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The Secrets Of Life Gottfried Mayerhofer

Gottfried Mayerhofer: The Secrets Of Life – What An Amazingly Beautiful Read

It should be remembered that the Lord Jesus Christ died to take away our sins; not our minds.

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Gottfried Mayerhofer
1807 – 1877

People often confuse religion and the spirituality that is at the center of it with something separate from life. The reality is that what has been taught by the spiritual beliefs of the world is what, in fact, makes life real and worth living. Some, having witnessed the hypocrisy of many religions have lost their willingness to believe in anything above what is physical. Others, are the exact opposite. They believe in matters of the spirit but often grasp at straws, in a very self styled manner that is devoid of any structure. Not “church” structure but, a logical, sequential methodology that allows them to make sense of what they know to make it applicable and useable in very practical ways.

secrects of life, gottfried mayerhoferThe Secrets of Life
Gottfried Mayerhofer
290 pages – Soft Bound
Cost: $19.95

sermons of Jesus Christ, gottfried mayerhofer

Secrets Of Life by Gottfried Mayerhofer does a wonderful job of laying out a great many things in relation to our physical world and it’s relevance to the unseen Heavens. What is very interesting in Mayerhofer’s work is that although some of these things are dealt with in the body of the New Revelation writings, what Gottfried Mayerhofer‘s contributions bring to those writings in his Secrets of Life is not simply a repetition of anything. It’s a complete revelation in itself.

Who in matters of the spirit has ever discussed the importance of the arts in relation to the growth of the human soul. Or, discuss what language is, how language originates? The importance of music, and art?

Apart from what some have incorrectly concluded from having read Genesis to be the actual creation of the world, what other spiritual writings have attempted to speak on the history of the creation of the world?

Certainly, the Orientals have known about life energy and have worked with it practically but, who in the West has ever discussed the nature of energy itself? Not the physics of the effects of energy but the nature of the energy itself?

All of us are conscious of the fact that we think but, who has ever discussed the nature of thought itself in accurate, definite terms?

This is the Table of Contents of Secrets of Life by Mayerhofer:

  1. Light, Life and Love
  2. Heaven, Hell, Earth
  3. Health, Sickness and Death
  4. Body, Spirit and Soul
  5. Boy – Youth – Man, and Old Man – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn – The Four Epochs of World and Earth Creation – Finally: Spirit – Soul – Angelic and Divine Life
  6. Girl, Virgin, Mother and Wife
  7. Faith, Trust and Confidence
  8. Language
  9. Language, Art, Music
  10. Energy (or Force), Substance and Spirit
  11. Human Dignity
  12. The World Of Thought
  13. “Our Father!”
  14. The Word
  15. About the Various Forms and Kinds of Animals
  16. Life (Its Essence)
  17. Life of Spirits and Cosmic Life
  18. Life (In The Light Of Love)
  19. Human Life
  20. Cosmic Life
  21. Sugar, Salt and Vinegar
  22. Growing
  23. A Further Word About Language and Its Origin
  24. Infinity
  25. The Dark Side Of Nature
  26. The Dark Side Of Nature Relative To Human Life
  27. Words To A Rationalist 1
  28. Words To A Rationalist 2
  29. The Alchemists
  30. Freemasons
  31. The Latter-Day-Saints
sermons of Jesus Christ, gottfried mayerhoferThe Lord’s Sermons
Gottfried Mayerhofer
326 pages
Cost: $15.99

sermons of Jesus Christ, gottfried mayerhoferThe Lord’s Sermons is
Another of Gottfriend
beautiful spiritual works.
You can read more about it

We all know the basic stages of human life as childhood, youth, manhood and old age but, how many have tied them to external life and their relation to the geological epochs of the Earth.

People discuss health and often grasp at straws arbitrarily – Mayerhofer discusses – Health, Sickness and Death as well as salt, sugar and vinegar as elements of life and in relation to spiritual concepts.

What is most interesting about Mayerhofer and the New Revelation writings is that they are so complete and all encompassing. Besides the Bible and all the other non-Christian spiritual writings of the East, there is no other body of spiritual writing besides the work of Emanuel Swedenborg that compares to the New Revelation.

The New Revelation does not invalidate any of the Old or New Testament writings; it just fills in a lot of things that we have been left to figure out on our own and what was needed to make sense of the Old Testament. No where is there any contradiction. Of course, there are those who would disagree with this statement. But, often it is an interpretational difference rather than anything based on substance.

The timing of when the New Revelation writings came into being is noteworthy. They came into being between 1850 to about 1877 – the time of rampant materialism that was being spread by rapid industrialization and capitalism. There is nothing wrong with earning a living and even acquiring wealth as long as it does not become an end in itself. That is made clear in these writings.

For more incredible insights into nature that are rarely considered, the title Earth and Moon by Jakob Lorber is of immense value.

Similarly, The Principles Of Higher Knowledge by Karl Von Eckartshausen is another little known gem, with information that unsurpassed in detail.

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