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Jakob Lorber – Great Gospel of John from the New Revelation

The Great Gospel of John from the New Revelation received by Jakob Lorber

The Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber is just fascinating and even that does not suffice to express or explain the sheer awe of the grand breadth and scope of detail that is contained in the marvelous and monumental work. The Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber depicts the day to day life of Jesus Christ, his travels, his discourses with the twelve apostles, the many, many encounters with people whom he helped and miracles performed in finest detail presenting the reader with a day by day experience of Christ’s ministry on Earth as it has never been presented before. Expect astonishing revelations from Christ Himself in both matters of spirit and matters of physical science.

great gospel of john, new revelation, jakob lorberThere are at least two versions of the Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber. There is the full version comprised of ten full volumes and an abridged version of printed in six smaller volumes. They are both a day by day, very detailed, accounting of Jesus Christ’s last three years of His ministry on Earth. Herein there are details of the miracles and healings He performed. As you would expect many of miracles and healings were not mentioned in the Biblical gospels, His travels throughout the Holy Land, His encounters with the Sanhendrin long before His crucifixion.

Most people do not realize that Jesus had a very friendly relationship with the Romans. In the Great Gospel of John, Jesus is often with the Romans, discussing matters of spirit and theology. He reveals to them many spiritual concepts and even before having finished this ministry many high ranking Roman officials are already converted to Christian teachings. He tells the Romans quite openly that He will bestow His light unto them and the people of the West (Europe) to be the stewards of His re-established belief system – Christianity.

The Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber is an excellent Bible Study companion suitable for anyone seriously trying to understand the significance and depth of the Bible in general and the Biblical Gospel of John in particular. Anyone studying Scripture scholastically owes it to themselves to read the entire New Revelation writings if for no other reason than to prove to themselves that they are phony. What they will find are explanations to Biblical mysteries that are to be found nowhere else. What they will find are topics that have never been revealed before: The Nature of Lucifer, His Fall, the consequences to us as human beings because of the Fall, Why the Crucifixion of Christ was necessary because of it, how the way to God can only be through Jesus Christ and so much more information on other similar topics.

In the past the basic Christian tenets of loving God above all else and your fellow man as yourself were the foundation of Christian teachings. Most everything else scholars and clergy have had to philosophically speculate on which led to arguments, wars and the various schisms that separated the Christian church into disagreeing sects. Through the Great Gospel of John God Himself explains in often verifiable details what has never been revealed before.

It is not that this knowledge was not hinted at in the existing Biblical text of the Gospel of John, but the details were not sufficient for the average person to fully appreciate, comprehend and extrapolate the full extent of its meaning and scope. In this way the Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorberis a long awaited Revelation intended for those who would actively like to quench the thirst of their Christian belief to the fullest. Not only in preparation for the coming times but, for the sake of their own learning and raising up of soul and spirit.

great gospel of john, new revelation, jakob lorberWhat this work also does because of its details is offer an insight into the nature of Jesus Christ Himself. Christ goes as far as to describe His physical appearance. He suggests that He looks a little different than how He is portrayed in most paintings and sculpture. Even though He was extremely charismatic, He describes his physical appearance as very average and unassuming.

Reading the Great Gospel of John is comforting. It leaves little doubt as to who Jesus Christ was and is. In His explanation of what the Father and the Son are, Christ states that He is the Wisdom of God incarnate. We are given an appreciation of His very great love is unimaginable, unfathomable and incomprehensible to human beings, that His greatness is truly inconceivable, yet He calls us His children and “brothers.” Suggesting that there is a role for us in which to be active in His Creation as well.

All in all a marvelously fulfilling and inspirational read. Food for the heart, soul and spirit!

The New Revelation: The Ten Main Themes found in the Great Gospel of John

1.The Foundation of the World.

According to Lorber there is no substance – no matter – in the sense of materialism. Everything is energy, namely God’s Power and Mental Power, divided into the smallest of original particles (the spark for the origin of life). Even the material atom, which up to now was considered to be the smallest unit, is a living universe on the smallest scale, containing countless basic particles (consider the newest developments in nuclear physics!). Out of the original particles (called electrons and quantum) – which are nothing but thought-energies from God that have become independent – the whole universe is built in accordance to a planned development.

2. The Nature of God.

God is eternal. God is infinite Spirit. God is the source of all energy and the origin of all foundations of all existence. His highest attributes are Love, Wisdom and Willpower. His Holy Ghost fills the entire All (the “world-soul” of the religions of antiquity). This infinite All-Spirit alone has as His innermost a center of power from where thoughts and willpower emanate into creation like a sun, only to return after the great circle of life has been brought to its completion. In this center the source of all power God is intrinsically in existence, namely in the highest of all life forms as a totally perfect Spirit – Original Man (“God created man in His own image!”). From this center, the source of all power, God’s Spirit, is actively creating without interruption. The whole of creation is a mighty development and perfection process of divine thoughts and ideas. This is accomplished in immense periods and is only separated by periods of rest (“days of creation,” “from eternity to eternity”).

3. The Original Spiritual Creation.

Before there existed a visible physical creation, a creation visible to us human beings, there were creations that preceded these physical creations and they were the original spiritual creations. Into these creations God created at the same time out of the original spark of life (which originated from Him), great spirit-beings in accordance to His original image (the original archangels). These archangels were permitted and were given the ability to call out of themselves into existence spirit-beings like themselves. That is how the legions of great spirit-beings (angels) came into being, who, through the law and order of God’s love and brotherly love, were to allow themselves to be educated to attain a godlike life-perfection. A number of these original beings who were under the jurisdiction of the main spirit Satana (Lucifer), fell due to the power of Satana’s free will into boundless self-love and self-admiration. However, in accordance with the eternal order, a God-apostate no longer receives the nourishing life-currents from God. As a result of that all of them solidified and condensed at the same time into a helpless mass. That is how in the realm of creation due to the condensation of these spiritual-ethereal original beings (materialization) the primordial fog of the materia or the substance of matter or the world came into being.

4. The Physical-Material Creation.

Should these fallen original beings remain forever in the bondage of their judgment, or should they be led back for their completion into God’s holy order of life? However, Divine Love showed mercy towards the fallen spirit-world: With the help of those angel-spirits who remained faithful, the Creator developed the “Lost Son” in its entirety out of the primordial fog of the worldly substance through organization and revival, representing the building or construction of the material (physical) universe. (Kant/Laplace cosmogony spiritually substantiated!). In this manner, God began the salvation of those original beings who are in bondage in matter on all the countless world-systems (such as solar systems) and worldly planetary bodies.

5. The Purpose of Natural Life.

On all constellations the solidified worldly physical substances are more and more loosened through divine activities. The Luciferian sparks of life that segregate in accordance with God’s wise and loving plan of salvation in the kingdoms of the world of nature are brought by the Angels (servants of the Creator) into the ever-new spiritual purification schools. This is accomplished by unifying them into larger formations or “souls,” and they ascend to ever-higher life forms step-by-step through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution from an all-embracing spiritual point of view). On this spiritual-physical path of development all “souls of Nature” receive instructions as to the structure and use of their respective life-shells (the structure of the three kingdoms of nature). They begin with, that little by little, they overcome their ungodly selfishness and convert each other with mutual love to the heavenly order of service (built up of common associations i.e. organism). That is also what the Gospel preaches: “the salvation of all creation” through the power of love.

6. The Human Being.

The Final Objective of this Development. The human soul, which ascended in this manner out of the Luciferian matter, should now, under the influence of the breathed-in Spirit of God or Spark of Love, be able to prove itself in its earthly life. Through the voluntary fulfillment of God’s Love Commandments, human beings should ascend higher and higher until this develops into a true filiation (“sonship”) with God, and eventually when the goal of completion has been reached, to enter into the true freedom and blissfulness of the eternal life.

7. The Nature of Jesus Christ.

When Creation had matured to the point of understanding the highest revelation of Divine Love, the Divinity as “Father,” God chose our externally inconspicuous earth for the greatest act of love of His mercy, here, where Lucifer’s innermost nucleus of the Spirit is held captive. God enveloped His spiritual human original center of power into a raiment of matter (“and the word became flesh”). In Jesus Christ, God Himself entered into the kingdom of humankind to instruct them and all the spirits of infinity. As the highest testament of love, He dressed Himself in the garment of matter in order to deliver the fallen ones from their judgment and to lead the purified back to the house of the Father (the parable of the prodigal son). Jesus’ Spirit, God’s holy original center of power, is the “Father.” Jesus’ soul and body, i.e., His humanness, is the “Son” that the Father created. The powers of God that emanate from eternity and which originate from the Father through the Son, are the “Holy Ghost.” That is how, united in Christ, are the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (solution to the question of the Holy Trinity). Jesus: “Whosoever sees Me, sees the Father,” and “I and My Father are One.”

8. The Path of Salvation to Spiritual Rebirth

Jesus taught that the path of salvation is the only path to completion and to eternal life in God and it is the foundation of all of God’s laws and the of whole of creation: “Love God above all and love thy neighbor as thyself!” Participating in external religious rituals such as receiving the sacraments or external faith-righteousness (belonging to a religious denomination) are not sufficient. They are, at best, aids for the path of salvation of the pure and active Love, the original source of all existence. When in a human being, with the help of the Spirit of God, the pure heavenly love has become the absolute ruler, then a human being has escaped the judgment of the matter and has attained spiritual rebirth. The purified soul totally united with its implanted Spirit of God is then capable of becoming a true Child of God, and becoming “one” with its Creator and the heavenly Father and participating eternally in the abundance of His divine life-force and efficacy.

9. Further Development in the Beyond

After their physical death most earthly human beings enter in an incomplete state into the very subtle spheres of the beyond. There, divine Love offers them new institutions of learning, which then eventually leads all these human beings to their completion, but quite often the path can be considerably more difficult and more painful. Because the divine plan of a common salvation does not know of any eternal damnation! In order to reach the ultimate goal, the souls that are still immature depart from life and arrive in the “beyond.” ne Love offers them new institutions of learning, which then eventually leads all these human beings to their completion, but quite often the path can be considerably more difficult and more painful. Because the divine plan of a common salvation does not know of any eternal damnation! In order to reach the ultimate goal, the souls that are still immature depart from life and arrive in the “beyond.” That is, they enter into the earthly invisible spiritual world initially into a kind of dream-life. Here, while guided by protective powers they receive an inner spiritual showing and experience; and this will in accordance with their own good or evil character either bring forth a paradisiacal and blissful feeling or a hellish and agonizing feeling. Therefore, “heaven and hell” are not localities, but spiritual developmental stages of the soul.

10. At the Destination of Completion

Souls that are on Earth or in the world beyond, and who allowed themselves to be purified for God’s pure Love and for the love of thy neighbor, will always attain a new and blissful reality. Their spiritual showing and efficacy expands into the three-tier heaven in accordance with their purity and the strength of their love. The blissfulness of those human beings who have reached perfection, which is capable of infinite improvement, consists of the deeper recognition of God – a greater love for Him and all His creatures, and in a continuously greater collaboration with His high work of creation as well as the revelation of all existence and life.

– This brief summary of this particular Lorber writing gives you an idea of it’s scope. Something that can only come from a genuinely spiritual revelation. It succeeds in giving an appreciation of how unbelievably grande God’s plans are. How through His purest love He strives to form a foundation through Divinity, the Father in Jesus, to give us a workable framework to better understand Him by, that we may be taught and brought back into His Light. God has never before revealed Himself to this extent with the desire to be a loving Father and to make Himself personable through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We human beings are curious. We want to penetrate into things to better understand them. That is our nature. For those trying to explain the Bible as a historical or a scientific text these writings sometimes provide a synthesis between the teachings of Christ in the Bible and the thoughts of the scientists on several topics including evolution. But, the explanations are not as the strictly Biblical scholars or the scientiest would expect them. Many have been proven correct. Others are still beyond the scope of our thinking.

Out of the New Revelation will develop a Christianity that in due time will replace the existing, often confused Christianity; a Christianity that will have the capability of uniting all human beings to a noble-minded spirit, where people might live in peaceful coexistance and love.

The Complete Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber – 10 Volumes – About 5000 Pages

We are exceedingly happy to announce that finally you can now get Jakob Lorber’s newly translated complete and unabbreviated FULL 10 volume Great Gospel of John set!! It is a great blessing to have these works finally available and an honor to be able to present them to you.

Other closely related writings from this body of work.

Great Gospel of John, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Life of Jesus Christ

Jakob Lorber
Great Gospel Of John

6 Volumes
2113 pages
Cost: $50.95
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Great Gospel of John, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Life of Jesus ChristAlthough the Great Gospel
of John is an excellent
Bible Study companion,
given that it is the
complete and very detailed
revelation of what is in
the New Testament,
it contains more than
what the New Testament
now contains.

Of course, this is all
a matter of faith!

Should one trust in God
the dogma of their church?

It must be noted that although the writings of Jakob Lorber all combined convey all of what is within the Old and New Testament, the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg are equally revelatory. Swedenborg wrote before Lorber and paved the way for what Lorber would eventually write. In fact, Swedenborg predicted the coming of Lorber as a prophet or “scribe of God.”

Like in all teaching, subject matter needs to be taught in a sequence. A foundation needs to be laid, followed by successively deeper more complex teacings. Swedenborg lays a foundation that Jakob Lorber makes it even clearer. But, that said, Swedenborg’s work should by no means be overlooked. Swedenborg lays out the entire Christian tradition, the details of it’s foundation, the reasons why it is the way it is, why the traditional beliefs exist and how they came into being – less from a historical timeline but, from an entirely spiritual point of view.

Jakob Lorber then takes that foundation to an even higher level. Whereas, it is clear that Swedenborg is inspired by God, Lorber’s words have been faithfully written down as God dictated them to him. Jakob Lorber‘s words are Christ’s own words and as they are read, they speak to you as if they were being directly spoken into your heart. That is exactly what many have felt in reading them..

I know, I know – skeptics will scoff at this but, how many of them could have written works this detailed, this voluminous, this relevant, that seamlessly compliment one another, explaining what has never before been explained before in the Bible without making it favor one sect over another, while introducing and explaining concepts that were never before thought of as Christian? . . . Any takers?

People often argue where there is no argument. Their argument is largely from presumption, misinformation or misinterpretations. The Bible has been a hotbed of controversy practically from when it was first compiled. There is a good reason why this happens. The people who wrote it, especially the oldests text, thought and wrote in a symbolic language that is no longer understood. To the modern reader, the Old Testament often reads like gibberish, which is why it is so easy to poke holes into it; to find statements that seem contradictory and why so many question it’s validity. It was intentionally written this way for a few reasons.

A) As a book dedicated to spiritual matters, the Bible uses physical symbolism to represent spiritual things and concepts. Without a clear understanding of the spiritual meaning of the metaphors interpretations clash in a ball of speculative confusion, making it clear that what is being talked about is often not depicting a literal physical reality. Written in this manner a person would have to or, at least be inspired to ask themselves, “if the physical and scientific evidence does not jibe with what is being said, then what are the scriptures really saying?” Which leads us to . . .
B) It is this seeming paradoxical controversy that has kept the Bible alive, debated, hotly contested and relevant over the centuries. And,
C) The Bible can thank human ignorance for it’s having been preserved more or less intact through time. With the deeper meaning of the words lost, people could not readily change them because their own ignorance of them made it impossible for them to make any meaningful alterations to them so they have been left as they were.

As people from all walks of life have benefited from Holy Scripture, this would strongly suggest that the Bible is written to be read at more than one level – for both the simplest and most penetrating of minds (penetrating not necessarily being synonymous with scholarly). It is obvious that in many instances it was not always intended to be read literally but as a metaphorical allegory that to at least some, suggests progression through successive stages of spiritual maturity – because, if taken literally, it sometimes makes no sense.

Example: even the simplest observation would substantiate that it is a scientific impossibility for the Earth to have come into being in just six (6) – 24 hour days and that the Almighty needed to literally rest after the fact, as is often concluded from the literal presumtive interpretation of Genesis. Here is how Swedenborg interprets the Six days of Creation out of Genesis in his Arcana Coelestia. Lorber has a similarly revelatory. Jakob Lorber goes even deeper than this.

Day One:  Faith – Without faith in something higher, no spiritual discussion is even possible.

Day Two:  An Awareness of the existence of an “Interior” and an “Exterior” self – the soul with spirit as separate from the physical body.

Day Three:  Repentance – the conscious putting of good to work but, at this stage the human being still believes that it comes themselves.

Day Four:  Love becomes joined with Faith

Day Five:  Truth becomes joined with Good as coming from God – not man

Day Six:  Faith and Love are synonymous with the Spiritual part (soul) of man and the Celestial (spirit) of man and together they form the image of God within man. In this context by man is meant both male and female.

Both Jakob Lorber and Swedenborg take you through Genesis like no one in history has ever done before, revealing the meaning of the “Six Days Of Creation.” Each day represents a stage of human spiritual development – starting from complete ignorance to full enlightenment and spiritual rebirth. If one accepts that the human being is indeed created in the image of God, then God must have assumed that human beings have it in them to figure out more than just a few obvious things for themselves and, even as destructive as we are, we have. But, it is the spiritual things in human beings that can make us potentially godly not our material knowledge; that is the reason for the Bible has been written as a spiritual book to guide leading back towards the Original Light. A more explicit explanation of this evolutionary process is also to be found in Hermetics.

Consider for a moment that in Genesis, between each “day of creation” there is the statement; “and the evening and morning was the (first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth) day. Clearly, this is the opposite of how a day is actually measured. A day is always measured from morning to evening not the other way around. Moses as a highly educated prince of Egypt was schooled in everything Ancient Egypt knew. If he were indeed a prophet, he must have had a reason for phrasing what he wrote in this seemingly opposite way. He knew what the Sun and Moon were so, why did he not mention them by name if that was what he was actually referring to? The same goes for lands, stars, planets, continents etc. Being a prophet and not a fool, he wrote as he did for a good reason. It would be impossible to state all that Swedenborg reveals here. Lorber’s purpose is different. He goes even deeper revealing much more about the Bible than has ever been revealed before. Several things of scientific relevance have already been proven correct.

Emanuel Swedenborg goes through the entire Old Testament, chapter by chapter, verse by verse explaining all the symbolism with precision and then backs up what he is saying with scriptural references – instead of often empty scholarly quotes. As you read, you are left with an entirely different view of what the Bible is about. A view that is at once entirely universal, easier to relate to and yet very Christian. It removes controversy and offends no one of good will.

Great Gospel of John, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Life of Jesus Christ

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2 thoughts on “Jakob Lorber – Great Gospel of John from the New Revelation

  1. John Barker

    I purchased the Six Volume Great Gospel of John from You back many years ago. My question concerns the newer 10 volume expanded version now available. Are volumes 1-6 of the new version the same as the original six volumes, or do I need to purchase all ten volumes of the new version as they I would assume contain more detail of the Lord’s Ministry on Earth. Please advise, Thank You and Good Day>

    1. Amadeus Post author

      Hi John,

      When we were selling the 6 volume set of the Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber, it was all that was available in English. Since then, the complete 10 volume set has been published. You will certainly find some repetition because they are essentially the same writing translated by the same translating team. However, after having read the full version, had I been on the editing staff, I would have had a very hard time deciding what to edit out of the original full version to make up the abbreviated edition. I can understand the publishers economic sense in doing this. That said, I have found the complete edition to be nothing short of wonderful and “revelatory” in the true spirit of “New Revelation.” We are very pleased to be offering these books through an affiliate arrangement and feel very privileged in endorsing them.

      I have only one apprehension about his new complete edition. Although the translation is very good, someone in the editing department seems to have run “spellcheck” without doing a complete read through. Consequently, you will find several words, that although correctly spelled are the wrong word. For Example: we found the word “form” instead of “from” and the like several times throughout the first 60 pages of the first book. Pesky errors like these are annoying but detract very little as the correct word is easily determined by its context within the flow of the writing and therefore easily caught and corrected.

      Other than that. We love the full version of the Great Gospel of John. If you liked the abbreviated version of the Great Gospel of John, you will love the full version all the more, finding it even more gratifying from its completeness of details not given prior in its abridged publishing.


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