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Franz Bardon The Hermetic Path to Illuminated Perfection

Franz Bardon: Hermetic Master

Franz Bardon previously incarnated as Nostradamus

Franz Bardon previously incarnated as NostradamusThe Hermetic Sciences were only taught by the ancient Egyptian priesthood and to a select few in a master and pupil, one on one apprenticeship over the millennia. The Hermetic Sciences is the knowledge of the Adepts and has historically has always been very closely guarded.

There are no shortcuts to perfection. Only two paths will take you there. The first is through saintliness, which is in the observance of the Commandments and loving our fellow man more than yourself. This is indeed extremely valuable and noble but also a very long road. The second method is through the practice of the mysteries. This road is shorter but requires considerably more work. It was the spiritual mission of Franz Bardon to make that very hermetic knowledge available in an explicit, non-veiled manner to the world. No where is it better outlined than in the work of Franz Bardon. 

It is hard to imagine the sacredness of this information. It has been kept intentionally hidden for millennia precisely because it is sacred. The three books written by Franz Bardon at the express instruction of Divine Providence contain, in the most complete form, instructions ever before permitted to the world at large about these sacred mysteries. More Franz Bardon Information

The Astrological Calculator is not by Franz Bardon. It is used in conjunction with The Practice of Magical Evocation in calculating a Kabbalistic Natal Horoscope. This is how Natal Horoscopes were calculated in Ancient Egypt giving the names and attributes of the Angels and other beings present at the time of birth. Knowing these one could better know and fulfill the purpose of their existence on Earth.  It is another useful aid in one’s spiritual development. The Link below will take you to other links and more subject specific pages with details about the work of Franz Bardon. The Hermetic Classics by Franz Bardon.

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