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Christian Mysticism – Seven Primordial Spirits Of Jehovah I

The Seven Primordial Spirits or Seven Main Ideas within God II

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VII/19 [1] (Raphael:) “Just as the Seven Spirits, or special attributes, in God are continually in conflict because one always provokes the other to activity, thus you can easily observe the same conflict more or less in all God’s creatures.

[2] Love by itself is blind, and it always strives to draw everything to itself. But in this striving it ignites, and now there is light within it and, therefore, understanding and cognition.

[3] Can you now see how the light fights against the solitary effort of pure love and calls it to order and to its senses?

[4] From this conflict – or war – there arises at the same time the will, as the active arm of love and its light, putting into practice what the light has wisely arranged.

[5] At the same time, through love’s understanding thanks to its light and through the combined power of the two, order is called forth and, henceforth, fights against any disorder through the light and the will of love. And there you have again a forever continuing “War of Jehovah” within Him and within all created beings.

[6] All this would be quite in order if one could only be sure that what the four Spirits have brought about so nicely arranged would thereby already have permanence. But the ever so magnificent works of the first four Spirits still resemble the plays of children, who with great pleasure and joy build something very efficiently, yet soon after no longer enjoy their work and destroy it more eagerly than they originally created it. And truly, friend, there it would still look very bad regarding the permanency of all created things.

[7] To prevent this from happening, there arises out of the four Spirits – actually because it liked the great perfection of the works – the earnest, as a Fifth Spirit in God and His created beings, and this Spirit then fights against the destruction and annihilation of the once created works, much as a sensible and serious man who has, for instance, built himself a house and laid out a vineyard will do everything to maintain and make use of the house and the vineyard and not destroy them soon after, as I have shown you in the example of the contrived playthings of children. And look, this is – as said before – again a War of Jehovah.

[8] However, as time goes by, the erected house shows faults and the vineyard still does not yield the expected harvest. Then the builder regrets having taken so much trouble and spent so much effort due to his earnest. Therefore, he would like to destroy the whole project and replace it with something quite new and different; but then the Sixth Spirit which – as already shown – is called patience, stands up to such earnest and, look, this then preserves house and vineyard. And that is again another “War of Jehovah.”

[9] Well, patience by itself, or also combined with the preceding spirits, would hardly undertake any improvements to either house or vineyard and would let things slide along. But there comes the Seventh Spirit, namely, mercy which encompasses gentleness, concern, industry, active love and generosity and, look, now the man repairs his house so well that it no longer shows any faults worth mentioning, and he cultivates and manures the vineyard so that it soon yields a good harvest. And this is once more a conflict or a War of Jehovah in man as well as in God and in angel.

[10] Thus, the true, perfect life in God, in the angel and in man is a continuous conflict of the Seven Spirits described to you. Now this conflict is in God and the angel not such as if one or the other of the Seven Spirits would try to suppress and inactivate the other spirits, but the conflict is forever aimed at one spirit supporting the other with all its might so that each spirit is then fully contained in the other. Thus, love is within the other six spirits and light or wisdom is within love and the other five spirits and so forth, so that in each individual spirit all the others are present, forever supporting each other in complete harmony.”


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