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Genesis: Why Did The Physical Universe Need To Come Into Being?

Too Many People have been told that Genesis is the story of the creation of the world. Anyone reading Genesis at face value would have to admit that it is unintelligible gibberish, interpreted to have suited the fantasy of many. For too long people either were too afraid to question their churches.

At present more are, opening up a path for a more mature contemplation about what had once been regarded as mysteries not meant to be known.

When read rationally, Genesis, if it is indeed the word of God is saying something else. Something entirely different that needs to be redefined And Interpreted In Entirely Different Terms and Context to make sense.

Most people rightly associate the Fall of Lucifer and his cohorts to be the reason for our struggles on Earth. This is true but, why and how? Most associate Lucifer’s cohorts to be non-physical demons with horns and tails and pitch forks, with a nasty propensity of making humans projectile vomit green pea soup (exorcist) etc. We who live in the physical world have observed both good and evil. At present the very definitions of what good and evil are seems to have changed. What was once considered to be good is now often thought of as evil and what was once clearly evil is now accepted as good. To sort this out one would have to be sober of mind, willing to want to know the truth and sincerely would have to go into one’s own heart to find it. That is where the truth is to be found.

According to the Lorber writings, when Lucifer fell, in his very long fall, he questioned his own actions and intentions whereby the Love of the Holy Father mercifully created the “physical universe” from Lucifer’s for his own redemption. This being the case what is the physical world made of? In Christian Mysticism it is made of Lucifer’s material substance; the fallen beings themselves. They are imprisoned in the matter of the physical creation and are therefore make up the matter itself. They have become matter to suite the ultimate redemptive purposes of the Creator. This is why matter is itself corruptible, never completely inert – changeable in time – and therefore not eternal. It is through the matter that human beings are tempted. This is why all human beings live in a state of “sin” – which can more accurately described as a state that lacks perfect clarity and therefore deliberately burdensome because of the inherent uncleanliness or imperfection of physical matter out of which all things material are made. This explains why human beings living in matter are tempted or subject to temptation by what is in the matter itself. And, why Christ Himself out of love and supreme mercy showed us through His life how we should live to literally overcome the “flesh” – matter. Also, the perpetual church fed guilt associated with “being in a state of sin” is proven to be misleading and the state of sin itself is rendered understandable, workable and hopefully removable through Christ’s example.

To be aware of this state and it’s affects is extremely helpful in figuring out our own lives and allows for being merciful towards others who find themselves exactly the same situation except for the fact that we are all dealing with different issues. Having to face this struggle in the proper light is intended to bring back to God Lucifer’s substance, out of which our physical body and soul are literally made of, back to God cleansed of its pride. This tremendous effort strengthens us and prepares those who persevere in this effort to earn the status of “children of God.”

Through a good Christian life not only are we raising ourselves to become children of God but also the spirits bound in the matter that makes up our physical bodies are restrained through our will to become obedient (humbled), becoming purified and are led back towards God through us.

Having fallen because of pride, with Lucifer, their being bound in matter to be used by creation of the will of human beings is to teach them humility. Their imprisonment in matter makes our physical experience possible and it is through them that we are tempted and at the same time tempered. This is why our physical life is so trying and why our purpose is to overcome our base passions. Our temptation through lust, anger, jealousy, laziness, avarice, greed, etc are the actual sins that need to be overcome and replaced with love, positive activity, generosity, humility etc. These are the negative characteristics in the matter of our flesh. When we achieve this very difficult task as Christ did we also lift up these bound spirits within us, further weakening the spirit of Lucifer. While we are alive we are their physical host. (as opposed to a heavenly host) It is these spirits and similar Earth and Nature spirits that the Pagans unknowingly worshiped – they therefore are unwittingly Satanic. The evil in paganism is not in that they actually do other’s harm. The harm they do is entirely to themselves by further lowering themselves by worshiping something that is below their station as being human and thereby distancing themselves from God – this is the evil they place themselves into.

Ironically, most pagans are pretty harmless and less likely to do harm than most upstanding respectable so-called Christians in high places.

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