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Could There Have Been Possible Biblical Omissions?

There are no real Biblical omissions, only empty and fanciful interpretations of Scripture. Being Divinely Inspired, few have dared to omit or change parts of the Bible. But, in the hands of human beings one should always allow for the possibility of fowl play for the purposes of deception, control, or personal gain. The last chapter in the Book of Revelation is a warning as much to the reader as to someone who might actually intentionally edit the contents of the Bible.

In translating from one present day language to another present day language and preserving the meaning of the original message is not easy. Often terms need to be changed to suit a particular cultural difference. Concepts that exist in one language often do not exist in another. Although differences can be elaborated upon in a side note, a translation that is done verbatim may not make any sense in the language that it is being translated into.

The Old Testament is written in what considered to be dead languages. Languages that are no longer in use. As good as a scholar might be, they may have to rely on their own imagination to figure out what is being said when phrases and colloquial terms are being used. At the time of the writing of the Bible, especially the Old Testament there were likely many common colloquialisms that in time have become meaningless or at best hard to put into context at present. Needless to say, something will always get lost in the translation.

Given that time, through languages lost and politics, can erode the meaning intended in any writing why then do people have such a hard time accepting that the Bible, even though it is the word of God, is just as susceptible to being corrupted by time and human interests as any other important body of literature. It is not the Word of God that is being corrupted here – it is the Word of God in the hands of human beings that is corrupting it

This being the case the efforts of scholars and theologians belaboring over the words of the Bible will likely only further corrupt it. The greater Christian institutions are evidence of this self-serving corruption.

This does not invalidate the Bible. But to believe that the Holy Father did not anticipate the corruption of His Word at the hands of human beings and that He would not have sent more prophets to reiterate what would have been inevitably lost through time is a little hard to believe.  The Prophets of the Old Testament were awakened for that very purpose. The nearly 2000 years of time after Christ is even more critical than the Old Testament, therefore there must have been Prophets between the time of Christ’s death and the present; even if they have not been recognized as such by the “official churches” and Pharisees of their day and our day.

The presumption that the writings in the bible or other holy script can only be interpreted by scholars, theologians or priests is false. Holy scripture is written for those who seek God out of love. Without love and purity of heart, the key to unlocking the mysteries within scripture is not present and the mysteries remain hidden and remain mysteries.

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