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Smallpox – Ailment and Spiritual Effect

Smallpox as an ailment is never considered or described from the Spiritual Point of View. Many mistake ailments as a curse from God. This is an impossibility from a God of love. Ultimately, an ailment is a spiritual strengthener.

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Regarding Vaccination 
Informative perspectives
from “outside the box.”

“What you wish to know is, in one respect [practically] a minor thing, as it is in the opposite [spiritual] manner not exactly of great importance. For example, take a tree that has drawn out of the soil some vile, spoiled, and against-its-nature not congenial sap. Soon, you will notice that the leaves of the tree come forth malformed and withered, and moreover its sprigs, branches, and trunk are surrounded by all kinds of unpleasant and parasitic plants. If someone only has superficial knowledge of arboriculture, he will, with certainty, come to the conclusion that a grafting with other sicker and weaker plants will definitely not make the tree well, but in the end, one will totally destroy the other.”

“Or, if someone who already has poison in his body or who had poison administered, that he will get well through the same poison that already took three-quarters of his life. Then the additional administering of the same poison will be sufficient to take the last quarter of the already poisoned human being.”

Is it not obvious that with the tool of death, you never fight against death, instead, you fight at all times only against life?

“Behold, when you carefully examine this, it is the same when it comes to the prevention of smallpox through vaccination. Smallpox is an inherited malady of ancestral illicit sexual practices, that from time-period to time- period reaches maturity in the youngest descendants. But, it does not resemble in the slightest the ailment by the same name, which cattle, sheep, and goats are befallen with, which is caused by the sting of a certain insect.

How then is it possible that the pus-matter taken from cows with smallpox could be a preventative remedy against the so-called smallpox with which human beings are afflicted?!

“I tell you: This kind of treatment has never born the fruit of which foolish mankind dreamt. This type of action fostered and determined superstition towards the alleged beneficial success of the vaccine. This, however, has become rare, since now, almost any belief among human beings is missing, and in its place, we find the so-called pure knowledge! Or, such treatment was administered to children who would have been unaffected anyhow throughout their whole life because of double considerations; that means, the generation who is afflicted with the germ of this malady has not yet reached the level of maturity, or these children were not at all afflicted with the germ of this malady.”

Behold, when such children have been vaccinated with this folly, they could indeed easily be witnesses to the infallibility of such treatment. On the contrary, those who are vaccinated could be affected at the time of the maturity of the malady, as those where such treatment was not administered-in other words, those who were not vaccinated. The real smallpox was not considered to be smallpox by the medical establishment, but cunningly declared and contrived as eczema, to protect the medical credibility and honour.”

  Jakob Lorber. dated 7.2.1841

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