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Christian Mysticism – The Seven Primordial Spirits of God: The Wars Of Jehovah

The Seven Primordial Spirits or the “Seven Main Ideas” within God.

This fundamental concept which forms the basis for many philosophies is the subject of a very large body of speculative writings. These types of works are often written in the absence of an understanding for their primordial foundation. Without this  philosophical base, logical and meaningful conclusions are hard to come by. The Holy Father through Jakob Lorber has re-established this philosophical premise which is the essence of His Being.

Although scholarliness is very useful in determining historical contexts in matters of Christianity it is a primarily physical tool relying on strictly physical evidence. It is not the basis upon which a believing person makes the scriptural words come to life within their heart.  The necessary belief and humility required to do this is not part of scholarliness and science. Through love, belief and humility God will instruct into the meaning of all things. The following is an excerpt out of the Great Gospel of John from the New Revelation of Jakob Lorber. It is rather lengthy so you may want to print it out to better read it.

This excerpt follows a conversation between the familiar Biblical Lazarus and the Arch Angel Raphael, who is present in the flesh as a servant of Jesus. Raphael is answering Lazarus’ questions in regard to the “Wars of Jehovah” which were a part of ancient texts of that day. In the process Raphael also is laying down an allegorical analogy that represent another aspect of two very important and sacredly held concepts; the Kabbalistic Sephirothic Tree of Life and the so called Seven Days of Creation as depicted in Genesis by Moses.

To compare the Seven Spirits within God and the Sephirothic Tree of Life click here. The Seven Days of Creation and their relation to the Seven Primordial Spirits are elaborated upon in incredibly great detail and in the proper context in other parts of the New Revelation writings by Jakob Lorber.

In short the so called Seven Days of Creation in Genesis is a writing depicting a spiritual event but has traditionally been interpreted as a physical happening. It is not at all a description of the creation of all things physical. This allegory is written to describe the spiritual awakening of a human being. It is the gradual and sequential awakening and maturing of the consciousness of a human being towards its complete awareness an enlightenment in relation to the Seven Primordial Spirits of God that also have their representation within human beings should a human being choose to awaken them to become fully human.

These analogies become apparent even as Raphael describes the Seven main spiritual concepts of God. Having said this, God remains the Creator, all that exists is logically His creation and although His being is infinite, these seven aspects of God provide a structure within which existence finds its foundation, preservation and sustainability towards an ultimate perfection.

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VII/17 [1] When all the guests had left, our friend Lazarus asked Raphael: “Listen, you human spirit full of God’s grace, you said that there are countless free-floating and unbound primal elements and substances in the atmosphere which by the wisdom and will of a perfected spirit can be recognized as such and assembled and combined to a more solid body. Thanks to the demonstrations given, this matter has become quite clear to me, but another, most important question has come to my mind, namely: Look, these primal elements and substances may well be contained in the atmosphere of this earth just the way you have shown me; but how do they originally come into existence? How do they get into the atmosphere of our earth in such a great multiplicity and, most likely, in an even greater multiplicity into the atmospheres of the countless other earths and worlds about which the Lord Himself has graciously taught me and the many other disciples? Do explain also that to me.”

[2] Said Raphael: “I am surprised that you cannot see this for yourself. Does, then, anything exist outside of God that has not gone forth from Him? Is not everything that has been filling infinite space from eternity His thought, His idea, His wisdom, His will?

[3] Look, His thoughts in their inexhaustible abundance are from eternity to eternity the actual primal substances and stuff from which everything that has been made on the earths and in the heavens exists thanks to the undivided eternal might of the divine will. Without God’s will, no thought and no idea can arise and exist even in God. Due to the fact that every thought and every idea going forth from God’s supreme intelligence through His will carries within it a respective part of God’s will as a special intelligence, no such single thought of God, carrying the divine will, nor any of the Lord’s greater ideas of the same nature could ever come to an end, just as little as God Himself. Since with God it is an absolute impossibility ever to forget it, once He has had a thought or an idea, an ever so slight thought or an ever so insignificant appearing idea of God is forever indestructible in its primal spiritual nature.

[4] Furthermore, since – as already mentioned – every thought and every idea of God must, as a divine intelligence-spark, necessarily carry within it also some of the divine will, because without that it would never have been thought, every such individual thought and individual idea of God can, either separately or through several wisely combined thoughts which then represents an idea -, develop in its kind and sphere as something of independent existence. It can perfect itself within and by itself as that which it is, can endlessly multiply and also become more refined and perfected through wise union with other primal stuff and substances.

*[5] Thus, a future sun is initially but a brightly shimmering light-ether or a congregating of countless thoughts and ideas of God as a result of the respective share of God’s will within them. Through the divine will underlying their structure they keep drawing from the endless ether what is related to them and thereby the initially shimmering ether becomes already denser and gradually gains the density of the atmosphere of this earth. This, too, becomes gradually denser and there appears water; but also this keeps gradually becoming denser turning into mud, clay, stones and, thus, already firmer ground.

[6] The originally spiritual primal substances and stuff, which are now joined together more firmly, begin to feel more and more uncomfortable in this unfree state, grow very active in order to gain more freedom and it begins to become very heated within such a globe, especially in its solid and heavy parts. Through this fiery zeal of the oppressed, originally free primal substances and stuffs the more solid parts of such a new heavenly body are torn apart. Often they are turned inside out and vice versa, and only after many upheavals is such a new globe calmed down to a certain order, whereupon the primal thoughts and ideas of God, imprisoned within it, find another way to free themselves from the great pressure.

[7] And behold, soon all kinds of plants and animals come into existence, and this continues right to man within whom a very great number of such primal thoughts and ideas of God gain their complete liberation from their ancient judgment. Only then do they recognize God as the primal cause of all existence and life and return to Him as independent, free beings, provided they have lived according to His recognized will.

*[8] However, in this free and independent spiritual return on the countless, most varied globes there is quite as great a difference as in the globes themselves. The most complete return from a globe to God is – and remains – possible only from this earth, because here every human being can become perfectly similar to God in soul and spirit if he so desires; for the one who here strives for God will also get to Him. – Do you understand these things?”

[9] Said Lazarus: “This I do understand because I have already received a great deal of information from the Lord regarding the entire structure of the universe; but there are still many incomprehensible things about which I will have to ask questions.”

[10] Said Raphael: “Oh, my dear friend, this is the case also with me! There is still so much hidden in God of which even we, the highest and purest spirits after God, have no knowledge. For God has eternally so much in store for the good and pure spirits that He can forever surprise them indescribably with never imagined new creations out of His love and wisdom, thereby constantly increasing and enhancing their bliss. And look, it could easily happen that you put one or the other question to me about which I could not give you any information.”

[11] Said Lazarus: “Concerning those things about which my still very limited human intellect would be able to ask you, you can no doubt give me explanations.

*[12] Look, thus I once read an old book with the title “Wars of Jehovah”, and in it mention was made in a certainly mystical way of the fall of the originally created angels.

[13] In the beginning, of course, eons prior to any creation of worlds, God is said to have created seven great spirits, corresponding to the seven spirits in God, giving them great power and equally great wisdom, thereby enabling them to create like God lesser spirits in their own likeness in immense numbers and, thus, infinite space was filled with vast multitudes of spirits.

[14] According to ancient scripture, the greatest and most powerful of all the seven primordial spirits was Lucifer; but he became overbearing in his power and greatness. He wanted to be not only like God but even above God and dominate over Him. Then God became angry, seized the traitor and cast him forever from Him into damnation. The six great spirits, together with their countless sub-spirits, however, remained with God and have been serving only Him from eternity to eternity, whereas the sub-spirits of Lucifer, as wicked devils and beings forever rejected by God, are burning together with Lucifer in the eternal fire of God’s wrath, suffering the greatest torment without any relief. Well, what do you, as surely one of the first angels of God, say to this?”


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