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Jakob Lorber Gottfried Mayerhofer: New Revelation Prophets

Christianity has never been about blind belief! Sober reasoning is required before deciding to believe anything with any real conviction. Anything less would be delusion.

“The Lord Jesus Christ died to take away our sins; not our minds!”

Anyone calling themselves Christian has a duty to investigate Christianity thoroughly, soberly, intelligently and without prejudice; leaving aside preconceptions. In the end it is a matter of belief and where your belief takes you. In today’s, sometimes lost, world it is more important than ever to be cold blooded and intelligent about what we do while still listening to what is in our heart’s when investigating matters of the spirit; especially within a Christian context. As rich as the Christian tradition is; sadly most Christians realize far less than 5% of what Christianity is all about.

The New Revelation is written in plain language that everyone can clearly understand¬† without invalidating or superseding the Bible; the fulfillment of the “Law” rather than the “Law” being changed, if you will.

The New Revelation clearly presents and greatly expands upon the essential parts of the Old and New Testament that in time were either edited out, or so filled with ancient and forgotten spiritual metaphors as to often make them nearly incomprehensible. This new clarity makes the New Revelation an essential part of Bible Study.

In the New Revelation by Jakob Lorber and Gottfriend Mayerhofer, the dogma is put aside to make room for the actual Christianity bringing Christianity to a much higher level.

Please enjoy the brief descriptions of our current titles of Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer and enjoy them as they expand your understanding of what is and often challenge you to compare what is written with the created reality all around us.

Second coming of Christ, Antichrist 666, Jakob Lorber, Advent of ChristThe Advent of Christ
Jakob Lorber &
Gottfried Mayerhofer
92 pages Cost: $6.95

Second coming of Christ, Antichrist 666, Jakob Lorber, Advent of Christ

The Advent of Christ

The Advent of Christ is prophetic. Christ speaks to His disciples and allows them to view future events which include events in our present times depicting the total collapse of the present religious structure. All the events preceding the second coming of the Lord, what occurs after His Coming, explanations of the the white, red, black and pale horses, God’s seven attributes love, wisdom, will, order, earnestness, patience and mercy are explained. The pages of The Advent of Christ are not filled with the usual doom and gloom of the end-times. They give hope and comfort because there is really no reason for despair, unless you do not follow the God-given order and that it is not too late for every human being to enter upon the right path.

The explanations are all very clear and concise. A great little book!

*An excerpt detailing the Events Preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ*


Great Gospel of John, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Life of Jesus ChristThe Great Gospel
of John
Jakob Lorber
6 Volumes
2113 pages
Cost: $50.95

Great Gospel of John, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Life of Jesus Christ

The Great Gospel of John

This is not an apologetic work, nor is it biblical commentary. It is a six volume set of the completely restored Gospel of the Apostle John. The most complete revelatory work of its kind and the fulfillment of the Biblical Gospel of John. Inspirational for anyone, Christian and Non-Christian alike, and an excellent Bible Study companion.

This knowledge truly inspires and shows that there is much much more to Christianity than what has been traditionally taught. Many Christians have left mainstream Christian practices because they felt that something was missing in gatherings and ceremonies. These people remain fundamentally Christian, but they are searching for more. The New Revelation has come into being for all humanity but especially for those who, yearning for God, are read it.

Follow the link just below for a much more detailed review of this marvelous set.

More Details on the Great Gospel of John

Note: The full length un-abridged versions of Great Gospel of John are now available.


Jesus in the temple as a boyThe Three Days
in the Temple
Jakob Lorber
124 Pages Cost: $9.95

Jesus in the temple as a boy

The Three Days in the Temple

Although all Christians know that Jesus as a boy “taught” in the temple, very little is known about the extent of what He actually said while He was there. The Three Days in the Temple is a wonderful testimony of the goings on within the temple that reveals again that Jesus is indeed the Messiah.

Although more and more people are questioning authority at present than ever before, at the time of Christ and in the Jewish faith the Sanhedrin – the hierarchy of the Jewish church at the time was untouchable. Jesus was ceremoniously questioned as all boys of that faith of his age were. What the Sanhedrin didn’t expect was that this young boy would ask questions of them and in so doing expose their hypocracy. When an infuriated member of the Sanhedrin wanted to kick him out and be reprimanded, the presence of a high ranking Roman prevented it and insisted that the questions of the boy Jesus be answered – OR ELSE!! Another truly great little book!!

More on The Three Days in the Temple


Christian Healing, Jakob Lorber, Christ Teachings, New RevelationThe Lord’s Book
of Life and Health
Jakob Lorber
265 Pages Cost: $17.95

Christian Healing, Jakob Lorber, Christ Teachings, New Revelation

The Lord’s Book of Life and Health

The Lord’s Book of Life and Health is a compilation of the writings of Austrian mystic Jakob Lorber (1800 1864) on the vital subject of health and well-being.

The reader will discover important but often neglected information about the spiritual nature of sickness and health. The Greatest Physician in the Universe will provide the answers to your questions, though His answers may not always agree with traditional medical philosophy.

In contemporary society, the real reason for illness is neglected altogether, for it is, in fact, a question of the individual’s concept of life. God’s revelations regarding health and well-being are based on a spiritual foundation, and the reader will discover that the origin of all things is spiritual, not physical. Therefore, the origin of illness, or of any disharmony in the body, is likewise spiritual rather than physical.

Therefore read this book with your heart, not with your intellect, so that you may find what you seek. This information has already helped many people who have suffered all kinds of setbacks, physically and mentally. By reading this book and following the information given, our lives can turn for the better. By understanding our problems and by employing the necessary measure to change the outcome, we can turn sickness into health and despair into happiness. And we can learn first-hand about the blessing of prayer. We must remember that the people of old knew much more about a healthy lifestyle than we do today.

More Details on the Lord’s Book of Life and Health

Healing Power of Sunlight, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Homeopathy, Healing through Jesus ChristThe Healing
Power of Sunlight
Jakob Lorber
60 Pages – Soft Bound
Cost: $14.95

Healing Power of Sunlight, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Homeopathy, Healing through Jesus Christ

The Healing Power of Sunlight

Health is an entirely personal responsibility. When we surrender this responsibility to others we become subject to them. The Spiritual nature of the information in The Healing Power of Sunlight goes back to the truly ancient philosophical basis of health and healing that is more often than not overlooked.

The Healing Power of Sunlight is not meant to be a substitute for the health-care industry, but was published to provide additional information about how to spiritually distinguish and care for our body, soul and spirit. Many heliopathic [sun-homeopathy] remedies of a universal nature are given for many ailments.

The concept of using the Sun’s energies for healing is not new. If the power of sunlight can produce winds, ocean currents, attract plant life to itself and on a more mundane note; it can power a modern home it must clearly contain energy. This energy is used by every living thing and is not destructive otherwise it would have destroyed the Earth by now. To use it for healing would only seem logical.

The Healing Power of Sunlight provides a unique look into capturing the sun’s energies to heal ourselves. Proper cleansing of the soul, as provided by the sun remedies, heals the physical body and brings new energy to the spirit. A major arcanum for eternal health and beauty.

An Excerpt from the Healing Power of Sunlight

Jakob Lorber, Astrology, Natural Science, Earth, Moon, New Revelation, The Earth & Moon
Jakob Lorber
200 Pages – Soft Bound
Cost: $19.95

Earth and moon, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Homeopathy, Healing through Jesus Christ

The Earth and Moon

Simply fascinating!!

Have you ever had questions about planet Earth and it’s satellite the Moon? Have you ever considered the physical as well as the possible spiritual reasons why they exist? Few books have ever attempted to explain this and few if any other books out there say what this book has dared to say about it. Earth and Moon comes from a refreshingly different perspective. It is packed with genuinely useful information that explains the origins of many of our old myths, physical and spiritual misconceptions about life as well as life on Earth, bringing to light the often unseen reasons why by the guiding hand of Providence, Nature behaves as She does. It also explains how and why the people of the past had built their beliefs based on natural observations that straddled both physical observation as well as spiritual insights that were often not too far from reality. Presently, the scientists and researchers ask, “how did they know what we are just discovering now?”

Although useful, put aside the strictly mechanical scientific explanations for a moment to ponder not simply why things happen but what purpose do they serve. Most scientific as well as spiritually minded people accept that creation came into being even though their explanations may differ, they both ask “what is the purpose of it,” beyond a mere physical existence on a planets? How does our planet maintain itself, in spite of us trying to destroy it? If we exist for a higher purpose, what is the reason for and what becomes of physical matter itself? What purpose does it serve? How does the matter that makes up a plant, an animal, our bodies or the Earth differ and why? If our physical body is composed of matter, then what type of matter are the soul and spirit composed of? This book answers these and many, many other practical life questions and mysteries in great detail with concepts that haven’t been seriously discussed in a reasonable, rational, logical and practical manner for thousands of years in a way that brings science and spirituality together.

We call the Earth “mother” and for good reason. She is a living creation having an intelligence and an actual life of it’s own that it might be capable of sustaining the life that depends on Her. Discover the mystical reasons for why the tides, winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions occur. That they happen is a fact but what purpose do they serve above and beyond their physical, seemingly blind destructiveness? It has nothing to do with the “wrath” of God as some would blindly believe. There is a logic and necessity behind why and where they happen that is very similar to how our own bodies function. Where did the Moon itself come from and what did it form itself out of and why did it need to come into being? These and many other questions are answered from both the spiritual and physical points of view to better understand why we live on Earth.

This book is surprisingly revelatory in it explanations about the Earth and the Moon, their physical functions and natural purposes that can be compared with scientific findings or can be used where science has no explanations. Like the feedback we have received by those who have bought all of the other books in our collection, The Earth & Moon by Jakob Lorber is the kind of book that lends itself to being read and re-read over and over again because there is too much information to absorb and assimilate all at once.

A fascinating read that we hope you will enjoy for years to come!

Saturn, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Saturn
Jakob Lorber
280 Pages – Soft Bound
Cost: $20.95

Saturn, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation,


Over the course of his life, the great 19th century mystic Jakob Lorber not only produced important works on the Bible and natural healing, but also focused his talents on the very nature of the solar system. The books Saturn, Earth & Moon, and The Natural Sun provide a complete overview of our Solar System. Saturn, is especially rich in the beauty of its imagery. The spectacular details of the people, plants, animals, mountains and rivers of the great ringed planet simply amaze.

Saturn is more than a mere descriptive picture of life on another world. It also contains a portrait of the ideal spiritual society, and how we may achieve the same closeness to the Divine in our own lives on Earth.

By now you’re probably wondering whether this is for real!?

The ancients believed that there was life on the heavenly bodies. What would inspire them to believe this? Also in some cultures in India there is belief in gigantic mythical beings such as Juggernaut. We do not personally endorse Eastern beliefs, but after reading Saturn we can understand where their belief in immensely tall humans may have come from. All scholarly thinking aside, their holy books may be the remnants of texts written at the time of Adam, that may have become misinterpreted through time is a real possibility. Saturn supports these theories without being “Eastern” in thought.

Who is to say that there is no life anywhere else but on Earth. The “Star Wars” notion that life else ware is grotesque is absurd. If we assume that God is perfect, and that we are made in the image of God – if God created everything He would have also created other beings like Himself as He did us – therefore life on other planets is also human and not as fiendishly ugly as depicted by science fiction. Furthermore, because the influence of Lucifer on other planets is not as strong as it is on Earth, the humans on other planets are not as tormented by temptation and consequently more perfect in their features than we on Earth.

And if there are human beings on other gigantic planets and stars who is to say how big they are. On a gigantic planet the gravity must be greater, then humans also would need to be proportionately taller.

Although it may sound sophisticated and intelligent and plausible and clever, present day human knowledge of life on any other world is at best filtered speculation. It is created to pique our curiosity as tax paying people in order to justify the insanely high expenditures for fruitless space explorations. Enjoy this book.

Jakob Lorber, Childhood of Jesus, New RevelationThe Childhood
of Jesus Christ
Jakob Lorber
402 Pages – Soft Bound
Cost: $19.95

Jakob Lorber, Childhood of Jesus, New Revelation

The Childhood of Jesus Christ

The Childhood of Jesus is the Gospel of James (missing book of the Bible) which was given to Jakob Lorber by the Lord to record again. The Lord announced the new revelation of the Gospel of James to Jakob Lorber in advance on July 22, 1843 and He added the following: “James the son of Joseph recorded everything that occurred. But in time these writings became so distorted, that it cannot be permitted to include them as a genuine part of the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, I shall give you the genuine Gospel of James. However, I shall begin at the time when Joseph took Mary into his household. Whereas in the original writings of James, he recorded Mary’s life from birth as well as Joseph’s life from birth.” And then, this chosen intermediary (Jakob Lorber) received through the voice of the Spirit in his heart a comprehensive, wonderful description of Jesus’ birth and childhood. It was of such intimate exalted beauty and might, that not one heart can deny the divine source and truth of these precious writings. In front of our eyes unfolds the coming into being and the development of the child Jesus under the care of Mary in the house of His foster father Joseph, their flight to Egypt and then being home again in Nazareth.

We experience the first wonderful activities by the child and the acknowledgment of the Spirit of God within the child. We also receive with joyous astonishment unexpected insights into the holy secrets of Jesus, the person. It becomes for us a blissful grace to recognize in the “Son,” the “Father” and to find united in Jesus – “the Father,¬† Son and Holy Ghost.”

Gottfried Mayherhofer

sermons of Jesus Christ, gottfried mayerhoferThe Lord’s Sermons
Gottfried Mayerhofer
326 pages – Soft Bound
Cost: $17.99

sermons of Jesus Christ, gottfried mayerhofer

The Lord’s Sermons

There are many assumptions made in regards to Christianity as it is being practiced, many of them justifiably unflattering, but little can be said that is negative when it comes to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. One of the most vivid examples of the Love of God for humanity is expressed deeply and eloquently by the Lord Jesus Christ in His many Sermons.

The Lord’s Sermons by Gottfried Mayerhofer is an exceptional work received through the “inner word” as part of the New Revelation. In this work the Sermons are explained in great detail making their original message even more resounding with deeper significance and meaning.

The entire new revelation is a hermetic exercise. That is to say that, in these finer revelations the mysteries are contained and applied. In the Sermons of the Lord are contained a portion of the Mysteries in an understandable manner.

In this context a mystery is a principle from the Spiritual point of view as God intends it.

If there is love for the Holy Father and Jesus Christ in your heart, it will be difficult not to be moved by this wonderful work.

secrects of life, gottfried mayerhoferThe Secrets of Life
Gottfried Mayerhofer
290 pages – Soft Bound
Cost: $19.95

sermons of Jesus Christ, gottfried mayerhofer

The Secrets of Life

In this work Gottfried Mayerhofer further expands or at least places some of the concepts mentioned in the work of Jakob Lorber into a condensed wording. This is not to say that it is a mere repetition. Mayerhofer through the “Inner Word” reveals many details that are sometimes glanced over in Lorber making his work a necessary compliment to the body of New Revelation writings.

Always, the spirit of the Divine is palpable in Mayerhofers words as It in the rest of the New Revelation writings. As the title implys, the various subject that are expanded upon in great detail deal with matters of life itself. One chapter deals with language, art and music and its spiritual relevance to life and the necessity of their expression as a way of spiritual advancment.

There is a chapter that explains why the various life organisms of plants and animals exist and why the necessity of their various forms are as they appear for the progression of life and spiritual development.

It is hard to condense all that this marvelous book contains because, like all the New Revelation writings, these words and their implications are infinite.

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