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Spirit And Science Merging

Scientific Explanations From The Spiritual Point of View Out Of The New Revelation

Jakob Lorber the Unknown Prophet: Reciever via the inner word, the New Revelation and the new and complete Great Gospel of John.The Scientific Information Discovered and Verified in Our Modern Times was Predicted in the 1850’s within the texts of The New Revelation by Jakob Lorber.

Astronomically, the discovery of uncounted numbers of Galaxies, Planets within our own solar system that were not known to exist at the time, Atomic theories, and many more.

Among them: an alternative hypothesis to explain the raging Forest Fires and Global Warming which are of interest at the present time – which you can peruse in our section on Earth Changes and Ecological Disasters.

Today the new religion is science. In the past beliefs needed to be verified and enforced by the Church, today it is the sciences that do this. Neither is absolute because of the inherent political nature attached to what became and are now “enforcing bodies.” For many, especially the authorities, something that is not scientifically validated carries no weight or is simply not believed. This is not to say that the modern sciences have not been of benefit. We can thank science for the lifting of the veil of superstition created by distorted religious views forced by the religions. But, as is often the case, the pendulum has swung too far the other way where science has become a  new religion used to spread a particular type of tyranny that the religions of old could never have imagined. To paraphrase from the New Revelation: “The Devil could learn much from modern man!”

We have included this section to our web site to show the scope of some of the incredible scientifically verifiable information that is to be found in the work of Jakob Lorber. Indicating clearly that God does not wait for science but that scientific discoveries are man made revelations of what already has been created by God. (Often the conclusions that are made by science are not always conclusive or completely accurate, this is why they are so ever changeable – especially in regards to the health sciences).

This information is only very small sampling of the total spiritual information that is contained.

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