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Franz Bardon – Initiation Into Hermetics

Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon – A Training In Self Discovery

We are all taking part in a hermetic initiation of sorts but do not recognize the various forms it takes. There are a few standard techniques that human beings use to go “inside” of themselves. We pray, meditate, think, feel, focus on a specific thought, try to achieve inner stillness by distracting our mind by the repetition of a particular word or sound, by training ourselves to remain physically still to detach ourselves from our body, that our mind may come into clearer focus separately from our body and so on. Every culture has it’s methods, all are of great value, varying only by degree in terms of usefulness and purpose. These are all forms of hermetic practices; attempts at discovering or coming to terms with our inner selves; all are forms of meditation.

Besides relaxation, the ultimate purpose of meditation is to become familiar with our own inner world that we may intimately know it before leaving this Earth. Upon leaving this Earth and finding ourselves without a physical body, our inner world becomes our reality. We are easily distracted from ourselves by our outer physical existence, forgetting that in reality our inner world is all we really have. If discovering yourself at the deepest possible level is your purpose, then look no further than Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon to assist you in getting to know yourself in the most direct way possible.

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egyptAll spiritual systems practice some sort of hermetic meditation as all meditative methods are based on or offshoots of the original Hermetic principles. The purpose of a formal initiation into Hermetics has always been to train the body, soul and spirit that they may each achieve their Elemental equilibrium. Elemental equilibrium gives us back the use of the spiritual gifts that are latent in every human being. If that seems like too lofty a goal, then a person can still opt to learn meditation for the purpose of simple relaxation if they so choose. In achieving that, most will likely be inspired to go further in the pursuit of a fuller initiation into hermetics.

Anyone who has gotten themselves into the quiet mental state necessary for prayer has in effect performed a meditation of sorts that seeks to establish a connection directly to God in keeping with the promise of Christianity. Conceptually, there is no need to complicate it more than that. The function of hermetics is to explore the Divinity within ourselves that is already present within us to discover and awaken to what we truly are; beings made in the image of God. As the Hermetic axiom; As Above, So Below suggests; we are a Microcosm existing within a Macrocosm that can potentially act with His authority for the good of all. This remains only a potential power until it is awakened through self discovery, ignited by love. It would make complete sense that together with the practice of hermetics, that prayer can be instrumental in achieving the goals that are set forth in an initiation into hermetics.

Spiritual Development Out Of Self Knowledge Is The Purpose of Existence!

Initiation into Hermetics, essentially is the science of unlocking who you really are, to yourself. Without this most basic of prerequisites all other spiritual mysteries remain inaccessible while you live on Earth. This may sound mysterious at first but in reality it is nothing more than advanced meditation or a pure form of actual psychology for the purpose of spiritual rebirth. Some may claim “rebirth” as an exclusively Christian concept but, in fact, it is the reason why we live on Earth and the main purpose of every religion. There are no shortcuts for achieving this.

The Biblical concept of, “the kingdom of heaven being within,” is based on a hermetic axiom. That idea is to be found everywhere in the Bible but is seems that people do not tie that gift given to the West through Christianity with similar concepts from the East.

As noble as this may sound, few are ready and willing to do it. It requires a shift in paradigm that can only come from a gradual introduction into the subject matter. Perhaps if we realized that WE, ourselves are at the same time also the subject matter itself, more might dedicate themselves to it. WE, are the ultimate secret that we are keeping ourselves from. WE, through our own self ignorance remain our own greatest obstacle to ourselves. An initiation into Hermetics is the key that peels back the layers of our distracted ego to gradually reveal ourselves to ourselves. This shift in mindset and the self discovery process are the initiation into hermetics; the true baptism for the human being into becoming fully human. In Christian terms, this is synonymous with the forgiveness of sin although most might not recognize the correlation immediately.

Like In Any Training; If You Want Strength, You Have Build Familiarity Through Repetition

When we are learning or being trained to do anything, the basic concepts of the subject matter is first clearly laid out followed by a thorough understanding of the necessary tools of achieving it. Without knowledge of the nature of the materials we are working with and the concepts behind how the tools needed to work with those materials, we get nowhere. We stumble, do a poor job of it, make mistake after mistake achieving very little badly and can even hurt ourselves in the process.

An initiation into hermetics first educates you in what you are actually dealing with and then simply gives you a system to follow that you may exercise all parts of your being that they may become familiar to you, strong and capable of acting according to the strength of your will. Conceptually, it’s really quite simple, even if the reality may not be.

An Initiation into Hermetics is like any other training. Given that an initiation into hermetics is dealing with the human being, the nature of the human being must first be explained, followed by training instructions for all parts that make up the human being. Most people have no clue about the make-up of their own being, having a hard time conceptualizing anything beyond their physical body.

initiation into hermeticsIn our times people are always being told that philosophically it is not possible for them to “know.” From that premise many surrender both the responsibility and the will to learn about themselves leaving it to others to do for them. Given that no one can really know more about you than you, why surrender that to someone else? Self knowledge is the most important, intimate knowledge we should have. It should be our business to know it by becoming familiar with ourselves and our inner world. That is the only true psychology (literally defined as “the study of the soul”)

The first step in hermetics before even attempting any kind of initiation into hermetics is to know and understand the basic hermetic make up of a human being. That a human being consists of a physical body, an astral body (soul) and an immortal spirit. If a person cannot accept that, then an initiation into hermetics is impossible. Without that a person does not know what the purpose of hermetic exercises serve.

Psychology is by definition “the study of the soul,” yet psychology does not acknowledge the existence of the soul because it is incapable of defining it. Ironically, psychologists and philosophers like Carl Jung have drawn the basis for their psychological theories and professional jargon from Hermetics using reworded hermetic terms without giving credit to hermetics. The “id”, ego, and super-ego are just different words for what have always been part of hermetics and familiar components of the human being for thousands of years. They are not recent or even new concepts.

Franz Bardon may have written Initiation into Hermetics and his other works in the 1950’s but even in the days of Freud and Jung there was plenty of occult and hermetic writings to be read even if no one had ever explained it better or more systematically than the master of hermetic initiation himself; Franz Bardon.

“What we think is essentially all that we have and all that we really are!”

As part of getting to know ourselves, self initiation requires that we be willing and able to carefully watch the thoughts that predominate and occupy our mind most. Paradoxically, we already do this to a point when dealing with other people. In trying to get to know them we need to assess them as they do the same to us. Unfortunately, we seldom apply the same techniques to ourselves.

With others we simply observe their physical activity, their facial expressions and listen to what they say and how they say it. To know our own mind, that we might understand who we are and why we do what we do, we need to watch ourselves even more closely than we are watching others because often we are blind to ourseves. With ourselves we have the added advantage of being able to explore within ourselves; something that we cannot do with any other being. This enables us to question our own motives; why we do what we do, with greater precision and objectivity, otherwise we are not in control of ourselves but are in fact actually dancing on the strings of our uncontrolled thoughts. As we learn what motivates our thoughts an actions, we also come to understand why others act as they do from out own experience with ourselves.

Most of us are poor self observers. This weakness is what makes us subject to the manipulation of other people as they place thoughts and ideas into our mind or as they push our “buttons,” if we allow them to. When we fall for marketing tricks, it is for the exact same reasons.

gospel of thomasShould you read Emanuel Swedenborg and Jakob Lorber you will recognize the same principles and processes but not as systematically or as explicitly explained as Franz Bardon has laid them out. In fact, reading Swedenborg and Lorber provides many, many direct and indirect insights that familiarize a person with what they are actually working with as they proceed in their meditations in the process of initiation into hermetics. Jakob Lorber in depicting the life of Christ describes in great detail that He and His disciples practiced Hermetic disciplines. The concept of Hermetics in relation to Christianity is also mentioned in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas.

It can be compared to an apprenticing carpenter getting familiar with wood before being able to work with it to masterfully turn it into something beautiful and useful. Having read them, it becomes quite clear that by defining and describing physical, astral and spiritual processes they are laying the very groundwork for initiation into Hermetics before Providence saw fit to present it to the world in a completely clear, unabridged and unveiled manner as Franz Bardon has. It is hard to know if Providence had intended for this knowledge to have come into the world in this sequence to be learned in that order or not.

Genesis As Rebirth, A Biblical Initiation Into Hermetics

Swedenborg, in the first volume of his Arcana Coelestia and Jakob Lorber in his writings both very carefully explain Genesis in an entirely different way than it has been traditionally taught. Through Emanuel Swedenborg and Jakob Lorber Genesis is being logically explained as the stages that take place during the process of self awakening or, “rebirth” that happen as a logical extension of a conscious baptism which is nothing more than an initiation into Hermetics.

Each day in Genesis represents another stage of human awakening – the “creation” process of a human being, being spiritually “reborn,” as the human being comes out of the Darkness into the Light or, from “the darkness of evening into the light of the morning,” through each successive day of Genesis. By the 6th day the human being has been spiritually reborn. That is to say, Swedenborg and Lorber are laying out the mechanics and context of human psychology as part of the Old Testament Mysteries at the very beginning of the Bible, that Franz Bardon places into a very organized system of physical, astral and spiritual exercises conceived to achieve the same end. This is something not seen since Franz Bardon ‘s life as Hermes Trismegistus, when as high priest and pharaoh, he initiated neophytes into the sacred mysteries in the temples of Ancient Egypt through this teaching method; very aptly called – Hermetics after the teaching methods of Hermes himself the first initiator of hermetics.

Good Health And Initiation Into Hermetics

Physical sickness is a loss of equilibrium in the elements of either the physical body, soul or spirit. That imbalance affects the entire human being and often impairs the mind making an initiation into hermetics more difficult. For these reasons the preservation of our health for the purpose of maintaining a strong agile mind is essential not only for fulfilling normal life acitiivities but especially when in pursuit of an initiation into hermetics.

In essence, all of the books on this site, whether they have to do with physical health and well being or, spiritual matters, essentially deal with this very important “human awakening process” in one form or another.

What a person hopes to achieve through the types of meditations presented in Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is to get familiar with their inner self. In the process a person realizes that they are more than just a physical being. You begin to feel the distinction between your own spirit, soul and body as separate parts of the whole being, each having different and separate attributes that in enabling them to work with each part separately for the purpose of consciously balancing the whole they are restoring and awakening their own inner godliness. They begin to fully perceive through their spiritual and astral senses to find that the senses of their physical body are actually only a much weaker extension of their real inner senses.

Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon has no equal

Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon features the following Content:

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt Initiation Into Hermetics
The Complete
First Tarot Card

Volume One
by Franz Bardon
Cost: $29.95
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Now: $25.46
356 Pages softbound
initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt
  • The Principles of the Four Elements
  • The Akasha or Etheric Principle
  • What the Spiritual body is
  • What the Spiritual Plane is
  • What the Astral body is
  • What the Astral Plane is
  • The Occult anatomy of the Physical Body
  • What a Human Being is
  • Schooling of the Spirit
  • Schooling of the Soul
  • Schooling of the Body
  • What is the Electric Fluid
  • What is the Magnetic Fluid
  • Control of Electric and Magnetic Fluids
  • The Development of Clairvoyance
  • The Development of Clairsentience
  • And, Much, Much More  

This is a taste of what is contained in this masterwork!

This little video serves verbally reads to you the introduction of
Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon. It is a little stiff in it’s
rendition but never the less a glimpse into what you will find in
this wonderful masterwork.

As anyone would expect this is not an instant realization or transformation. It takes time to tangibly understand what it is that you are working with before you can control yourself and your new found faculty to the fullest and through them eventually also your surroundings.

If you watch a baby learning to walk, talk, see and learn; that is how we are when learning to go within ourselves. We are just as helpless, as blind as ignorant and as weak and unsteady. Just a child’s sense of security it at least partially founded upon familiarity of its surroundings and it’s ability to steadily work more actively with it, so it is with our own inner peace. As we become familiar with our inner world, we realize that it is more important than the outer world and find our peace, serenitity and composure in that.

This is the process of the true initiation into hermetics that gives us the real peace and assurance that all religions promise. This does not mean that religions have no worth. If people can accept that there are and that we have spirit guides to guide us in life then somewhere there must also be a Supreme Master of everything. The establishment of that belief is often the purpose of religion.

People go to church to find meaning and purpose in their lives as they rightfully should. For some, that is the extent of their belief, maturity and daring. To venture beyond that would be too big a step for some to take. And, even though an initiation into Hermetics would be the very first step to be taken towards finding the very meaning and purpose that they are seeking after by attending church, for them, to venture into something like Hermetics might be too much for them.

They should continue with their church going beliefs with fullest faith and devotion. It is just where they are at in their maturity. There is nothing wrong with a strong belief in something good and the goodness of God as a basis from one’s faith and reason. If they happen to be Catholic, the priest is actually mimicking hermetic practices without knowing it. Their church is already filled with Hermetic and elemental symbolism without their knowing it. So in a sense, time spent in that environment is not completely wasted.

Initiation Into Hermetics Is About Being Rational In Spiritual Practices!

Anyone seriously looking for spiritual truth should not be afraid of looking for it on their own or, be too concerned with how others may have labeled certain spiritual concepts or practices. Many people are put off by things without actually understanding what it is they are objecting to or why. Keep in mind that it is all about the message, not the messenger or the package it comes in.

The practices and exercises suggested in Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon are meant for personal development only as part of a person’s private inner life while being in complete conformity with what is good and true with all other religious practices. Those who embark on this journey of self discovery and to best assess the worth of anything must see it, read it and do it for themselves.

At the same time, prejudice, misinformation, self-interest or ignorance of fact are everywhere, making it vital to always examine everything with a cold blooded, objectivity of mind to discover the truth of things and to understand how all parts fit together logically. For the most part you will find that there are more similarities than differences among the principle spiritual practices found on Earth. They each have great worth. It needs to be remembered that they have been brought into the world by Divine Providence to suit the paradigm of every culture practicing them and should therefore be respected.

Hermetics is the summation of all principles to be found in all spiritual practices in the sense that their purpose is being fulfilled through it. Hermetics and the initiation into hermetics does not override any other religion or spiritual practice because at some level, it is already part of it. An Initiation into Hermetics is a personal discipline that is kept to one’s self. Through hermetics the aspect of Divinity within each religion is focused on becomes apparent without offending it’s ultimate purpose of spiritual rebirth.

Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is perhaps the only complete explanation and practical application of the entire First Tarot Card ever written. Hermetics is an intensely spiritual discipline and should be viewed as such. It can be labeled as an “occult” work provided the sometimes negative connotation of the term occult is taken for what it really means; “something hidden.” Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is not an allegorical writing that tells a story. It is very much a text book of explicit, disciplined instruction intended to guide anyone towards a better and complete spiritual understanding of themselves and the created world around them. Too many have the wrong impression of what this means.

initiation into hermetics franz bardonEvery part of the created world that we can observe is nothing more than a symbolic representation of some concept existing in the higher spiritual realms. This is what hieroglyphics and Biblical metaphors are representative of and why they are often nearly impossible to understand in our times because we have lost a connection that was at one time second nature to many of the inhabitants of the Earth in those times.

An initiation into hermetics starts with introspection. Introspection is just self examination. Taking stock of yourself is and always will be the beginning of all self knowledge. Most have heard of “confession” as part of religious practice. Well, it has it’s inception in the concept of introspection. What a person discovers through introspection is their own private affair and should always remain so. In practicing introspection we establish a blueprint, a map of what we contain astrally – in our soul. This discovery not only serves the individual, in the practice of introspection the individual is also serving a Divine duty to Providence.

Initiation Into Hermetics And Egypt

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egyptEgypt is mentioned frequently in the Old Testament Bible, both historically and metaphorically. It is generally referring to Egypt after it fell from it’s former spiritual glory into idolatrous practices. According to Swedenborg Ancient Egypt was a very highly developed society both technologically and spiritually. It was only after it lost it’s spiritual direction that the meaning of all of it’s many symbols were lost to it, that it started worshiping the symbols themselves rather than what they represented within the One Divinity. In the Bible Egypt metaphorically represents what Swedenborg calls “memory-knowledge,” which are understandings and reasonings derived from purely physical learning devoid of their spiritual meaning. Before that happened, Egypt was the preeminent center of learning in all matters whether spiritual or physical. In a sense our modern times are not much different and, from being even more removed from any kind of spiritual understanding, in many ways even worse.

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egyptThoth was the Pharaoh and high priest of Egypt who taught Hermetic science. According to Franz Bardon, as he wrote in his autobiography, he was Thoth or Hermes as the Greeks called him; the originator of the spiritual teaching and training system we now call Hermetics. At that time the Egyptian temples were places of learning not places of worship which is why in temples like those in Karnak, the hieroglyphs are placed in the open to be read by those who could. Through initiation into Hermetics, the First Tarot Card represents the First Step towards Spiritual Awakening. The First Tarot card is the first pillar in the Temple of Wisdom of Ancient Egypt.

For anyone who has never heard of an idea or concept like an initiation into hermetics with the possibilities it purports to offer and that someone has been commissioned by Divine Providence to write it all down for the posterity of the world may sound a little strange indeed.

It may be helpful to understand that just like there were prophets in the Old Testament, it is not unreasonable or inconceivable to presume that there may have been similar prophets since those ancient times;  Franz Bardon being among them. Whether they are given prominence or importance is quite immaterial. The few who’s attention they have and who’s imagination and spirit they stir is what matters most. Divine Providence knows that the people of Earth have been in dire need of them, especially in our times.

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt

Franz Bardon is regarded by many as the greatest and perhaps the only known Hermetic adept of the 20th century and a heavenly worker for the Light out of love for humanity. He survived Hitler’s concentration camps but died a victim of Communist persecution in 1958. Not that he couldn’t have helped himself; Providence did not allow him the use of his full capacity in self defense. He must have known what was coming because he completed his four books before his incarceration.

Initiation into Hermetics is the first and most important of Bardon’s works. It remains the cornerstone of his other works because the knowledge within them cannot be fully practiced without mastery of Hermetics. Without hermetics, what follows remains merely theoretical. Franz Bardon is about substance, not sensational, empty marketing of over hyped information. His attention is focused on the practical training necessary for true spiritual attainment.

The Four Elements – The Core Of Hermetic Initiation

Not since antiquity has an explanation together with a working knowledge of the Classical Four Elements; Fire, Air, Water and Earth been written about in a way that reveals their full mystery. The classical Elements are not to be confused with the elements of the periodical table. The Four Elements are the actual working forces out of which the periodic elements are born out of, to exist as separate, identifiable physical materials. Out of the Four Elements are the energies that give the properties to all other elements and life itself. Through the Four Elements with the aid of the Fifth Element of Ether (Akasha) all of Creation is kept in order.

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egyptThe Four Elements exist on all levels and are already subject to our Will. In the course of our day to day activities we use the elements unconsciously. We exercise the Fire element every time we use our Will. Every time we use our intellect the Air element is active. When using our feelings we can thank the Water element for it. The fact that we have consciousness as the collective effect of the previously mentioned spiritual elements is the effect of the Earth element. We do these things without a second thought but ironically, if asked to use the Elements deliberately and consciously to control these particular functions most would have difficulty.

When we are angry or acting with courage we are using the Fire element in our astral body or soul. If we are overly talkative, fickle or have a penetrating mind it is from the astral Air Element. From the astral Water element we feel depression, laziness or peace and tranquility. The Earth Element gives us what is from all the other elements only to a greater extreme, laziness becomes slovenliness and sloth and procrastination but also philanthropy and punctuality. These are a few examples of the Elements of life acting within our soul. To self-observe and know that make up would be a true study of our own soul. In short, it would be a study in real psychology, deliberately and effectively applied towards a real purpose.

The same elements physically produce the many physically measurable electromagnetic effects that make our body function among countless other things. All of these things we take for granted. We already exist within the miracle that is creation but, for most, in a sense, we stand outside of it because we cannot actively participate with it at will. To understand this aspect of our physical body would make anyone a real physician working knowingly in the healing process. Few in history have achieved this.

When these and other things have been mastered, the initiation into hermetics has been accomplished; the spirit would have been reborn.

All of these things can be controlled through our Will. This is the purpose of initiation into hermetics. Through it Franz Bardon teaches the student how to master these universal forces in his progressive exercises that leads us to the ultimate freedom. This freedom must be earned; it is never given freely. Franz Bardon, provides detailed training from basic techniques in personal thought control through mental discipline to advanced astral travel by strengthening the faculties to the point that they become responsive to our will which become more and more flexible as an athlete would be after constant training.

These sort of ideas may be laughed at by some as being delusional fantasies. Yet, no one seems to have difficulty in believing that it is entirely possible to go to school to learn something through a concentrated effort which is nothing more than a training in a specific set of mental rules and disciplines. Martial artists do the same thing through constant training where the life force (Qi) is focused to such a degree that it can brake physical materials. Why shouldn’t the same discipline applied to the mental faculty not conceptually yield a similar kind of results? No other writer since Ancient Egyptian times has ever revealed such a clear, concise, and practical program of spiritual development. For what it is worth, no one has any plausible explanation for how Egyptian engineering managed to build the pyramids. They must have known something we don’t.

Expect no real understanding, let alone spiritual progress for efforts that are purely selfish. This is much more than a mere intellectual study. Providence protects and grants it’s secrets only to the mature and most deserving.

Becoming Familiar With Your Spirit and Soul While On Earth

We must never neglect the value of our physical existence. Physical life affords us precious time to learn from all that is around us that mirrors back to us uncountable experiences from which we not only learn practical skills but most importantly who we are from a very external point of view. That external perspective is vital and inherent with our physicality but, it is not all that we are. All people’s from all parts of our globe have understood the value of the trials of physical existence, but also the worth of our being from a non-physical point of view.

All cultures have or, have had some sort of a “magical” tradition varying in depth and scope. Out of it came our sciences and mathematics. If our math and sciences are real to us now, wouldn’t it make sense to want to discover where they came from or, what inspired them? That would require as serious investigation into ourselves to find the commonality that we all have, that was once understood and is now largely forgotten and has been completely marginalized.

The Hermetic and Spiritual Masterworks By Franz Bardon

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt Franz Bardon’s Life
Frabato: The Magician
by Franz Bardon
Franz Bardon’s Autobiography
Cost: $19.95
15% Off Regular Price
Now $16.96
165 Pages

franz bardon, initiation into hermetics, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt Hermetics
Initiation into Hermetics
by Franz Bardon
The Complete First Tarot Card
Cost: $34.95
15% Off Regular Price
Now $29.71
356 Pages softbound

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt Evocation
The Practice of Magical Evocation
by Franz Bardon
The Complete Second Tarot Card
Cost: $44.95
15% Off Regular Price
Now $38.21
540 Pages hardbound

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt Kabbalah
The Key to the True Kabbalah
by Franz Bardon
The Complete Third Tarot Card
Cost: $30.95
15% Off Regular Price
Now $$26.31
279 Pages
initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt
Questions & Answers
by Franz Bardon
Questions asked and answered
by Franz Bardon on the topics of
Hermetics by his students.
Price $19.95
15% Off Regular Price
Now $16.96
115 Pages Soft Cover
initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt

initiation into hermetics, franz bardon, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egyptMemories of Franz Bardon
by Dr. Lumir Bardon & Dr. M.K.
A memoir of Franz Bardon’s
life told by his son and good friend.
Cost: $17.95
15% Off Regular Price
Now $15.26
108 Pages softbound
franz bardon, initiation into hermetics, robert fludd, thoth, ancient egypt

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