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Bible Study In Light Of The New Revelation – A Deeper Scriptural Understanding

The New Revelation by Jakob Lorber Invites Serious Comparative Bible Study For The Open Minded And Spiritually Attuned

The Lord Himself said; “I have many more things to say to you but you cannot bear them now. But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.” (John 16: 12,13)

This Biblical quote has likely been used and abused by many would-be prophets. But, the fact that it was said by the Lord Himself should indicate that among the many prophets many will definitely be false, but some must also be genuine and must exist and should therefore be sought out. Prophets in general do not proclaim that they are prophets. It would be wise to be suspicious or at least cautious of someone openly and perhaps loudly proclaiming to be a prophet. In the State of Utah in the United States of America for instance, there seem to be prophets around every corner. Lay people who proclaim themselves prophets are not uncommon. Every few years or so another one pops up. For the most part, they are “certifiable.”

A person willing to look for the truth must also be willing to sift through the falsehood in the world (and there is a lot of it) in order to determine for themselves whether it is indeed false and to determine that what is being proclaimed as true, is in fact true. This is the responsibility of every human being. If we do not use our own faculties to cold bloodedly investigate for ourselves we are merely puppets dancing on someone else’s strings.

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Jakob Lorber
(1800 – 1864)

The purpose of Bible Study should be to expand ones spiritual scope through a better and deeper understanding of Scripture by what ever means. This should be a completely positive spiritual endeavor – without fear. However, should the purpose of Biblical study be to merely write a thesis, to gain an advantage over another or, to acquire a scholastic degree or the like, then the purpose of such a study becomes a mere intellectual exercise rather than a spiritual experience. Not that an intellectual exercise is not worthy of merit but, from this process there is a danger of drawing  conclusions that are completely wrong because the objective is directed at strictly material gains rather than spiritual enlightenment. Furthermore, because of the perceived credibility placed on scholasticism, it can easily be used to mislead others due to the erroneous presumption that a scholar must know more than a lay person.

A degree in Divine studies seldom yields a spiritual person. It often results in someone in the business of marketing Christianity at a profit. They proclaim to be bringing the word of Jesus to the world when often they are shamelessly and often hypocritically prostituting Christianity or puffing up their own celebrity.

Many might disagree with these statements, but Christ did say that; “you will know them but what they do not by what they say.” The general appearance of scholastically studying scripture would appear lofty and spiritual but the result seldom bares spiritual fruit. If it did there would never have been wars or other similar debauchery throughout history “in the name of God” among educated so-called Christians in high places who by all rights should have known better. One has to ask, did they do what they did knowingly, or did their schemes unfold by accident – to blame the “devil” is very convenient.

The New Revelation

Although the New Revelation itself is a complete work of latter day non-denominational Christian revelation it is not in competition with the Bible. It is in complete accord with the Bible backing it in every way. Therefore, as a monumental revelatory work, the entire New Revelation is an invaluable comparative companion for serious Bible Study. It is comprised of a variety of completely restored Biblical texts from the old and new testament that had been omitted in the early editing’s of the Bible. Some of the texts of the New Testament were intentionally written without specific details or further explanations according to the wishes of the Heavenly Father. This applies specifically to the Biblical Gospel of John. In the New Revelation the Great Gospel of John is presented in its completeness (about 5000 pages).

Many of the people and lives of the old and new testaments personages come to life as the events that happened around them completely unfold around their relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber the three years of ministry on Earth the life and activity of the Lord Jesus Christ is revealed as a day to day diary in the finest detail. Also, within these dialogs are very fine explanations, reasons, and elaborations for Christ’s coming, dying and His second return. Great details are given with respect to the nature of “being human,” why we exist, why life is such a struggle on planet Earth, why we have a spirit and a soul as well as a physical body, what our inner life is about, what “sin” actually is, why we were born onto this Earth and how we come to be here beyond mere physical biology (why our spirits rose to the challenge of our difficult life here), explanations about what Christ actually meant when He spoke nearly 2000 years ago, how and why some of his words got distorted, life after death and many, many, many other truly great revelations. Among these are also many, many detailed explanations on spiritual and even scientific topics, that are being proven correct in spite of the fact that they were revealed nearly 150 years ago.

Any bible study would simply be incomplete without this body of knowledge to compare to. Typically bible study relies on the interpretations made by bible scholars. Christ himself said that it is not given to these types of people to understand the Holy Scriptures. (paraphrased; the wise of the world consider the wisdom of God foolishness, God considers the wisdom of the world foolishness) Why people would even take what are at best the second or third guesses of very dry scholars over what the Heavenly Father Himself might have said is to defeat the purpose of Bible Study in the first place. In the New Revelation the Lord Himself tells you what He meant, what He intended, and why He acted as He did and His plan for creation and His created.

At present many argue over the intended meaning of one Bible passage over another. Would it not be sensible to at least examine what the Father Himself had intended to say in His own words. If someone says that they are searching for the truth in the Bible they may as well search where He is at least suspected of being or having made Himself heard. This will likely result in investigating many “dead ends.” But, a few inquiries will result in fruitful findings as God has never forsaken His children – there have been genuine prophets on Earth, even if the mainstream has not or refuses to recognize them.

The Household of God is another New Revelation writing. It is comprised of the books of the old testament from the Fall of Lucifer to the Deluge and Noah. The lives of all of the major personages of this time period come to life; Adam, Eve, Enoch (Henoch), Seth, Kenan, Thubalkain, Gemela, Hanoch, Cain and their history, the children of the North, the East … even Melchezidech and the founding of Jerusalem. This and a few other books are not yet translated and published in English. These books are a must for Christian and non-Christian alike.

If you were a church going Christian would it not serve to deepen your personal belief  in Christianity by having more information about the Biblical texts? This appears to be the reason why the New Revelation by Jakob Lorber have come into being through direct revelation in the times of revelation.

It would be hard for a student of the Bible to find a better body of work for the purpose of Bible Study. The New Revelation is not a scholarly work – Yet thousands of people all around the world are coming to the conclusion that it is a true revelation, profoundly substantiating and providing a strong philosophical base for what is valid about Christianity, clarifying what has become distorted in Christianity, and laying bare the intent of Christianity as the Lord Jesus Christ had intended it to be.

For the sensitive person it is impossible to conceive that the stories of the Bible have been simply made up by virtue of how they are written, ideated sequenced, structured and how they make one feel when read; the reader will have the same “feeling” when reading the New Revelation. In fact, this feeling is deepened because more is being revealed to better acquaint us with Creation, our own lives, and Gods plan, place and purpose for and in our lives.

A cold-blooded scholar may not feel this way when reading the Bible or the New Revelation because they study scriptures as a challenge, an intellectual exercise rather than for the spiritual experience. From and because of this premise it is easy to draw the completely wrong conclusions. Often it is the controversy that they stir that perpetuates Christian debate.

The New Revelation makes for an excellent Bible Study Companion for the Christian wanting to understand the meaning of Gods words in spirit or anyone wanting to discover Christianity in its purest form. One will soon realize that Christianity is not a religion at all – it is a way of life and that Christianity has itself been deadened by varying degrees by the various sects of Christian religions. When Christianity is lowered to the level of a religion it becomes dead. The stone buildings we have come to call houses of God are inanimate and devoid of life and are all too often places of empty ceremony. The very idea of humans presuming to force the presence of God into a building is absurd. The only church intended to and worthy of the Heavenly Father’s presence is the one He Himself created within the sanctuary of the heart of the human being who truly loves Him and his fellow man. Only from there will the Holy Father speak to His child. The Holy Father spoke to a worthy son in Jakob Lorber and the result is the New Revelation. Nearly 10,000 pages making up 25 substantial volumes of continuous and precise dictation from the Holy Father to Lorber’s heart for nearly 25 years, from 1840-1864. For this reason he has been called a present day “Scribe of God.”

To The New Revelation Writings

Jakob Lorber faithfully recorded the missing books of the Bible over a twenty-four-year period. Receiving all his inspirational information through the “Inner Word,” for this reason he is being regarded as the “Lord’s scribe.”

Sacrificing a promising musical career to obey an inner voice which told him to “take his pen and write.”

He wrote: “Thus spoke the Lord to and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain: Whoever wants to talk with Me, let him come to Me and I will lay the answer in his heart….”

The Following Jakob Lorber titles are available:

The Great Gospel of John – The Advent of Christ – The Childhood of Jesus – The Earth & Moon – The Lord’s Book of Life and Health – The Healing Power of Sunlight – The Lord’s Sermons – Saturn. – And many others in the process of translation

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