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The Destiny of Nations Is In Their Own Hands

There Are No Accidents. Nations Rise And Fall By Their Own Hands

If you should ever wonder why nations go through hard times, flourish or vanish. God is alive and well, constantly vigilant and at work. Nothing happens by chance. Everything is guided. Granted, as in all matters of faith, this information is based on belief, a belief in the existence of prophets.

[4]In like manner, different people need a different up-bringing, according to the disposition of their hearts and souls at the time. What applies to individual people as children of oftentimes one and the same father, applies likewise to whole communities and whole great nations. Take a nation which needs a gentle, thus more lenient treatment, and it thrives, thereby proving a great blessing to the other nations of the earth. Another nation needs harsh treatment, or it would soon degenerate and become stunted, – a curse to the neighbouring nations. And, again, there is a nation with a decided tendency toward the ruling and tyrannizing over its fellowmen. Nothing is better for the souls of such people than falling into slavery for many years, as they will be thereby thoroughly humbled. If their humiliation has taught them a lesson and they do, finally, bear their fate with all patience and without grumbling, they will once again become free citizens of the earth and will then certainly within a short time thrive exceedingly well, a noble fruit cultivated in the best and richest soil.

[5] Behold, this is now a picture you should all comprehend quite easily, seeing that you have comprehended many a thing.

[6] In order to illustrate this very important matter still better, I now demonstrate to you the parts of the human body, each of which has a different form and, therefore, requires a different treatment and, if it should be ill, of course also a different medicine to be healed.

[7] From this it can be seen that the various problems in a I person’s mental-moral sphere need as variable a treatment as do his individual parts to which these problems in his mental­/moral sphere correspond. A very bad tooth in the mouth must, all else failing, be finally extracted and cast aside to prevent the sound teeth from becoming infected. Likewise an incorrig­ibly evil person must be removed from a community, lest the whole community be corrupted through him. In like manner often a whole nation has to be destroyed, if not physically, yet morally, lest all nations of the earth be finally corrupted through the same.

Book II, Ch.205 – The Great Gospel of JohnJakob Lorber

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