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The Lord’s Book of Life and Health – A Spritual View Of Health and Well Being

Good Health makes for a more enjoyable physical life and a more complete Spiritual Life. The Lord’s Book of Life and Health Explains Old Concepts In An Entirely New Light!

Being healthy, in the fullest sense of the word, is to be whole in body, soul, and spirit. Hence, the meaning of “Holiness.” When striving towards spiritual understanding and maturity good healthy keeps your mind clear to be able to comprehend spiritual matters.

jakob lorber, lords book of life and health, new revelationThe Lord’s Book of
Life and Health

Jakob Lorber
265 pages
Cost: $17.95

jakob lorber, lords book of life and health, new revelation

Health is relevant to a healthy spiritual life. The word “saint” comes from the Latin word San and its derivatives, sanus – sound, healthy, sanatio – sanctity, purity, sanctus – consecrated, hallowed, holy, sanitas – health, soundness,and so on. Saintliness implies becoming whole or complete as a human being. This point is being made because in order to become saintly one must at least also have physical healthy. Although a physical ailment or infirmity does not make it completely impossible to contemplate higher things, it can be a real impediment towards it. If a simple cold can already make thinking more difficult, then being in constant pain due to an ailment would be that much more impeding. In addition to this, the introduction of harmful chemicals into the body will have the exact same effect. In time the human being loses his faculties and in time becomes incapable of any kind of higher contemplation other than the dead mechanical repetition of worldly concepts that the world has come to accept as a Christianity.

Health is a function of living within God’s order. In the absence of a clear philosophy of health from the spiritual point of view one has a “feeling” as to what one should pursue in order to acquire and maintain ones physical, emotional and mental well being. This feeling in the heart should not be suppressed. It should be a compass to guide a sensitive person towards the reality of good health. The book, The Lord’s Book of Life and Health by Jakob Lorber is such a compass provided by the Lord for those seeking His perspective and help in matters of physical, emotional, and mental health. Or, if you will, the health of the Body, the health of the Soul and the health of the Spirit.

Conversely once one has attained sainthood they also have perfect health and, having learned the way to health can therefore also heal others. Sainthood is not and cannot be granted by a worldly institution; church or otherwise, it must be earned and granted from above.

Enjoy this great work and understand health from the spiritual point in theory and in practice!

The Lord’s Book of Life and Health


The Human Being as a Trinity of Spirit, Soul and Body

  • The Human Trinity
  • The Spirit as the Fundamental Life of Human Beings
  • The Outer Life Sphere of Human Beings
  • The Influence and Banishment of Demons

The Cause and Purpose of Ailments and Suffering

  • The Original Sin
  • The Main Cause of Physical Weaknesses
  • Self Inflicted Ailments
  • The Main Causes of Ailments
  • The Reason for Ailments, Pain and Suffering
  • The Nature of Possession

Healing Aids

  • Help through Intercession
  • Healing with God’s Will
  • Prerequisite for Divine Help
  • The Heavenly Healing Council: Loyalty to God
  • The Best Medicine: Faith and Obedience
  • The Father’s Word and Prayer For the Needy
  • The Most Important Things: Humbleness and Faith
  • Salvation at the Fathers Breast
  • Conditions for the Success of Magnetic Strengthening Cures
  • Concerning the Healing Magnetism
  • Allopathy, Homeopathy, Heliotherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Magnetism
  • The Sun-Cure
  • The Most Orderly and Natural Healing
  • Healing with Herbs
  • Gladly go into the Mountains
  • Spiritual Healing from Afar
  • Healing During Ecstatic Sleep
  • Inducement of Ecstatic Sleep
  • The Treatment of Melancholy or Depression
  • Smallpox Vaccination
  • The Cure for Scrofula (King’s Evil)
  • Recommendation for Thick Blood
  • Cure for the Possessed
  • Healing for Women

Health Care: The Spiritual Foundation of Health

  • Fundamental Teachings for the Care of the Physical Body and The Soul
  • Healthy Marriage
  • Concerning the Education of Children


  • Nourishment
    • The Dangers and Influences of Impure Foods
    • The Process of Nutrition
    • The Main Rule: Simplicity and Moderation
    • The Blessing of Simple Nourishment
    • The Father’s Commandments for the Nourishment to the First Human Beings
    • The Simplest, Cleanest and Healthiest Foods
    • Nourishment for Spiritual Human Beings
    • The Spirit of Wine and Other Nature Spirits
    • Tobacco Smoking and other Foolishness
    • Diet Hints
    • The Lord as the Example of Proper Nourishment
    • Vegetarianism
    • A Meat Diet
      • Fasting and Asceticism
        • Proper Fasting
        • Gluttony and Proper Self Denial
        • Various Hints and Advice
  • Excerpts From the Childhood of Jesus
    • A Cheerful Morning Meal
    • The Child Jesus’Favorite Dish
    • Cold Fish with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice
    • Guests that are Pleasing unto God
  • Grace At the Table, Benediction, Love-Feast
    • Saying Grace (Table Prayer)
    • Promise of Benediction
    • Love Feast
  • Clothing Recreation and Sleep
    • Clothing
    • Man’s Relationship with Nature vs. Earthly Conveniences
    • Recreation
    • Sleep
  • Old Age Dying and Death
    • Old Age Infirmities
    • The Fear of Death
    • Suicide
    • Dying and Death
    • Untimely Death
  • Life With and Without God
    • Where any Doctors Help is in Vain
    • Promises and Advice
    • A Light of Comfort for Those Who Seek Help
    • Love: The Universal Remedy
    • The Physician Who Makes a Human Being Doubly Well
    • Healing Through A Spiritual Turnabout
    • True Endeavors of Healing
    • Salvation in Noah’s Ark
    • Know Thyself
    • At the Watchmaker
    • The Blessing of Prayer
    • True Belief
    • Prophet Schools: The Path to Spiritual Perfection
    • Additional Words of Life With and Without God

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jakob lorber, lords book of life and health, new revelation

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