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Christian Mysticism – Seven Primordial Spirits Of Jehovah III

The Seven Primordial Spirits or “Seven Main Ideas” within God III

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VII/20 [1] (Raphael:)“In man it should also be the same but, unfortunately, is not. This ability has been given every human being, without ever being fully developed and practiced. Only few people activate the seven spirits within them to a full and equal activity thereby becoming truly like God and us angels of God; but – as I said – many have turned away from it and do not bother much and, therefore, do not recognize the true secret of life within them at all. Such blind and half-dead people are then unable to recognize the underlying purpose of life because they let themselves be guided and dominated only by one or the other of the seven spirits.

[2] Thus, one lives purely out of the spirit of love and completely ignores the other spirits. Such a man is then nothing else but a voracious beast of prey that is never satisfied. People like that are always full of self-love, full of envy and greed and hard of heart toward all their fellowmen.

[3] Again others possess an enlightened love, are therefore rather wise and able to teach their fellowmen good things; but they have a weak will and are unable to really accomplish something.

[4] Then there are others in whom the spirits of love, wisdom and will are quite active; but with the spirit of order and the proper earnest it does not look too good. This kind of people will be able to talk intelligently, sometimes even rather wisely, and here and there they may also be able to accomplish something; but the person who is truly wise through all the seven spirits will soon gather from their words, talk and acts that these lack order and coherence.

[5] And there are also people who possess love, light, will and order, but they lack the spirit of earnest. As a result they are timid and faint-hearted and seldom able to make their works fully effective.

[6] Others again are also full of earnest and courage, but do not have much patience. Such people usually act too rashly and often spoil with their impatient zeal more than they do good. Yes, friend, without proper patience there is no achievement; for he who lacks patience pronounces his own death sentence. Man has to wait until the grape is completely ripe if he wants to reap a good harvest. If he does not want to wait, he has but himself to blame if instead of a delicious wine he has produced only a sour, undrinkable one.

[7] Thus, patience is a necessary spirit in everything: Firstly, in controlling and giving direction to the spirit I called earnest that often is inclined to overstep its boundaries, because it may, combined with love, wisdom and will, degenerate into extreme pride which, as you know, tends to become unlimited in a person; and secondly, because patience is above all, as I have already explained to you, the mother of the spirit of mercy, and it is this latter spirit that affects all the preceding ones by giving them the divine-spiritual perfection and also helps the human soul to attain to the full and true rebirth in the spirit.

[8] This is the reason why the Lord Himself urged all of you to love God and your neighbour, adding: ‘Be merciful, as also your Father in Heaven is merciful, and be meek and humble, as also I am meek and humble with all My heart!’

[9] Thus, the Lord bade you men develop above all the Seventh Spirit because in this last spirit all the preceding ones are contained and being developed. Therefore, he who zealously develops and strengthens this last spirit develops and strengthens also the preceding ones and has taken the shortest and surest road to perfection. However, he who begins his development with one or several of the preceding spirits will attain to the full perfection of life only with great effort, or not at all, because these earlier spirits do not contain the Seventh Spirit, whereas the latter does contain all the ones preceding it.

[10] And behold, therein consists continuously the fall of the angels or the thoughts and ideas out of God – which we may call the forces constantly flowing from God -, so long as they in their entirety in man’s nature have failed to develop the Seventh Spirit within them to true and supreme perfection. For all the preceding spirits have been partly given, more or less freely, to almost all created beings, whereas the Seventh Spirit must be won by man himself with much diligence and zeal.

[11] And as only by acquiring this spirit do all the preceding six gain their life’s true significance and true purpose, the whole man does only through it win the fullest freedom and independence of life. – And now I ask you whether you have understood all this.”

[12] Said Lazarus:“Yes, you God-inspired servant of the Lord, I will truly never be able to thank you enough for your great patience and grace. Only now do I understand the wisdom of the ancient books. But it is a great pity that I am the only one to understand it since I am too poor a scribe to record this information in a book. You should tell this also to the other disciples of the Lord – some of whom are well versed in writing – so that they might record it for all times and nations, as they probably do not know about this as yet.

[13] Said Raphael:“Do not worry about that, for while I was giving you all these explanations about the miracles, the Wars of Jehovah and the Seven Spirits of God, the Lord explained exactly the same quite as clearly comprehensible to all those present in the hall, and John and Matthew made notes of the main points. However, if you have an empty, blank book I will record it in an instant also for you, word for word.”

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