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Hi Amalux,

yes, the books arrived! Thank you. I will pick them up today from a local post-office. Always nice to get something extra sent. Especially if it is related to faith and if it is for Christmas!! Ha Ha! Read and believe…. Well what can I say.

I have become a believer since three years after my wife’s adultery and my resulting great sadness made me cry out for God, Who then triggered my conversion and made me start a path and experience things which have strengthened my faith in Him and my future and present. I am sorry it had to take that to become a believer and have asked God for forgiveness and have forgiven my wife who I am nevertheless divorcing. I hope we will both find another happy partnership in faith. I think that this is useful background information… I believe there is a tremendous and beautiful truth in Jakob Lorber ‘s writing and that he is a prophet. Centuries of Christian Faith are not based on lies. There are things in the books that I do not agree with but then I say that these things need to be in a book to avoid people taking everything blindly instead of listening to their hearts and conscience, actively look for God and love, and be themselves (i.e. the person God created). God likes to see us have a beautiful loving and fulfilling life and an active loving bond with Him. Nevertheless the books are essential as a guide and to help us recognize and find Him. So read with an open mind and heart and believe what truly feels right in your heart. What an amazing world it would be if everyone could always feel himself! But that will be heaven. Until then there will always be those who feel fortunate and love everyone and those who do not and everything in between. These are some poor words of mine. They will touch people depending on how spiritually open they are to it. So it is and always will be.

Wishing everyone the very best. Lots of Love and very merry Christmas to you too,

Madrid, Spain

Hi Amalux,
Yes you sure can! Thank you. I am a post-doc scientist in AIDS vaccine research. I feel I started a journey about 3 years ago (05-02-2005), before which I was a (tolerant) non-believer, and Jacob Lorber’s books are the latest answer I received to my many questions. It confirms and explains many of my own thoughts and experiences and may well form the peaceful conclusion of my journey. Good timing for Christmas (200)7! And of course it adds tremendous wisdom which does not conflict with the Bible and which can also be used as a great novel tool to open doors towards a cooperation between religion and science. I feel I have been given great knowledge, experience, patience, love and faith to help both Christians and traditional scientific friends and family to be tolerant towards one another and to spread faith! I feel very blessed. Other writing I have enjoyed are books by Neale Donald Walsch and Paulo Coelho.

Thank you again.
Thank God. Love,
Madrid, Spain

I received the books today in excellent condition .  Thank you for the prompt delivery.  I saved this email so that I could let you know I got the books, even though it was not this specific order.  Thank you for your courtesy in handling this.  Have a blessed Christmas. 


Thank you Amalux,
We here in South Africa have formed a discussion group on Lorber and other “inner word” prophets and I personally have found that these works cannot just be “read”. One has to recognize the One Who has given this wisdom to those who are seeking to find. This Almighty Elohim (God) and Creator of ours, has in His mercy been so very very very patient with us, and we cannot deny His existence any longer. The One God of the Bible is no longer a “religion” but an absolute fact. The only problem we in our group had, was, we did not know how to reach the blind out there. Now we know, from reading and re-reading these wisdoms, that we should only cast our nets as fisherman, and He will fill our nets! We don’t need churches any more. Seekers will find us and we must then take them in and feed them. This is the Love, Wisdom, Will, Order, Earnestness, Patience and Supreme Mercy of our Creator which, in my humble opinion, I know we have to try and master during our short time on this earth, or forever have only ourselves to blame for losing it.

We know nothing yet and the more we study the more we find out how little we know. This is more or less where our group is standing right now. Have you read any of Bertha Dudde’s writings?

All the best,


thank you ,for the beautiful cards with the clouds. I’m reading earth & moon right now…..all I can say is, “oh our god!” you know what I mean. Every reading gets more amazing. I also bought the Household of God vol.1&2. EARTH & MOON totally explains and confirms what I am seeing through, and capturing on my camera. How in awe I am to ACTUALLY NOW UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SEEING. THANK YOU



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