion argument of their own making that by denying traditional concepts, leaves them free of religious dogma but no closer to an explanation of anything. They rely on physics and science to explain everything for them. Oddly, neither is able to explain basic fundamentals like energy or what the mind is. The good thing here is that at least these people “think.” They are attempting to rationalize what they believe and why they believe it.

Then, you have others who are the exact opposite. To them their faith is what they organize their life around and do not feel constrained by it. Often, they are so caught up in the practices of their faith that they miss the reason for why their faith came into being to begin with. This does not make these believers stupid. It just means that they could be doing more to further their spiritual development beyond prayer. These sometimes believe blindly but, do not think too deeply about what it is they believe or why they believe it. Not that having a religious belief is a bad thing in itself but, it is vital to be able to question critically why we believe what we believe in order that we may have a rational footing for our belief to be instrumental in organizing our life in such a way as to be more than just something we do out of habit or for social reasons. Many, many scriptural writings tend to be undecipherable and cannot be taken at face value as they make no rational sense as presented. These are the sorts of questions that should be asked and answers should sought after.

amalux books, jakob lorber, franz bardon, paracelsus, karl, von, eckartshausen, emanuel, swedenborg, georg, lomer, prackt, gottfried, mayerhofer, new revelation, hermetics, christian, mysticism, sacred, mysteriesAll people are different and there is certainly a place for everyone in existence. It would be as hypocritical to strongly espouse a religious belief and then act against it, as it would be to create a watered down version of a religion because you are against the hypocrisies that have arisen from religion and then defend this new idea even if it has little or no organizing philosophy of it’s own.

These attempts to make sense of life, existence and give meaning and purpose to life seems to suggest that this is an inborn need. But, why constantly be “reinventing the wheel?” History has left many texts written expressly to answer many of people’s questions about life to help them organize their lives materially as well as psychologically and mentally. Science and rationality should be used to compare those investigations against as long as both are weighed fairly.

Every religion is built around a sacred text of some sort. When examined, these texts all seem to have the same basic message of love and connection to some unimaginable, unexplainable or incomprehensible energy of existence that is commonly referred to as God. In addition to the Sacred texts left to humanity, throughout history other inspired writers have left us their equally inspired gems of knowledge that never contradict the standard Holy scripts of any culture but, instead expand upon them, making their message more comprehensible. All of these writings, the old as well as the more recent are just guide posts. They are above religion without being against it.

Some need religion and that should be respected. They grasp onto it because they know and feel that it is essentially vital even if they cannot rationally explain why. They are entitled to what their particular faith offers them. But, in absolute terms, all religions have the same purpose; to bring people back to the Source of All. There are many words to describe this Source, God is just one of them.

caduseusThis is the Caduceus
of Hermes. The symbol
of universal knowledge
in relation to all things.

In the books herein provided are some of the very best gems of the West. They are compatible with all other belief systems. They instruct without being dogmatic. It is important to understand that in order to enjoy good physical health and vigor, a person must be attentive to what their physical body needs in order to maintain good health. That same degree of attention should also be placed on our emotions and virtues as well as our intellect in order to strengthen, deepen, expand and keep them in equilibrium to the same extent as we would keep our physical bodies in agility.

We are our own personal responsibility through which we might help others. This is the essential and ultimate purpose of what is hidden within Sacred scripts and inspired writings. Their purpose is to instruct without force; giving vital lessons intended to complete a human being into becoming fully human as eternal beings.

Arguably, the West has been a predominant force that has shaped the world into what it is today. The West as well as all other cultures are rooted, for better or for worse, in their spiritual heritage. That is where culture and sciences come out of so, they are worth examining to better understand how the people of each culture took essentially the same or similar message and built their distinct cultures around it.

What we “think” is essentially all that we really are and all we really have. Make it count!

 The Universality and All-Inclusiveness of Western Spirituality

Our Authors

We have chosen our authors very carefully to reflect a gentle yet universal perspective on life.

Being a Prophet and Prophesy have less to do with foretelling the future or starting new religions than providing accurate and reliable tools with which to pursue a spiritual path in life within the scope of universal principles. These authors in their work have provided an unmatched wealth of useful, applicable and verifiable spiritual information and, with it, enormous contributions for potential Spiritual Growth in our times. There have been many writers and philosophers throughout time that have influenced others and perhaps history. All of them have provided a guiding light to their followers and adherents; sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. We have selected these authors for their altruism and their sometimes prophet like contribution to humanity.

Amalux Book Selection

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hermes trismegistus, toth, trismagistus, hermetics Hermes
nostradamus-smallMichele de
lao tse, lao tsu, tung, dao, daoistLao
Jakob Lorber, new revelation, christian mysticism, prophet, prophets,Jakob
emanuel swedenborgEmanuel
Paracelsus, Prophet Daniel, Philosophia Mystica, prophesies of the prophet Daniel, Aureolus                  Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus, Philosophia Mystica, book of Daniel, Paracelsus, mystical philosophy, Philippus                  Aureolus Theophrastus bombast of hoenheim, Prophet Daniel, mystical philosophy, prophesies of the prophet Daniel, book                  of Daniel, Philosophia Mystica, Paracelsus, Theophrastus Paracelsus, the prophet Daniel, book of Daniel, prophesies of                  the prophet Daniel, mystical philosophy,Paracelsus gottfried mayerhofer, new revelation, lorber, lords sermons, Gottfried
jacob boehmeJakob
Karl von Eckartshausen, Magic The Principles of Higher Knowledge
Dr. Georg Lomer
Karl von
Johannes Helmond

Our Book Selection

Often one book can have more useful and life changing content than an entire library; quality over quantity matters.

Our book selection is decidedly Western and spiritual in nature. What is primarily contained throughout the selection is a collection principles that are rooted within the Western Tradition.

Principles are by their nature universal. Knowing principles leads to fundamental understanding. Without them we are lost and are incapable of finding our way in life. A person is free to implement any principle as they please according to their free will. How we navigate around the principles that make existence possible determine the success of our life experience and spiritual progression. This book selection presents these concepts with clarity, and neutrality yet with an unmistakably Western flavour.

Kabbalistic Identity

Kabbalistic Identity

The search for “self” is the innermost of searches. Kabbalistic Astrology offers a useful tool in the quest.

astrological, calculator, kabbalistic, astrology, horoscope
Most people struggle with finding their purpose in life and “who we are” within that purpose. Kabbalistic Astrology is an ideal tool when applied towards this end. It is universal and has no affiliation any one religious practice. Kabbalistic Astrology has no relation to what has come to be known as Astrology also known as Mantic Astrology or even “Tabloid” astrology.

Kabbalistic Astrology

Western Prophesy

Western Prophesy

Western prophesies and the logic of why the predicted manifests. It isn’t God; it’s us. Our actions create the consequences.

Prophesy is not particularly Western as it exists in all cultures. Interestingly, some prophesies, from different cultures are remarkably similar. In this section we are highlighting Western Prophesies and their particular slant. What is sometimes spellbinding in some of these prophesies is that they are explained using logic which gives reason to an otherwise lofty or wild prognostication.

To Prophesies

Western Mysticism

In the our world the greatest good exists beside the greatest evil. This dichotomy forces advancement on all levels.

Every culture establishes its character from it’s particular mysticism. North, South, East or West; all cultures on Earth behave according to their beliefs. A belief, already being a form of mysticism, defines the protocols of behaviour based on something that is believed to exist without any physical proof thereof. Whereas the materialist sees only physical activity, the mystic witnesses the unseen hand of unseen forces in every physical occurrence. Christian Mysticism is what defines the Western world (if not it’ s behaviour) and sets it apart from all other cultures.

Christian Mysticism

The Spiritual in Science

Spiritually Relevant Topics


Special Feature: The Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber

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