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Christian Mysticism – The Science Of Spiritual Life

Getting To the Heart of Christianity Through Christian Mysticism

“Thou has made us for Thyself and the heart is restless till it rests in Thee.” – St. Augustine

By definition a mystery in the religious sense is something incomprehensible to normal human cognizance because of the non-physical or purely spiritual nature or significance of something, placing it beyond the reach of the normal physical senses or what is familiar to us in our physical experiences. Or, something unexplainable to what are commonly accepted physical laws and experience.

Religious beliefs are just that, beliefs. Religion is a conviction based on a non-physical premise the evidence of which is usually to be found in what have become regarded as sacred texts. These cannot be proven using conventional physical proofs, which is why they can be deliberately misinterpreted, twisted and distorted and still be believed.

The fact that people have a belief at all suggests that that belief must have an existence and that existence must have a place, otherwise it could not exist. If the belief is non-physical then the place of the belief is non-physical. This non-physical place has been designated instinctively and historically as the beyond or some other spiritual realm. Consequently the term “Metaphysics” is born which literally means beyond (meta) the physical. Or, the term “supernatural” which literally means above (super) physical nature.

Pretty innocent beginning to what is regarded as evil or even Satanic by some Christian sects.

The yearning or pursuit of things non-physical and their effects upon the physical is where the mystery starts. The crucial question remains; when one is searching for something, how does one know that they have found it?

Because we live in a spiritually dark world where we are always forced to evaluate and compare truth from falsehood, light from dark – Christianity offers Love as a the guiding light in ones pursuit into matters of the soul and spirit.

Having said this, it is truly odd that the sincere pursuit of proof of this knowledge is considered by Christian sects to be categorically evil.

No one has the right to prevent a human being from searching for the truth of things, especially as it pertains to the Creator and His Creation. Some will say that that is what science is for. Physical science measures and quantifies but it often has no explanation why, it just knows that there is a certain effect when there is a specific action.

All or most Christian religions have historically prevented or prohibited Christians from delving deeply into Christianity on their own. Christian religions depend on Christianity for their existence, but Christianity does not need or depend on religion.

Christ said that “He alone is the way,” He made no mention of any religion.

He did not stipulate that one must be Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, or even Mormon etc. to find the truth. He did not die for a religious cause. He died to lift all of physical creation out of its darkness since the fall of Lucifer and thereby bringing us, as human beings, closer to Him. If Christ himself made no such prohibitions, who then is to say where a person shall or shall not ask, seek, or knock in order to find their way through life and to God. Therefore, “no one has the right to prevent or stand in the way of a human being from searching for the truth of things.”

Of course their are pitfalls; the world is full of falsehood which is usually to be found in the highest places (in those who do not want you to be searching).

In the end we can only find truth in our own hearts and through our own experience never through the borrowed or even well meaning experience of others. It is the journey that makes us what we are. Just as parents cannot expect their children to fully mature under their constant protection, God gives us life to be free beings under the guidance of the example of Love that He has set forth as Jesus Christ.

Those who had found their way towards the Divine Light are always and intentionally obscured and maligned by history because their light would reveal the darkness.

Furthermore, God is the All in All, which is as much as to say that all possible possibilities in order to exist must exist within God. The mysteries are part of God or they could not be. They are perhaps the most essential part of God. The part that is used to maintain Creation. This part is reserved for His children, those wise enough and strong enough to strive towards Gods light instead of the false light of the worldly wise.

Common Symbols Associated with Mystical Christianity

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