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Judgment by Fire: Ecological Disasters, Global Warming and Earth Changes

Has anyone else noticed that it is getting hotter, dryer, wetter and generally stormier lately?

Maybe this global warming “thing” is not just in the imagination of a few environmentalists. Wildfires seem to be everywhere, even Alaska!

The same amount of precipitation seems to be falling but it is concentrating in certain areas and absent in other areas altogether with devastating effects.

Before crying that the “sky is falling” it is a good idea to examine cold bloodedly.

The sudden interest and almost push towards “green” is equally interesting. Thinking and living “Green” has always been a good idea but, why the sudden push? One may want to ask whether it is political? since when do corporations and Government really put citizens first?

Most people would have a very hard time imagining something being worse than the recent tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean, the even more recent Typhoon in Burma, Earth Quakes in China, seemingly never ending deadly Tornados and Hurricanes in the United States and the ever worsening state of the planetary climatic situations. There is no way of preparing for such a calamity and there is no defense against it. If the Biblical prophesies are correct – it is going to get a lot worse and on a larger scale.

The Jakob Lorber writings suggest that in the next 5 to 20 years that a full two thirds of humanity will perish in fulfillment of Biblical prophesy. Lorber gives details. Just a reminder; Al Gore did not make these predictions, they were made long ago and due to reckless and unloving human activity is making them come to pass. It is not God’s Will that this should take place, instead it is the manifestation of our will which in going against the created order produces destruction wherein the water is rendered undrinkable, the air unbreathable, the soil contaminated and none of us has the option of leaving.

There will be many Earth changes before the Second Coming of Christ – the different types of “Fires of Change” will make themselves evident; storms, wars and similar calamities being one form of their manifestation. These are accurately noted in several of the works by Jakob Lorber!

There have been many Earth Changes predicted the most talked about is Global Warming.

Through the anticipation of these changes a thinking person might ask how will these changes occur. Obviously there must be some mechanism that would provoke such changes and these mechanisms should be simple and comprehensible.

The New Revelation in the Lorber writings in addition to being a monumental work of Spiritual Revelation also provide rational, logical, simple and verifiable explanations for matters dealing with the Physical, Astral (the world of the Soul), and Spiritual worlds.

The changes that are becoming more obvious daily are very explainable through simple, observable logic yet is usually outside of the conventionally accepted view. These changes are also very necessary for the preservation of spiritual order and spiritual purpose because more and more of humanity is becoming and behaving less and less human. They are being enticed by the material world at the expense of their eternal spirit. I an attempt to prevent this those who are too materially inclined are mercifully taken through their own physical death to prevent them from falling further into material darkness.

First Kind of Fires Second Kind of Fires-Floods Third Kind of Fires

Lorber’s Statements about Judgment, Self-Judgment and the Cleansing Fires that will come to purify the Earth. Judgment as cause and effect. These type of “fires” also include geo-political changes, again, strictly through cause and effect.

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