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Jakob Lorber – A New Revelation For A Rational Christianity

The New Revelation from Jakob Lorber Is About Harmonizing Christianity With Reason by Fusing Its Spirituality With Science.

This page will introduce you to who Jakob Lorber was and what his Christian New Revelation spiritual writings are about. To go directly to Jakob Lorber click here. If you prefer a little preamble to create some context before getting into Jakob Lorber and the New Revelation, then just continue reading. Hope you enjoy it.

Jakob Lorber, New revelation, christian, bible, It is very difficult to place people like Jakob Lorber into proper perspective and context in a cynical and skeptical world. Jakob Lorber certainly was Christian and all of Jakob Lorber ‘s work is deeply Christian and extremely revelatory but it would seem that fewer want to hear that. Most are afraid to think for themselves having been educated to believe that credentials automatically equate to substance. More often than not, in spiritual matters credentials equate more to salesmanship than anything else. As part of that salesmanship, Christianity sometimes seems to be reduced to a “feel good” event with a few Christian quotes thrown in for good measure. Fewer are willing to read to teach themselves, expecting that by simply being present at a live event that they will be enlightened. It doesn’t work that way and it never has!

In Jakob Lorber many have recognized a genuine prophet. A person who had a small following of very prominent people in his day who were themselves amazed by his writings. A following that has steadily grown since Jacob Lorber first wrote his New Revelation writings the 1850’s. Jakob Lorber ‘s writings gave humanity time to get used to the times of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and for Christianity to reform itself. That is to say, for the Christian institutions to reform themselves and bring themselves back in line with the Christianity that Jesus had preached nearly 2000 years ago. That is what you will find in the New Revelation writings that Jakob Lorber has brought into the world without deviating from the original Biblical text.

It would seem that Christian religion has been at war with itself and practically everybody around it almost from it’s inception. Christianity should not be blamed for this as people often confuse Christianity itself with the institutions that purport to represent it. The beautiful, deep, loving truths and useful concepts presented by Jesus Christ that were to become Christianity were revolutionary to Judaism and Theology up to that point. In an attempt to drive a point home, several of the main concepts of Christianity were reduced to a set of powerful but rigid dogmas for the masses to serve both theological and political interests. In the end, they certainly did consolidate Christianity as the predominant Western belief system, even if at times they also interfered with a few spiritual ideals; some struggles were to be expected.

Are Christian Teachings Dogmatic?

Too many automatically attach a negative connotation to what is sometimes referred to as “Christian dogma.” Sadly, their conclusions are often arrived at more from someone else’s prejudice than through their own personal investigation. The idea that a dogma is synonymous with dictatorial mind control or intended to mentally imprison people is baseless.

It is important to understand what a dogma is before condemning it. A dogma is nothing more than an understanding extrapolated out of what is generally regarded as a body of truth – be it scriptural, scientific, political or philosophical. It is also important to understand that because a dogma is based on an interpretation, it is prone to some modification as a greater understanding reveals itself either though advanced physical observation or through personal revelation of the subject at hand. By “personal revelation” a greater understanding either through inspired thought or a penetrating keenness of intellect is implied. Given that anything is prone to interpretation it is also possible that people who, either out of self interest or, presumption, will and have highjack the meaning of something, misleading people into things never intended in the original body of knowledge. For reasons like this, long established religions tend to be very protective and strict about how they spread their spiritual message, ensuring that the meaning is being passed down in more or less the same way for, in some cases, thousands of years – leaving it to the individual to discover what is hidden in the message.

Once the matter being studied yields an understanding that can be generally agreed upon, it is often formalized into a body of knowledge or belief with the consensus of others having a similar interest or qualification in that particular field of interest or study.

In matters to do with religion the dogma that is being arrived at originates from sacred scripts. Out of these are drawn the tenets or dogmas that are to become the philosophy or doctrinal teaching of that particular religion. This is all that a doctrine is.

As history has witnessed, it is very possible that for political reasons or philosophical differences more than one interpretation or, a different point of emphasis can be drawn from the exact same sacred scripts. Different dogmas giving rise to different doctrines have provoked separations (schisms) in what had once been one unified Christian belief and religion.

It would seem that the attack on Christianity has come through the implied negative connotation of the term “dogma” itself more than the actual dogmas or doctrines. The various Christian sects themselves have certainly acted in ways that were against Christianity.

That said, given that all interpretations are coming from the same body of knowledge and that people cannot be counted on to be models of perfection in behavior, it is hardly ever the body of knowledge itself that is to be flawed but more the people who are presuming absolute stewardship over it.

Christianity boils down to two main tenets or “dogmas:”

A) Love God (whatever you conceive It to be) above all else and
B) love your fellow man as you would yourself.

Although, there certainly are several other main teachings, just how distastefully dictatorial are these two fundamental ideas; really? How many people would find loving whatever concept they have of “God,” even if they conceptualize it as Nature or as the Universe as something unspeakably terrible? Why would anyone, whether they lived in a jungle or a civil society find it distasteful to love and respect others? These two points of love would seem self evident even in the face of perpetual pollution and planetary destruction and seemingly never ending human bickering and war. Why is it that when mentioned in the context of Christianity some would find them disagreeable?

Jakob LorberSome would say that Christianity is spiritually restrictive yet, it would surprise most to know that many of the finer points taught in traditional Christianity come directly out of the hermetic mystical traditions that, at least in the Catholic church, are practiced in the open. That people may not have caught on to their full meaning is not the fault of Christianity. Some things are best left that way as only a few would understand them and many, if not most would profane and pervert them towards their own ends.

Teaching in itself, no matter what the subject matter may be, is sometimes dogmatic by nature. The purpose of teaching is to lay down the fundamentals upon which all else that is to follow is based upon. Teaching fundamentals, at least at the very beginning, involves a structured, ridgid and disciplined repetition. Without it a meaningful intellectual foundation cannot be layed. After that, it is left to people to make something out of it for themselves.

If we were to go back to elementary school, how are we to describe the teaching of numbers and letters that have enabled us to read, write, count and do math; as anything but dogmatic? Was it effective? Absolutely!! That a deliberate repetition of the ABC’s with their accompanying sounds; the 1, 2, 3’s . . . and the concept they represent needed to be repeated, sometimes with force, or we would never have learned them. The fact that they initially meant nothing to the children they were being taught to is completely immaterial. Without them the children would have been left illiterate and unable to use numbers to calculate with.

Exactly how much freedom had been taken away from the “innocent little minds” that had been subjected to the “cruel” dogmatic indoctrination of Western letters and numbers from having been forced to blindly learn how to read and count? Most people wouldn’t give it a second thought as it would be a completely normal and accepted practice. Is this process any different among any of the cultures of the East or in the schools of the social elite? In the East, whether in martial arts or scholastic learning the repetition is even more merciless but very effective. When they come to the West they outperform children educated with our modern day lax discipline.

Disciplined repetition is dogmatic by definition. It is still the worldwide standard for teaching. It always has been and likely always will be. So, why have some attached the stigma of near mental torture bordering on child abuse when this method is being used to teach religion to children or anyone? Clearly, this is baseless and purely politically motivated. The so-called Christian dogmas served and still serve the same purpose. They are neither blind nor outdated teachings. They are spiritual basics that should never be confused with church politics or the actions of those professing to be Christian while acting completely against Christianity! That said, there certainly are one sided, incomplete, distorted and even false teachings that can be derived from the exact same texts out of fanciful or self-styled interpretation. And, as we often see, especially among the many Christian sects, this is not at all uncommon. Out of these deviations from Christian teachings comes the craziness that is percieved as unending hypocrisies either because the practice does not resemble the teaching or, the teachings themselves have become so convoluted as to have been rendered unchristian and therefore unacceptable to a reasonable, intelligent person.

Christian teachings have created Western societies as a natural extension of the spiritual basics they contain. By any measure, they’ve done a pretty good job. When we compare Eastern wisdom to our own, some have suggested that we may have been short changed. We do not have Eastern style martial arts or practices like Yoga, or advanced meditation in our heritage but, in the place of sacred mystery, the Christian world was presented with an advanced understanding of the God concept without really realizing that it does. Maybe that’s a good thing.

It was necessary that the deeper mysticism associated with Christianity not be taught to Christians. It is pretty standard practice in most spiritual traditions that some things be withheld that they not be profaned or cause mischief to ultimately dilute or cheapen the spiritual worth of the message. Instead, Christianity was left with an incalculable gift that has remained as an undercurrent in Christian culture, while being the least literate in what might be called sacred mystery. This seems to have been left to mature on its own in the course of time. The seeming self destructive craziness of the West has also been its strength. In the absense of openly taught and practiced mysticism, the West seems to have been left inatiably inquisitive which served to develop reason through natural observation that for better or for worse, eventually gave the world our modern sciences. But, more than that, it has also forced many to question religion not necessarily in a destructive way but in a way that sought to understand it better.

Our sciences, for all their many accomplishments, are not perfect in their understanding but, through their methodical mental process they certainly have done a lot to expand the human mind with respect to things strictly material. Hopefully, as there always seems to be an impasse to things that are material, the same disciplined methodology that has exposed so many things in Nature may also pave the way to a different kind of acceptance of things spiritual in relation to things physical that will also incorporate logic and reason as part of esoteric belief.

It is true that people were deliberately kept ignorant for both political and spiritual reasons. Many blindly blame Christianity for this. It should never be forgotten that the value of ignorance never goes unnoticed to the power hungry and greedy. That is where the blame should be rightfully placed. Good has always been used as a pretext to do evil. To this day, the value of Christian teaching is often challenged and prostituted by political and financial ambitions and the natural hypocrisy that arises from these strictly material ambitions. That people have distanced themselves from Christianity because of this is no surprise, even as they confuse actual Christianity with it’s now misguided institutions. The recent nonstop, publicly sensationalized shortcomings of those who call themselves Christian only contributing to it.

Even with all of the attacks on Christianity and the corruption within it’s many institutions, Christian ideals have managed to meaningfully integrate themselves into Western culture to successfully spread themselves to influence the entire world. That is to say; the shortcomings of it’s many messengers notwithstanding, there is heavenly power in the Divine message that is Christianity. The New Revelation by Jakob Lorber will serve to restore Christianity among the Christians who are left wanting to know more about the Christian message in relation not only to Christianity but also, to Nature, human health and existence itself.

Faith Is As Much A Part Of Religion As It Is Part Of Science

Provability is at the core of the controversy between religion and science. Technically, in any philosophical ideology an incontrovertible truth can be considered a dogma of sorts; a truth that has been reasonably verified within certain limits to be accepted as fact. In physics there are several hard and fast concepts that can be considered incontrovertible along with some unproven theories that are often treated as fact. The point being, that even in our sciences there are unproven ideas that are nothing more than beliefs that people argue over as if they were religious tenets. If followed to their philosophical limits, both arrive at a point where absolute material provability becomes impossible or at best “fuzzy.” At that point the only possible conclusion for either is a belief or a faith of sorts because provability becomes futile.

Endeavoring to examine in matters both physical and spiritual, should be welcomed and encouraged as it does not alter the truth of things. This can only expand them and their scope. Anything truthful is not afraid of being scrutinized and does not need to be forced onto anyone against their will, belief or capacity to comprehend. In time it is recognized for what it is and freely accepted on it’s own merits without a doctrinal push. The New Revelation by Jakob Lorber reduces the seemingly mysterious into simple intelligent terms for the sake of being understood, the mystery lifted and a blind belief given rational grounds for being held. Many things in the New Revelation have been proven correct by science but, often, the science itself has not yet evovled to where it can prove the many wonderful secrets of Nature that are being revealed. Revelation needs time for its fullness to be revealed.

The Truth Only Hurts When You’re Trying To Hide Something

The ideology of religious teachings based on sound truths cannot be threatened or distorted by exposure to even more truth. From that truth we can only create a more complete picture of what is, that we might all work with an even greater, more complete truth. It has always been in jakob lorberthe nature of religious institutions to fear changes to their established creed. They fear it for purely political reasons, because more often than not, they only partially understand the truths in their own beliefs, know they are not following them and know that they are vulnerable because of it.  From that insecurity religions do not allow themselves to be questioned as it would easily undermine their authority.

In contradiction to the spirit of Christianity, Christian religion often censored and even killed anyone who questioned any of the spiritual axioms it had deemed absolute. Worse still, whenever something was foreign to the official dogma it was ascribed to Satan more as a knee jerk reaction than out of sound reason; theological or otherwise. This was and in some instances remains the type of “dogma” that people feared, often freezing their willingness to think independently about their religion that although centered on love, had turned tyrannical. These statements are made without prejudice as anyone wanting to confirm them can easily do so by studying a little basic and sometimes embarrassing history. These same attitudes seem to still be practiced even into the present day in some Christian denominations and in self serving political discourse at the expense of Christianity.

You Cannot Threaten Anyone With Christianity, Only With The Ignorance Of It!

Christian teachings offer sound and innovative grounds to base themselves upon. As sound as Christian concepts themselves may be, being spiritual in nature, they often cannot readily be materially visible or proven other than by referencing Biblical scriptures that for a time, the non-clergy were not allowed to read on pain of death or removal from any hope of salvation by the instrument of excommunication. And, if rather than instructing people in core ideologies, you limit their ability to freely explore them, and, on baseless grounds, threaten them with Hell at every turn, making the instructor or their “institution” the only means of relief from it, the believing individual enslaved themselves emotionally and mentally to what is being taught; subverting the promise of Christian salvation through Christ altogether.

Because of things like these religious institutions should not necessarily be considered synonymous with the “church” they are trying to represent. A “church” is neither a building nor an institution. It is the body of knowledge that constitutes a spiritual belief. A religion together with it’s religious institution is what administers, represents, protects and preserves the tenets of that belief but, it can only do it physically, not spiritually. These, each having separate interests, often clash. Neither represents spirituality, as spirituality is the application, practice, inner experience or realization of that belief. Religion only provides clues to give context and direction to the majority who are not ready to go beyond the religion and into the promise of its spirituality. That spirituality can only start for those who dare to go past the outer shell of religion in pursuit of what it actually represents.

The First Humbling Of Christian Institutions Through Scientific Revelation

It is only a matter of time after having been made to obey dogmas by force that people start to question what could not be discussed in the open or backed with a reasonable rationale. The lack of give on the part of the religious institutions was more attributable to the arrogance of trying to maintain authority by force of threat than on the weight of the actual teachings they were founded upon. The persecution of those who proposed completely rational, mathematically sound, explanations for things natural didn’t strengthen the position of religion either. Gradually, there came a point where not even their own dogma could save them. At that point, the theologians, not having been schooled in science, could not justify their own supremacy of authority based on their misunderstood concepts in the face of incontrovertible evidence that their illogically blind beliefs were simply wrong – at least as they pertained to matters physical and by extension, possibly also in some things spiritual.

jakob lorber, new revelation, Galileo

Galileo Explaining Astronomy To The Dogmatic

A prime example of this was the stubborn and completely misbegotten notion that the Universe is Earth centric. This concept was based on the misinterpretation of otherwise completely valid mystical Hebrew Kabbalistic teachings. In the face of scientific evidence it proved that not only was the presumed infallibility of religious authority to have been arrogant, but it also highlighted that it suffered from a complete ignorance of both physical and spiritual realities and could not distinguish between the two. Again, to the discredit of Christianity.

No one should be surprised that those who had presumed theological supremacy on the authority of their station had based it upon:

A) the presumption of an understanding that they often did not posses,
B) the ignorance of all those around them and
C) the preservation of that ignorance at all costs.

Their lack of credibility was not helped by the fact that in order to have behaved as they did, they could not have possibly believed in anything resembling Christianity; much less sincerely preach about it. Anything built on such a weak foundation in the absence of a theological or rational premise eventually needs to employ political tactics to hide its intent, sowing the seeds of its own eventual destruction in the process.

Throughout all of this, it was never the Scriptural teachings that were at fault, only the very limited understanding of them and the scope and context that they were being forced into encompassing. Spiritual teachings are intended to explain spiritual matters, how that affects physical existence in leading towards an Eternal spirituality.

The Holy Scriptures abound in metaphor and allegory, protecting them from being profaned. They were never intended nor have they never been a completely literal representation of physical existence itself. Without understanding the metaphors they sometimes read like unintelligible gibberish which is neither the fault nor the limitation of Biblical holy script itself. Historically, they have only made complete sense and could only be fully explained by those who had been sincerely seeking the truth in them. In that regard, as much then, as now, a spiritual understanding must be earned as it cannot be taught through any kind of schooling or the help of the occasional “revelator,” otherwise known as a prophet. These are very few, far between and very seldom if ever recognized as such in their day.

The New Revelation by Jakob Lorber and Emanuel Swedenborg before him are written to both explain the scriptures as they were intended to be understood and adding to them what the Bible often mentions briefly. Although caution against false prophets is only reasonable, it is not up to writings to have to prove themselves. It is up to the individual to find it in the humility of their own hearts to come closer to God through them from an intelligent discernment.

People want to believe. They always have and still do, but if you intimidate them into believing, insult their God given intelligence by treating them like ignorant fools and even prevent them from learning, eventually they will rebel and you loose them altogether. Large institutions are identified with their ideology. When they crumble they also do damage to the ideology they embody. Christianity itself became a casualty by association with the corruption of it’s institutions. It is nearly impossible to reform a large entrenched institution and its faithful from the sheer inertia of it’s size, ubiquitous presence and history. No one should even try!

That said, much credit needs to be given to those within these Christian institutions who quietly did their duty, serving and ministering to humanity from the goodness that is inherent within Christian teachings. Having adopted those teachings for what they were, those who lived them are rarely mentioned or known to posterity.

Furthermore, it is a little known fact that there actually was a strong undercurrent of hidden hermetic teaching within the Catholic Church that, although acting under the “Catholic” brand was not officially part of it’s teachings, even though the Bible is very pregnant with it. It took place quite in clandestine fashion, in a student to pupil apprenticeship, similar to that of Ancient Egypt. Once apprenticed, these priests lived to serve out of love. This practice and that spirit never made it across the Atlantic. I know this because I knew of at least three people personally who had been apprenticed in like manner. It was practices like these, quietly working in the background that were preserving the faith among the common folk, who are always the majority. Without that tireless work at the bottom, the corruption at the top would have likely not been capable of holding it’s flock together.

It is very sad indeed that the people who would never believe this, or recognize something like hermetics as being part of Christian spirituality or mysticism, are Christians themselves.

A Second Humbling Of Christian Institutions Through “God’s Scribe” Jakob Lorber

There comes a time when it becomes clear that a change is in the wind. A time for a rebirth of the core ideology that is Christianity. It would seem that the only safe place to be putting it is directly into the hands and hearts of those who had always wanted to know it – the people themselves – without a religious institution to distort it! According to the the New Revelation writings by Jakob Lorber, that was what Jesus Christ had intended 2000 years ago.

Divine Providence has never needed to ask permission to do what it thought best for humanity. Very wisely Divine Providence has always brought it’s teachings into the world for all people of all cultures without ever contradicting any of it’s previously established teachings anywhere on Earth. Divine Providence has always done this through unassuming prophets, none of whom were ever recognized as such by any religious institution until long after the fact. Given the impressive, history changing effects provoked by these past “scribes of God,” why would anyone expect that any kind of genuine spiritual revelation should come to pass in any other way, from any other source?

You cannot discuss the Bible without the inclusion of it’s many prophets who’s writings are part of the Old Testament written over a span of several thousand years. Why would anyone think that God had suddenly stopped trying to assist human kind since the much more significant first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ? That there may have been prophets in the past 2000 years is as likely as the probability that the Christian institutions would have erased them, persecuted them or completely ignored them! Nevertheless there have been several! We have tried to include those whom we feel may have been in this website. We may have missed some but their writings have merit, are compelling, do not contradict anything Biblical and are definitely the stuff of prophets.

 . . . enter Jakob Lorber

Those seeking  a prophetic understanding of things scriptural will rarely if ever find them among those would seek to rip that understanding out of scripture by force of scholastic studies. That works fine in strictly mundane things but has rarely been as reliable in matters spiritual. The preachers who are the most popular are not the ones who understand their scriptures the best, they’re the ones who have the salesmanship to present it; which seems an odd but fully expected paradox. Jakob Lorber never preached. He just dedicated his life towards receiving an inspired and often verifiable message for over 24 years.

You will find many who will state that Jakob Lorber is a phoney. When you read what they say about his writings and then compare that to what he actually wrote they don’t add up. Their purpose is to slander without any basis. What was said of Jesus himself and other prophets was no different.

Genuine Prophets Never Need To Blow Their Own Horn! Others, recognizing their worth, do it for them.  It is not the intent here to force anyone to believe that Jakob Lorber is a full fledged prophet without some proof. That proof is only to be found in the life that he led and in what he has written and the poverty that he suffered.

Jakob Lorber has been acknowledged by hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions worldwide as having been one of the few to have been given a new revelation for the entire world. Jakob Lorber ‘s writings slip seamlessly into every part of the Old or New Testament without contradiction. That scholars and theologians may not accept his work as genuine changes very little.

It is fully expected that scholars may disagree as to whether Jakob Lorber is indeed a prophet or whether his writings are of any worth but, just like old and new religious institutions, they each have their own axes to grind to further their own interests. Just like the religious institutions they often serve, their purpose is tied to their authority, so they are blinded by a dogma all their own. This particular type of dogma is not even scriptural. Often it is based on the assumption that their education makes them an authority on things spiritual while knowing very little about what in fact is spiritual.  It is very odd that matters spiritual should be judged by those least capable of assessing them. This is a very typical trap.

Jesus Christ Himself was doubted, scorned, persecuted, ambushed and eventually killed . . . and He is God! Could we expect anything less to happen to mere mortals chosen by God to speak for Him? That a detailed and voluminous revelation received by a modest unassuming person, not presuming to be a prophet would be threatened, met with severe resistance or suffer utter rejection by those least capable of determining its worth is hardly surprising. From this it is clear that the world has a strong resistance to things genuinely spiritual but, at the same time, is extremely gullible to lesser or even counterfeit spiritual writings that have been commercialized.

If there is a genuine message from Divine Providence it is by its very nature intended for everyone, and up to every individual to determine whether it is real or not for themselves. No one needs to ask anyone’s permission to think and no one can think for anyone else. So why, in matters as personal as spiritual belief, do people seek out the opinions of others for things that should be entirely their own responsibility to discern? It would be like asking someone else to eat for you.

Jakob Lorber ‘s New Revelation represents an expansion of Christian Theology to include detailed explanations on the nature of the Universe, the nature of God, and the nature of human beings, how they interrelate and provides scientific examples to back itself up. But, none of this changes Christianity. It does however, compliment the rationality of Christianity.

jakob lorber, new revelation, atomic structureJakob Lorber lays down details on the divisibility of the atom, the existence of sub-atomic particles, the existence of not only galaxies but galaxies of galaxies of galaxies and much more. The New Revelation includes the nature and functions of internal organs, explanations for many of the meteorological phenomenon as well as how the Earth itself functions and the effect that stars have on life on Earth in terms of physics, not astrology. Jakob Lorber through explanations of this type also explains how life is maintained, through influences of space and the nature of stars and solar systems and how they form. This may not sound too impressive until you consider that the writings of Jakob Lorber came into being in the 1840’s.

It is comforting to hear that the New Revelation writings that Jakob Lorber has given to the world state that there is no place for rigid dogmatic thought in Divine teaching. All in all, there are details that have not seen the light of day since before the Great Flood and during the times of Ancient Egypt before it fell into dumb idolatry.

Naturally, a skeptic will say, “prove it to me!” Do we have reason to be skeptical? OF COURSE WE DO! The New Age movement cheapened spirituality by commercializing it. In the New Age movement, there were endless books written by people who supposedly were channels, psychics, gurus, spiritual and even extra terrestrial mediums and everything in between. Clearly, it is wise to be doubtful at times. That said, that movement also brought several useful things to light as well.

But, in an already crazy world being cautious is necessary. At the same time, no one can prove anything to anyone intent on being objectionable. Providence has provided creation itself, making it hard to deny our existence within it. Sacred scripts have been provided to the major civilizations on Earth and they are each very consistent when compared. Should more be provided in the way of revelation, it would be up to each of us to prove them to ourselves before accepting them one way or the other.

Jakob Lorber and the New Revelation do not present themselves as anything but conservative and normal. Jakob Lorber as a normal person and the new Revelation reads very clearly and rationally. Jakob Lorber was a very humble, straight laced and devout individual raised in a culture that did not accept loose spiritual practices. Jakob Lorber was without ambitions of creating spectacle or a following. When he began committing to paper, what a voice in the area of his heart began dictating to him, his then very prominent friends didn’t quite know what to make of it or him. They knew he wasn’t unstable mentally or emotionally and they couldn’t deny the worth of what he as writing but, had him checked medically just be safe that it wasn’t all delusion. The doctors found him to be both sane and physically fit.

Spiritual Revelation Is Best Presented In Progressive Stages

When we all first went to school, we were not taught how to multiply or do advanced calculus on that very first day. We were taught how to count first, then how to add and subtract to establish a basis for the more advanced applications that were to come. It would seem that what Divine Providence has provided through Jakob Lorber in the New Revelation is a more advanced application of the rudimentary spiritual principles that had been established by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

Few will dispute that the Biblical events of 2000 years ago have not had a profound impact on our world. The people of those times were certainly not stupid but they did live in a time of superstition and beliefs that were not entirely rational; fragmented leftovers from times long past. That superstition lasted until well into the 20th century. That being the case, how much could be revealed to the people of those times who were often illiterate, very impressionable and easily moved and intimidated by tyrannical priesthoods. It took the coming of age of science to replace their superstition with logical explanations based on sound reason before more could be revealed, understood intellectually and put into proper perspective so as to become useful and seen in the light of their proper context – a spirituality fused with a rationale that demands a sound explanation above and beyond just blind faith.

At the time that Jakob Lorber wrote the New Revelation, science was well on it’s way to establishing the rational methodology it was to base itself upon. The New Revelation arrived at a time when science was on the rise and the religious institutions, although still strong, were being challenged philosophically by the intellectuals of that day and as people were exploring all manner of spiritual practices. In that milieu came the New Revelation to openly reveal, explain and expand upon the Biblical script that had been left to posterity. In that more modern time it stood a better chance of being understood and accepted as a fuller, more complete truth that had always been held within the Holy Scriptures but was just out of the intellectual reach of most. In so doing, the New Revelation does not and is not intended to replace the Bible but is to be placed right beside it! The New Revelation by coming into the world at a time when human kind is finally intellectually capable of grasping the many fine concepts that are in fact Biblical, to be understood and implemented in the light of a more methodical mental attitude.

Given the nature of such a revelation, why would anyone be surprised that this should come to the world through a God inspired scribe? God’s scribe; Jakob Lorber! 

The New Revelation by Jakob Lorber is for the Whole World! A Denomination free Christianity for Christian and Non-Christian alike!

As you can see, the books of the new revelation do not outwardly look like Biblical texts. They make up for that in inspired content.

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Jakob Lorber Writings Gottfried Mayerhofer Writings

As already stated at the very beginning, people have been fighting over Christianity practically since it’s inception. These disagreements are mainly from the interpretation of the Biblical texts. The New Testament although it contains an infinity of knowledge that is still open to much debate is almost clear when compared to the Old Testament that is often written more symbolically than literally. So, when in the course of time new writings have come into being purporting to be a “New Revelations” from God you could imagine their almost instant rejection from people who had invested so much time interpreting and arguing over what they had still not conclusively understood from the Bible itself.

People who tend to have a stake in something are reluctant to let it go. To many, if not most of these, presenting something like the New Revelation demands that it prove itself before they would be willing to accept it. Similarly, scholars and denominational leaders, upon seeing that these new writings are without a bibliography to justify what they are saying are almost sure to universally reject it. Some churches are busy marketing their own versions of Christianity. The New Revelation would only be competition.

When it comes go God and modern day prophets, skepticism, like critical thinking is healthy. Few would deny that He did indeed say that He would return in the person of Jesus Christ again. Given the disruption to the status quo at His last coming nearly 2000 years ago, what would make anything think it would be a straightforward happening the next time around?

Who would argue that we live in crazy times. Why would anyone expect that any kind of revelation would come into the world through conventional routes? It never has. It is always a surprise to everyone when it does.

There is no shortage of false prophets; opportunistic salesmen, in the brisk business of capitalizing on doom and gloom, “end of world” blind feeding frenzy. The New Revelation is not at all like that. The New Revelation instructs, sheds light, is realistic but also optimistic about the future. They are neither preach nor sound “preachy.” Instead, they teach in clear, practical terms asking for nothing in return. So, why not the New Revelation?

It Is Unnecessary To Convert People To The New Revelation – Those Who Follow Their Heart Will Come To Know It Anyway.

People have a right to their own spiritual belief! Respecting people for what ever they believe in is more powerful than wanting to change them. Divinity manifests in us through our beliefs. No two people have the same concept about anything. We each conceive of Divinity differently so, why should how we revere and worship it not be different?

The years of needing or wanting to dissuade anyone from what ever they believe conceptually or denominationally are over. People attached to their own denominational view should keep it. Should some see the merits of the New Revelation writings they can investigate them without having to abandon their set beliefs. Should The New Revelation writings prove themselves by not being against anything Biblical they will only strengthen.

New Revelation does not mean radical or radically different. It just means revelatory. Nothing to do with forecasting the future or converting anyone to another religion. It’s just about the same old familiar ideas and concepts broadened to explain what people were not ready to hear 2000 years ago.

Could it change things? Why shouldn’t it? The last revelation came from Jesus Christ too! And it changed the world. Why shouldn’t a second revelation from Jesus Christ not do the same? Hopefully, a lot quieter this time. The concepts given 2000 years ago rocked the Judaic world to create Christianity. Now that Christianity is already part of the world to stay, Divine Providence saw fit to fill in some details and did it through this New Revelation by Jakob Lorber.

Just like Jesus said 2000 years ago, the point was not to change the Law but to fulfill it. Christ fulfilled it, the rest of us are still playing catch up because the full magnitude of what we had been given through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is still not fully comprehended; neither is our place in it understood. How can we be called “children of God” without having something to do because of it?

Some may think that Jesus’ message takes high intelligence to be understood. Quite the contrary, it takes humility to comprehend humility. Maturity and intelligence are mutually exclusive. We earn maturity through experience. Being clever without have any real experience with humility often creates more fools than sages. Just look at the wise of the world and then ask yourself, just how wise are they??

The profound and lengthy message of the New Revelation is essentially simple; written for simple people who are not simple minded.

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The New Revelation writings do not supercede the Bible. They are not intended to. The Bible remains supreme. But, given the lack of incorporation of Biblical teaching into daily life in practical terms, the Bible is either not being understood or not being given much credit – a little help is always welcome. In other words those who read it often do not recognize the truth in it or are not willing to find the goodness within themselves to recognize it enough to implement it.

When it comes to Christianity the world has seen many who have expounded it while often completely misrepresent it. Christianity has been often used to directly further political ends no matter how unchristian or to directly profit monetarily from. It is a miracle that Christianity has survived at all given the atrocities that have been committed in the name of what is otherwise a religion of absolute and purest love combined with timeless truths.

There is no need to have to convert anyone to another point of view as this is a futile endeavor. Love expressed as goodness and truth is universal. No religion can claim it exclusively as their own. As Goodness and Truth are the main attributes of God, where ever they are to be found, God is also present. So there is no need to disparage anyone’s beliefs. If someone should chose Christianity as their way of life, the impetus to pursue it should come from a need in their own heart and out of love for God and neighbor rather than because someone has sold them on a better or “new improved version of Christianity” for the sake of salvation. This would be like marrying for anything other than love. Besides, if you were to ask, even a devout Christian what salvation actually is, they wouldn’t know it.

Belief should be based in love for God and fellow man rather than any sort of personal advantage. Someone who becomes blindly zealous in their belief through what amounts to a “sales pitch” conversion will likely convert others to their belief for the wrong reasons. This mindlessness is not Christian. For this reason the Bible states:

“Woe unto you , scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” Matt 23:15

Leading by example without coercion is a different story. The biggest problem amongst religions in general and Christianity in particular is hypocrisy. Christianity itself is perfectly and absolutely beautiful, no matter how one looks at it. Division come when:

1) one wants to impose their will on another because of their presumed superiority or,
2) when one, based on the presumption of their own superiority because of their belief, presumes all others to be beneath them. Or,
3) on the premise of being Christian (in word only) all actions and words that follow and proceed from them are to be deemed perfectly sound – even holy and must be regarded as such – or else. These classic, historic and all too common loveless behaviors often perpetrated by Christians are unchristian.

Where there is no humility, there can be no love and where there is no love, there can be no Christianity. Furthermore, Faith comes out of the love that is fostered by humility and out of that Faith comes Charity. By Charity is meant the willful acts of goodwill done towards others done without the intent of benefiting in either self interest, honor or reputation but, solely out of love towards others. Anything less would not be true Charity. Faith without Charity would defeat the purpose of Christianity.

It should also be mentioned that humility and love are not the sole domain of Christians. Christianity is not and can never be a political movement; it is a state of being – a way of life predicated first on the love of God and second, the love of neighbor which, when practiced, fosters humility. This also means that people should not be coerced into Christianity. It’s a personal thing, it has to be their own choice.

As God is purest love and love consists of the greatest possible good together with the greatest possible truth, only God is truly truly because of it! Wherever else you find goodness and truth expressed among others God is it’s only possible source. This means that no matter what religion anyone may belong to, when goodness and truth are present so is God and it should be respected as such.

Whether one is looking into the New Revelation for purely informational reasons or to satisfy their hearts search for peace it is good to know that in spite of our less than perfect perceptions and existence, it is the feelings in our heart that guide us through our sometimes cloudy existence. Following our hearts towards Divinity will always be considered a noble pursuit. At present anyone who sincerely does is sometimes considered a fool by the world – even by other Christians. But, there is enough logic to be gathered from simple observation and Biblical reference for anyone to establish the basis for their own convictions guided by their own inner feelings. Given that there are uncountable beings in existence; each being uniquely individual, means that we can each necessarily form our own views about the exact same concepts without being outside of the truth about them.

The New Revelation does not disappoint anyone who is looking for Christianity for the sake of Christianity and for the purpose of living a fuller Christian life. In the New Revelation by Jakob Lorber the reader will find the New Testament and some of the books that had been distorted or omitted from the Bible in their greatest possible depth and fullness. They depict:

  • what goes on in the spirit world,
  • what was meant in the various parables that Christ used to lay out high spiritual concepts,
  • the day to day activity of Christ and the Apostles during their three year ministry,
  • the very amicable interaction between Christ and the prominent Romans of the day,
  • explanation of life in the beyond,
  • the actual consequences of sin,
  • the progression of the human being in the beyond in our existence as a spirit and in our soul,
  • the formation of life,
  • why there are so many varied forms of life,
  • the inconceivable and incomprehensible vastness of physical creation and why it was created,
  • the unimaginable mercy and love of God,
  • and too much more to mention here;

all presented within and adhering to our already familiar Biblical context. Scholars will debate authenticity, but scholars are not prophets, so it is best to leave the bickering of scholars to scholars.

Having said all this the enormously great value of the Holy Bible is in no way called into question and nor should it be. In fact, the Bible and the New Revelation writings can and should be used as comparative tools as they completely validate each other. That may not be enough for the skeptics but, that is their right. This effort does not require scholastic prowess. Anyone with a good heart will clearly understand the parallels and the deeper meaning intended by the Bible that is openly revealed with great clarity in the New Revelation appropriate to our times.

At present, people in the world are feeling pressure from all sides. Because of it many, from all religions have started searching on their own to look for answers. Many find answers of that kind in spiritual things. Many have come to the New Revelation in their search to further their spiritual development within a Christian context on their journey towards Christianity and the Creator. It would not be fair to state that people of certain denominations are better off than others. As long as their believe is deep and true and they act out of goodness and truth, their actions will be of goodwill and recognized. That said, the world tires of the often empty Christianity that is being presented to it presenting a one sided salvation formula instead of a Christianity that is loving to all.

The New Revelation offers no churches, priests, tithing, “Bible thumping” or hypocrisy! Everyone is left to discover on their own, to confirm or modify beliefs they had long held. When you only have yourself to deal with before God, it’s hard to be a hypocrite. Spiritual growth is personal and only possible through ones own efforts and the New Revelation offers this in a Christian structure. Christianity as Christ taught it, is a way of life that gives life and does not take it from others nor does it impede or obligate others. Thankfully, The New Revelation is not the beginning of yet another Christian Sect!

Although written over 150 years ago, it appears to be the Revelation for our times. From the Fall of Lucifer, through Genesis to the end of the Gospel of John; The New Revelation is basically everything that was once part of the Holy Scriptures; Old and New Testament, but that in time was either forgotten, removed, edited out, or the Heavenly Father did not permit to be revealed until just before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Healthy Skepticism in Matters of the Spirit is a Good Thing!

It should be obvious to any thinking person who watches the news telecasts that it is quite easy to distort any story to suite what ever purpose. Wartime propaganda is a historical and known fact. If it is done then, who’s to say when it is or isn’t being done? If deception is so easy with mundane things which can be plainly seen or witnessed how much easier is it to misrepresent things spiritual where one’s only proof lays in their belief or through a sometimes slanted interpretation of Scriptures by people who are trusted.

Just like in a news story the event is real but the interpretation might not be. The only way to actually know the truth for ourselves is to have witnessed the actual event. If we take the scriptures as the “actual event” then why do so many allow others to do the interpreting for them? Just like an actual event, the scriptures are not being called into question; it is the those who interpret who sometimes should be. If motives are sincere the interpretation will likely be truthful, but if the motive is selfish so will the interpretation. Even though spiritual matters are very real to the majority a healthy skepticism in how they are presented is prudent and even wise.

Religion serves a good purpose that in some organized religious movements is little more than a money making venture. When a conversion comes from within, without coercion it is worthy of respect. Turning towards God or Jesus Christ should be the result of love for God or Jesus Christ – without any coercion or perceived advantage. The only reason to be Christian is for the sake of Love towards the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and ones fellow man. Salvation comes through this attitude.

The validity of the New Revelation must be decided by every individual entirely on their own and is part of asking, seeking and knocking.

Salvation Is Not What Some Make It To Be

Regarding the very important concept of “Salvation” that is so much talked about; it should be pointed out that the work of Jakob Lorber does not belabor the fact of the suffering of Christ as much as it details the all important mechanics of why the crucifixion itself happened and why it was absolutely necessary for our salvation! Although everyone who is Christian will acknowledge that Christ died for our sins and for our salvation – but what does this mean and how does it affect us spiritually? This is well explained in detail throughout the New Revelation as well as in the works of Emanuel Swedenborg.

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In the case of Jakob Lorber he has left us an enormous body of work to read in order to assess whether he’s for real. Without having read it, it cannot be judged. Some might read it and still not be convinced, which is perfectly fine. Some, as expected, have gone as far as to suggest that the New Revelation is unchristian. How ludicrous! It just proves that if you want an understand of anything, make it a point to read first account information on the matter at hand instead of relying on second hand assessments from those who write from the prejudice of their own doctrinal views. To support only one’s own brand of Christianity and to condemn all others is needlessly antagonistic and by definition anti-Christian. Maybe their just afraid that the competition may render them irrelevant.

Lorber faithfully recorded the missing books of the Bible over a twenty-four-year period. Receiving all his inspirational information through the “Inner Word,” he has been regarded as the “Lord’s scribe” by many. The main point to be emphasized here is that his body of work is “Christian” in the most absolute sense of the word and completely without any denominational affiliation.

Sacrificing a promising musical career to obey an inner voice which told him to “take up your pen and write.”

He wrote: “Thus spoke the Lord to and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain: Whoever wants to talk with Me, let him come to Me and I will lay the answer in his heart….”

Jakob Lorber is also called “The Unknown Prophet” by some. He has brought the world prophesy through the New Revelation for all of mankind for end times during the times of revelation. It is the most complete revelation the world has ever known and makes for an excellent Bible Study companion.

In this body of work known as the “New Revelation” you will find every topic imaginable; from the deepest spiritual sciences to the most profound explanations on the life, purpose and function of the soul and spirit and life in the beyond.

The New Revelation does not ignore the physical world, offering very fine explanations of the structure of minerals, plants, animals, life on other planets and stars, the structure of our Earth, Moon and solar system. The physical, astral and spiritual human form, how it works and interrelates as well as the New Medicine of the Future – Heliotherapy. Several of the works dealing with these topics have been recently translated into English.

The New Revelation presents Christianity in its purest form, as it was intended by the Lord Jesus Christ. The laws of life and conduct are expanded upon that they may be actively and practically applied in our lives.

The entire New Revelation is composed mainly of the body of work by Jakob Lorber and two other smaller bodies of work by Gottfried Mayerhofer and Leopold Engel. Lorber’s first complete work was The Household of God, which is an account of the Old Testament up to the times of Noah with details of the genealogical descendents of Adam to be followed by the The Great Gospel of John and several other works.

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Jakob Lorber Books
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Gottfried Mayerhofer Writings

The Following Jakob Lorber titles are available:

The Great Gospel of John – The Advent of Christ – The Childhood of Jesus – The Earth & Moon – The Lord’s Book of Life and Health – The Healing Power of Sunlight – The Lord’s Sermons – Saturn. – And many others in the process of translation

To The New Revelation Writings

You can also check out Jakob Lorber on Wikipedia. We recommend that you do. What has been written on this page about Jakob Lorber comes from our personal experience from having read his writings. Wikipedia offers a more or less objective evaluation of who Jakob Lorber was, his life history and the nature of this work.  This might be useful to some as it is easy to over sell anything based on one’s own enthusiasm. Objectivity matters and counts for much.

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