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Vegetarianism: From The Spiritual Point of View

Lorber simply explains vegetarianism from the Spiritual Point of View without necessarily endorsing it.

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The Lord’s Book of
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Jakob Lorber
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"jakobThis page contains excerpts
on vegetarianism out
of The Lord’s Book
of Life & Health
by Jakob Lorber.
The perspective of these
excerpts are quite
informative and definitely
from “outside of the box”!

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On Vegetarianism

“Every kind of unnatural death is an act of violence, and through this act occurs a decomposition of a large amount of specifica which, during the quiet life of the animal, harmlessly slept and was bound in the body and in the blood of the animal. This is how I organized the life of an animal. Through a violent death, the blood as well as the flesh is being changed. Processes occur which are partly being removed through the cleansing process of the fire during cooking and roasting, but they are never totally eradicated. It is, indeed, thankful that after ingestion, the body immediately reacts with particular emerging ailments, especially after eating the flesh of wild animals killed in fear and excitement.

“A much deeper reason regarding meat-eating lies in the fact that animals of any kind and species are just as different in this disposition as are human beings. Because, there are peaceful and vicious, quarrelsome and good-natured animals, it is therefore self-evident that the flesh of one animal must be quite different than the flesh of another.

“Whosoever is capable of abstaining from eating meat, or eats it in moderation, protects himself in this manner from a multitude of spiritual specifica, or elements, whereas another human being thoughtlessly fills his stomach with it. As far as the spirit is concerned, through vegetarianism, he provides the soul with a healthy body, while another human being is prone more to ailments and maladies, wherein the cause presents a puzzle.

“When you are permeated with the beautiful spirit of compassion, and do not want to take the life of an animal, merely to turn its flesh into your own, you do well should you not wish to do that. Because everything a human being is convinced of as a spiritual being, he should never do the opposite, since it would have a harmful effect upon him. It is, however, for this reason not necessary to totally forbid the eating of meat, and ban it as a means of nourishment for human beings. If I would have wanted it that way, I would have organized your corporeal structure in such a way that you, just like the ox, the donkey, and the horse could not tolerate anything but grass and herbs, or vegetation, or fruit. But since I made man Lord of the Earth, I gave him a body which is suitable to live in all climates, and from all kinds of products.

“It is, of course, self-evident that too much is harmful. Therefore, a human being, besides his ability to be able to eat everything, should retain his intellect, in order to preserve the proper limits. I gave man the means and the ability [to eat everything], but at the same time, I also placed within him the principle to fight his cravings and desires, and that he would not declare his stomach as his god! This struggle – which to Me spiritually comes first – of which the fundamental principle lies within your vegetarianism, strengthens your soul and maintains your body’s health with moderate meals, and so serves the soul as a proficient tool!”

Gottfried Mayerhofer, dated 12.9.1870

Note: Specifica is an ancient long lost term. It is the evolving living spiritual substance out of which all things are made of. To learn more about it read Earth and Moon by Jakob Lorber.

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