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Daring to be Christian In A World That Is Against Christianity

Living A Christian Life Is A Personal Daring, Teaching By Example – Not Proselytizing

Being christian is about leading by example. It has nothing to do with preaching or pushing your view on anyone. There is enough common ground in most belief systems to have to push anyone’s views onto anyone else. Your life should be a living example of your beliefs. Your silence is often the strength and worth of your convictions.

Belonging to any kind of a group offers a certain sense of identity, security, fellowship, belonging and so on. There is nothing wrong with associating in groups. Some things can only be accomplished by a group effort. Whether it be a race, a country, a province, a city, a town, a family, which ever groups we belong to will, to a very large extent should show us who we are collectively and individually. The aforementioned groups are examples of groups we are born into without choice and can also represent groups within groups.

Some group associations are established through conscious choices; the friends we have, the people we work with, the religion we belong to etc.

It is very easy by virtue of belonging to a specific group that we can be complacent about the groups we belong to without questioning the relationships within the group, the purpose behind the existence of a group, its objectives etc., with complete objectivity. To ask these kind of questions could undermine ones relationship to a group and might make one decide to exclude one self or invite others to join.

Christianity is a collective group. Most who are born into Christianity have historically accepted it and carried on with the customs, ceremonies and doctrines of this extremely sound faith. In time there were reformations, protesting the doctrines of the Mother Church (Roman Catholic) but, never the soundness of Christianity. This is interesting because Christianity is never really called into question; it is the Christian institutions that are called into question. The conclusion being that Christianity itself is good, sound and can be trusted, but those who are its self-appointed stewards, who represent it and propagate it in all likelihood may not be.

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Jakob Lorber
(1800 – 1864)

If Christianity is itself sound, then, it would stand to reason that it can easily stand alone without an institution to push it. And, if it is indeed sound and can stand alone any individual aught to be able to stand with it completely alone. Historically, those who have presumed to have done this have been martyred by the collective group because this type of behavior threatens the necessity of the group. And, as there has historically been incredible sums of money to be made by those who govern the group, Christian individuality would threaten the gross livelihood of the very small group within the much larger unsuspecting group (the Church) – so they killed the threat even though it was against the teachings of Christianity.

Many find a certain safety by belonging to one Christian sect over another. Believing that their sect is the true sect they allow their mind to be made up by the dictates of that sect. This takes away the need to have to think for one’s self which results in complacency and spiritual laziness. Although, there is a certain discipline required to attend a Sunday service, some seem to believe that simply showing up for church services on Sunday is all that is needed to be Christian. Where is the personal spiritual effort? Without actual spiritual effort going to church on Sunday is reduced to a physical activity that anyone can do. Many Mafia Don’s were reputed to have been regular church goers too! Is there such a thing as a spiritual “hit?”

Some will say that, “to accept Jesus Christ as the Savior is all that is needed to be Christian;” These people should be reminded that this is just a starting point. One could easily accept Christ as the Savior and then in “good Christian fashion” go out and shoot someone in the name of God and country or shamelessly profiteer from the “sweat” of others.

Even though the concept of Salvation is largely misunderstood, it is very correctly propagated as being a “personal endeavor.” One could conclude that since Christianity is an individual spiritual pursuit it requires significant courage and is not for the faint of heart or those too lazy to investigate it thoroughly. The courage is not required to confront others with, it is needed to confront ones own person and in order to be daring enough to stand alone and investigate Christianity thoroughly. Confronting others and their beliefs is not only completely unnecessary, it is extremely foolish and results in unnecessary quarreling.

It is never necessary to call ones own core belief into question. What needs to be questioned is the concepts we believe in and their actual validity. Often a paradigm shift can occur within ones conceptual view of what they believe in. This shift should serve to better complete the picture or concept of what they believe in, regardless of what the authorities of their religion may expound. This willingness to think and question takes real courage. Fighting is the activity of fools and those who haven’t got the courage to confront themselves and their own shortcomings; better known as sins.

when presented with a clue that might bring one closer to God that appears unfamiliar to what we may have been taught and to investigate it to the end – this is part of asking, seeking and knocking. To do this takes great efforts and above all, courage. One should be willing and daring enough to cold bloodedly investigated it personally. The say of pastors and priests are not substitutes for personal efforts or experiences. Why have a faculty at all if it is used only for material pursuits but never to be used towards Divine matters in the end we have to account for ourselves, our activities not those of another.

(It should be remembered that historically among Christian sects there have been major disagreements over insignificant things. Wars have been fought over such disagreements that have nothing to do with Christianity. These people have such a grand opinion of their self importance that how one sect “dots its I’s and crosses its T’s” is grounds to hate, sabotage or even kill the other. One has to decide whether the fighting arose out of the silly pretense of these differences or whether the differences were used to incite others to kill for the personal profits of the other side. In the world those in high places would do anything to misguide in order to profit.)

Those who submit to this effort for God’s sake are among the meek before God but are considered foolish before the worldly by being out of line with the world or “group” view. Because Biblically, if the Wisdom of God is seen as foolishness by the world, then it takes a meek person to submit to Gods wisdom and reject the worldly foolishness.

The meek are willing to look where others would not look for fear of passing up an opportunity of finding God.

For these, the New Revelation would make for an excellent Bible Study Companion. Any Christian wanting to understand the meaning of Gods words in spirit or anyone wanting to discover Christianity in its purest form will find it in complete conformity with Bible, if not church doctrine, in the New Revelation.

One will soon realize through this comparative study that Christianity is not a religion at all – it is a way of life that is in constant threat of being deadened by the various sects of Christian religions that appear to be promoting Christianity are often promoting themselves above Christianity.

When Christianity is lowered to the level of a religion it becomes dead; reduced to a mere ceremony. The stone buildings we have come to call “houses of God,” although symbolic, are actually inanimate and devoid of life and are all too often places of empty ceremony. People have relegated them to tourist attractions all over Europe having realized the emptiness in the building itself. The very idea of humans presuming to force the presence of God into a building is absurd – a building is not required. We human being are Gods temple. We have built physical church buildings, but God made us. Where would He be more likely to be felt and heard, in the churches that we have built or the temple that He created?

It can safely be said that the only true church intended to and worthy of the Heavenly Father’s presence is the one He Himself created within the sanctuary of the heart of the human being who truly loves Him and his fellow man. Only from there will the Holy Father speak to His child in privacy. This has only been possible since the crucifixion of Christ. Before then, an intercessor was needed, a priest. A priest is no longer necessary.

The Holy Father spoke to a worthy son in Jakob Lorber and the result is the New Revelation. Nearly 10,000 pages making up 25 substantial volumes of continuous and precise dictation from the Holy Father to Lorber’s heart for nearly 25 years, from 1840-1864.

For this reason he has been called the “Scribe of God.”

Any sensitive person who has sincerely pursued the Biblical Scriptures with their heart will experience the same “feeling” when reading the New Revelation. When the Bible is read with the heart (not the intellect); the sense that God or the Lord Jesus Christ is speaking directly to the reader can be felt. Those who have read the New Revelation say they have the same feeling.

The New Revelation of Jakob Lorber.

Jakob Lorber faithfully recorded the missing books of the Bible over a twenty-four-year period. Receiving all his inspirational information through the “Inner Word,” for this reason he is being regarded as the “Lord’s scribe.”

Sacrificing a promising musical career to obey an inner voice which told him to “take his pen and write.”

He wrote: “Thus spoke the Lord to and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain: Whoever wants to talk with Me, let him come to Me and I will lay the answer in his heart….”

To The New Revelation Writings

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