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Second Coming of Christ – Excerpt from The Advent of Christ – Jakob Lorber

The Advent of Christ contains the work of both Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer from the New Revelation writings.

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Jakob Lorber &
Gottfried Mayerhofer
92 pages Cost: $6.95

“Do you believe that at the time of My Second Coming there will be better comprehension among men? Not in the least! Then, too, there will be many admirers who will regard Me as nothing more than a man inspired by God. At My Second Coming I will, of course, not come as a child, but as a mature man, and there, too, will be many doubters to whom I shall have to prove My Deity through miracles as the power of the Word would not convince them.

The story of My childhood will repeat itself in its main points and events, but only in a spiritual sense, for then the spiritual understanding will be far more developed, so that the believers will be in the majority, the non-believers and doubters in a minority.

Behold, My children, as I once submitted Myself to the Jewish custom of circumcision, you should submit yourselves to a spiritual baptism, the baptism with the spirit of My love. Eliminate from your hearts what does not belong there, and begin to understand Me and My world better every day, so that your hearts may not be pierced by a sword because by attributing too much importance to worldly things you mourn what is not worth mourning.

Make sure that you see things as they really are and that you daily fulfill your duty on this earth while you have to live here, so that when the grave hour of departure has come you recognize Me, as Mary did when I returned to the Father, and understand that He whom you know as Christ is by far greater and more loving than you have imagined, but that also My demands on you are more severe than you thought.
There are many today who believe in Me and love Me as did Mary during My life on earth. However, this is not enough. Mary recognized only at the cross and on My resurrection that He whom she had borne was not a man but the Son of God, that is, Wisdom that had been separated from Love, Who returned to His heavens after three days in the grave and afterwards appeared to His disciples and the mother of His “

The Advent of Christ is a great work compiled out of the New Revelation writings. The Links below are excerpts taken from this great little book by Jakob Lorber.

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