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Prophecies: Prophetic Predictions and Prognostications

Has anyone else noticed the perpetual state of global unrest. Wild Fires, crazy weather, “wars and rumors of war,” general oppression of the less fortunate through either government or corporate will, artificial financial meltdowns, a lack of civility among people, on and on? Most sensitive people can feel that something just isn’t right.

Sometimes in mentioning or referencing the Bible one is likely to be labeled a religious fanatic or some other sort of nut. However, the Bible is correct on many a thing. Genuine prophesies, even if they predict bad events are comforting and satisfy a need to comprehend what we might be feeling but do not know or cannot explain.

This page is like a switchboard connecting a whole series of pages dealing with various prophesies. Choose any of the topics below; we hope that you will read them, contemplate them, enjoy them and hopefully in some cases be comforted by them!

We understand that reliable sources of genuine prophesies are very few however, we feel that we have found a few good sources that have stood the test of time.

We hope you will agree.

We have collected these prophesies and prognostications from various sources. We will find more and will post them as we find them. Some of them are from the New Revelation of Jakob Lorber, others are Christian Bible Prophecy, still others are of old European origin. It should be mentioned that there are prophesies from every culture predicting very violent destruction at what have been coined the End Times. What we are presenting  has come from the Western perspective.

Although these prophesies are Biblical and have been talked about for centuries the work of Jakob Lorber in no way alters them, it does however elaborate the circumstances that will bring the well known Biblical prophesies about and offers detailed explanations as to why they are occurring and why it is necessary that they occur.

Even though they may not admit it, prophecies intrigue even the most skeptical.

Surely every normal person has noticed the seemingly perpetual string of unseasonable and unusually destructive weather patterns that have produced hurricanes, torrential rains, droughts, blizzards, record precipitations, heat in winter and cold in summer – Natural disaster in the form of record wild fires, tsunamis, earth quakes – and on the human side – the heartless, self serving economic maneuverings that are only to be outdone by the seemingly endless hostilities in global geopolitical situations – it would seem that either something is trying to get our attention or we are seeing the consequences of serious imbalances the causes and effects of which were sown long ago by human actions.

Even though Biblical prophesy predicts that two thirds of the worlds living things will be annihilated before the second coming of Christ, in light of the recent global disasters and situations, it would seen that a world war is not necessary to do the annihilating! Nature, it would seem, can do this far more efficiently all by herself.

For some these events are explained from their concepts of “judgment.” It should be remembered that if we indeed “reap what we sow,” setting Karma into motion, in the end we ultimately are judging ourselves through our own singular or collectively irresponsible behaviour. Even though the laws of existence are of divine origins, No Divine being is to be blamed for our fate. This principle can be applied personally, at a community level, nationally, or globally. Interestingly, every culture on the planet predicts a similar fate during our end times.

Faced with this many people who still possess the sensitivity will go inward and seek spiritual answers in the face of fear. Prophecies are where some may seek their answers.

Other Prophesies & Related Topics of Interest:

Caution is warranted when it comes to prophesies!

When searching for prophesies it is wise to be skeptical and to expect a lot of nonsense in your search. This is not to say that there never have been or that there are not genuine prophets and that prophesy does not exist. Indeed these do exist but most people are not willing to look where they are to be found because sadly, most people prefer to be lead rather than to think for themselves.

Very, very few prophets and their prophesies are genuine, most are full of their own hot air. Real and true prophets because of their very nature are never to be found as heads of nations, religions or corporations, especially not in modern times. They never set out to start their own religions. Their purpose is always to bring people back to an orderly reality.

In our anything goes world one can be assured that if there is a best selling book claiming to be prophetic chances are very good that after the hype and marketing frenzy is over and everyone has made their money it will come to light that people have once again been taken for a ride at their own expense.

There have been many books of this type, the most recent of which is the Da Vinci Code – so much attention focused on implied historical fact based on flimsy suppositions. It should have been expected that something like the Da Vinci Code had to come along to muddle and demean a fundamental premise of Christianity to counter the message of Mel Gibson’s; The Passion of the Christ.

We at Amalux also manufacture Herbal Products. Below please find some links to our Herbal Products and Health Topics. In an over 25 year study of the work of Franz Bardon an appreciation of how a human being functions is inherent. We are Classical European Herbalists the philosophy of which is best found in the work of Franz Bardon, Jakob Lorber and Paracelsus. We have studied this material and have tried to implement it in the form of herbal products and in the explanations of certain ailments from the Natural perspective. We do not manufacture the Franz Bardon “life elixirs” nor do we make the Jakob Lorber “Sun Remedies.” These cannot and should not be “manufactured.”¬† They are intended to be made personally by anyone interested.

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