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The Coming Evangelical Collapse – It’s About Time!

How Could It Not Happen? The Coming Evangelical Collapse is not about a lack of faith – It’s about a lack of reason with respect to matters of faith and all things Christian.

It should be stated at the onset that at no time is Christianity or the human interest in matters of the spirit in any danger. How people view spiritual/religious matters in its evolution changes in order to come closer to a clearer reality. When marketing or politicization becomes the overriding interest of a religion or it’s sects, it is sowing the seeds of its own destruction. Commercialism and politics have no place in matters of scripture – even though historically it had always been made part of it throughout the world. Also, as the world shrinks, people will notice that there is a lot of fundamental similarity between the various religions of the world and there is less reason to push one view over another. Everyone must find their own way. God should be chosen out of love for God not on who happens to be offering a “better deal on salvation.”

The history of Evangelical Christianity is a matter of public or historical record. Anyone wishing to find out more about Evangelical Christianity can easily do an online search and come into a wealth of information about it. So it is unnecessary to have to repeat it here.

The Evangelical movement has become a boom and bust, marketing driven sect, very much like the American economy – More a business than a Christian religion – the ultimate fusion of Christianity and American entrepreneurship and commercialism. Before the Second Coming of Christ all Christian religions will witness their own demise as clearly stated in the New Revelation followed by a rebirth of True Christianity. The end of falsehood was prophesied, the rebirth of Truth will grow from its ashes and Christ will establish His New Jerusalem from it. It is strange but, at the same time, also very welcome that all would-be Christians seem to be looking forward to the Second Coming of Christ, while fearing the necessary changes that must come preceding it.

Let’s leave Satan out of this. This is a man-made problem. Very little is actually being lost and Christianity is definitely not at stake. So, get out of the way – Let something that was already very dead – be finally put to rest – just let it happen.

Why are people so worried about this?

This is the ultimate example of would-be Christians exhibiting a complete lack of faith in God. The only people who are worried to death about this are the Evangelicals. If people were to believe that God is supreme then why should they worry if a Christian sect bites the dust here and there. Many Christians sects are completely loony and unchristian anyway.

Besides, since when does the end of Evangelical Christianity in particular and, organized Christian Religions in general, also mean the end of Christianity! Could it also not mean that the end of yet another misguided hypocritical misinterpretation of the Bible might not be sanctioned by God after all and its demise should therefore also be a good reason for rejoicing! So why Panic?! God is still there even if the churches are not! His word is still there even if the people who would have distorted it are not. His Word is still available to anyone wanting It, even if many do not want to read It.

The Truth never dies. A philosophy can only last for as long as the truth within it remains largely true. Christians need never worry about Christianity itself collapsing. Only the falsehoods adopted by many Christians will bring themselves down through their implementation and final exposure and disgrace. Christianity itself remains pure and untarnished.

Christ is still scheduled to return to gather His flock and re-establish his Kingdom and Word in His own time. Yet, Evangelists left and right presume to know when He will be coming when not even the angels know this. They use this fear to sell their useless and very forgettable books and wares. It is not likely He will join or be a part of a particular Christian denomination when He does even though may sects believe He will. Besides, which one would He choose? The one that most misrepresents His word by fraudulently presuming to heal people on live television? The one that markets itself and makes its leaders extremely wealthy by preying on human weaknesses and spiritual laziness? The one that replaces God with spectacle?

It may come as a shock to many but, the word of God is not for sale.

It is amazing that people would give money to other people to interpret the Word of God for them rather than make the effort for themselves for free. If God’s Word is not worth reading and contemplating over how then can people presume to say they love God or Christ when they are not willing to do this very minimal work for themselves.

The failure of the many man made sects is not God’s failing. It is the failure of human presumption and pride – not the failure of Christianity. Their own behavior is the reason for their downfall. Is it any wonder people are leaving Christian religions? Eventually even the Roman Catholic Church, which is in its old age, will fail which will be the end of all of the Christian Religions before Christ’s eventual return.

Christ would rather be followed out of love for Him rather than devotion to a religion about Him. He came in the flesh to show Himself to the world. God humbled Himself before the world and showed us who He is and what He looks like. He calls us brothers, friends and His children that we might approach Him without fear of Him. Instead we turn away and worship false interpretations of His word, buildings, statues, and other personages more than we do Him; and people are surprised that what they have chosen to worship is crumbling? Good riddance to all the nonsense.

What is interesting is that not only are the Evangelical Christian denominations collapsing but, the other Christian denominations are also shrinking. This comes as no surprise as any thinking person in today’s world could have logically predicted this eventuality even without the Revelation of St. John. A few sects are growing but, their version of Christianity is so distorted and weird that it cannot be taken seriously as Christian. It is hard to say what those who would join these sects are actually looking for. Are they looking for something to believe in because their previous denomination offered very little – perhaps a “better deal” for their salvation? It is hard to say. Clearly, they are looking externally for something they should have been cultivating within. They look to the physical world, which is corruptible by its very definition, rather than the spiritual world within that is already given to them. They just never worked at awakening it. The Kingdom of God is indeed within. There were so many clues. “The world may parish but God’s words will not.” To put that much faith in something physical but deny God’s spiritual kingdom is like accepting Satan but rejecting God.

The modern Evangelical movement is very much an American phenomenon and has a broad spectrum of followers that strongly associates itself with right wing politics, which in the United States is the Republican Party. For some reason they consider this political party to be morally purer than any other. It is very hard to determine why. Anyone who is not a Republican is considered a Liberal and worthy of scorn or worse. As if history has not already taught the dangers of mixing religion and politics already?

Evangelism can also be legitimately be called a fusion of Christianity and entrepreneurship. Christianity is being sold like a product in every conceivable way. This is most obvious through American televangelism. Even though the word of God is not for sale it does not seem to stop the upper echelons of this sect from refraining.

And people wonder why the Christian right is dwindling?

In all fairness, profiteering from Christianity is not exclusive to American Evangelism. It has been a long standing tradition among the Christian sects for millennia for better or for worse.

Surely there are some Evangelicals who are fairly normal low key, decent and sincerely believing people. Others are very politically aligned and some are downright fanatical. You will have a hard time finding more lunacy than at some of these televised Evangelical get-together’s where what is supposed to be an inner communing with God becomes a completely external spectacle. People screaming, people flailing their arms in the air, people passing out on the floor in a stupor, people speaking in incomprehensible “gibberish” and calling it Divine, people proclaiming so called conservative political affiliations in the name of God and Christianity no matter how unchristian their action may be. People presuming to condemn others because they are not of the same view, people who are “pharmaceutical addicts” – who are themselves sick, presuming to heal others by “the laying on of hands” while screaming in gibberish as though they themselves were possessed, televangelists shamelessly becoming millionaires and asking for donations and often guaranteeing salvation through it, people proclaiming to speak directly to God, people proclaiming to be prophets and later being disgraced and so on and so forth. Some of these actions are clearly Biblical signs of possession. All of this makes the much maligned Catholic Church seem positively “normal.” For all its historical shortcomings, at least the Catholic Church can claim Peter as its founder rather than another would-be prophet or reformer.

The Evangelicals have stated, “We Evangelicals have failed to pass on to our young people an orthodox form of faith that can take root and survive the secular onslaught.” The problem with all the denominations is that they are not attempting to deliver a purely Christian message – instead they are delivering a denominational message. If there were Truth in their message, the message would be sustainable because of the power inherent in the Truth. So, it is natural and necessary to question the Christianity in the message.

All the Christian denominations are shrinking not because of a lack of interest in Christianity but because they deliver an empty message. They present dogma in place of reason. Any sane person will conclude that only an absolute fool would exchange one dogma for another and the loyalty of one church for another believing that this would actually make a tangible spiritual difference to an omniscient Deity. People do this because they do not want to make the effort of investigating for themselves what is actually being stated in the Bible and then assume the responsibility of living accordingly. This deliberate laziness makes us slaves to the darkness and, don’t kid yourself, many prefer the darkness to the Light. The Light requires you to work – the darkness says you don’t have to.

The very fact that all the various Christian sects differ with one another and even disparage one another indicates that none really have the absolute truth on their side – some just have a little more or a little less than others. If there is only one God and one Word there can be no argument in the face of the Truth. And, nowhere in the Bible does it suggest that anyone should be forced to convert to Christianity or a particular Christian sect to find their peace with God and their ultimate salvation – so why the condemnation of others for not belonging to a specific sect?

Christian religions rarely if ever really make an attempt to explain anything Biblical that is of any substance. Largely because they themselves do not know the meaning in the Bible in spite of being able to quote it chapter and verse. Many denominations presume to read the Bible as a literal scientific or historical document and then wonder why so many think their conclusions are completely nuts. How can the Bible be a scientific document – in the modern sense – if science, as it is now being defined, has only come into being in the past few hundred years? This is not to say that the Bible does not contain scientific truth, it just means that many things are written at a spiritual level and have no bearing on physical science, therefore having no relation to it.

Genesis: The Most Misunderstood Book in the Bible.

One of the most misunderstood concepts in the Bible that is constantly being referred to as fact is the creation of the “World” in 6 days as it is presumed to be depicted in Genesis. Not only is this a complete impossibility as the physical evidence proves but, if Genesis were to be read literally – it would be hard to deny that what is written in Genesis is complete gibberish when compared to physical reality. In spite of this, the enormous worth of Genesis is not invalidated if it is not interpreted for what it is presumed to be rather than what it really meant to represent.

The Bible states that, “the wisdom of God is foolishness before men and the wisdom of men is foolishness before God.” so it should not come as a shock that the Bible is often misinterpreted. If it were not there would be just one group of believers and they would all be called Christians and be of one mind.

Because of the misinterpretations of Genesis science itself is being held hostage to a preposterous adherence to yet another false Biblical interpretations. Why the needless antagonism! Were this to have been the middle ages, the “religulous” among us would require the sober and scientifically minded thinker to recant the obvious truth or be burned at the stake because a presumed interpretation is beyond the understanding of the blind zealotry.

Among these same zealots – whenever it suites them – science is proclaimed to be absolutely right. When ever it doesn’t’t suit them science is absolutely wrong. This is completely illogical. You cannot have it both ways. Science was the tool that freed human kind of the many superstitions created by false spiritual teachings and beliefs. Science, purely and cold bloodedly implemented and left free of greed, politics and religion has proven that it can clarify and reveal much.

To be clear – Creation is not being questioned or in question here! Logic dictates that things cannot just come into being on their own or without a Higher impetus. Having said that; the physical evidence is overwhelming – the coming into being of the entire creation could not possibly have taken place in 6 days and, in addition, it must have happened much longer than about 6000 years ago. Also, the analogies given in Genesis suggest to most that our Earth and our Moon are being referred to but, if all of Creation is coming into being what relevance to our little Earth and its moon have to do with the totality of Creation – what about the rest of the universe? That Adam may have been created about 6000 years ago is entirely plausible but, the Earth and all of its life forms and eco systems had to have already been here and ready to sustain him.

It is entirely possible that there may be an alternative interpretation for Genesis besides what has been blindly adhered to without question?

For one, consider the authorship of Genesis. Moses wrote it and Moses could not have been such a fool to have written such gibberish on purpose. He was educated in the finest schools of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians had names for all the stars, constellations and planets and could accurately measure time in days, hours and minutes. So there was no need to write in metaphor if that was what he was actually intending to write about.

A Day for instance was measured, then as now, from sun up to sun down. Why then does Moses define the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth days as being measured from the “Evening to the Morning?” – The exact opposite of how a day has been conventionally measured since before Ancient Egyptian times. Also, by virtue of his education Moses knew what the Sun and Moon were by name – so, why is it presumed that he was referring to them when he mentions the “Big Light” and the “Little Light?” This is baseless blind presumption.

Being neither a fool nor backward – one could logically conclude that he must have been referring to something else with these metaphors. Example: The evening is characteristically dark and the morning is when the light of day dawns. Every human being is in darkness before the dawning and rise of their faith. Before then their life is in the dark. Therefore the first day of actual spiritual life begins when a human being recognizes God as the Supreme One and their faith is born even though it is still in its infancy. This awareness is the first day – the first stage of spiritual rebirth of the human being – coming from the darkness into the Light. Every day mentioned thereafter represent still greater spiritual awakenings, spiritual activities and spiritual possibilities. Genesis is the most clearly stated sequential process of spiritual rebirth ever written. Only a spiritually dead person would see physical planets and stars in it. It should be remembered that God made man in His image to become a spiritual being rather than remain a physical brute. Eternal life can never be physical – even though some Christian sects believe it to be. Has no one noticed that all things physical perish?

Spiritual rebirth is how Jesus Saves! Being born again is to awaken spiritually from the stupor most people have come to call “life.” Genesis describes the process and sequence of spiritual awakening.

To suggest that God has to tell physical man what He has created physically is to imply that God made man stupid, without the ability to sense what is around himself and without the ability to deduce and reason and therefore not in His own image. The very fact that man exists and has therefore been created means that Genesis was written for a much higher purpose than to state the obvious to a being that God gave a faculty to reason with and figure out for itself what has been made visible. What has been created is self-evident!  God being the Supreme Spirit made Genesis available for the spiritual needs of men rather than to merely state what is physically obvious.

Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves . . . Enough Already!

Then, there is the constantly repeated mantra that “Jesus Saves” without ever contemplating anything deeper as to how or why or the many ramifications of this throughout creation. There is no definition of what salvation actually is or how we are affected by it within the Christian sects. Yet, it is constantly being screamed at the top of some people’s lungs. (some sects more than others) It would be like mindlessly repeating: “water is wet!” and, then standing back expecting the listener to fall over backwards at the sound of it while the speaker, having no clue as to how to apply or make use of the fact that water is indeed wet, somehow expects the listener to be impressed.

Rather than intelligently deducing and then finally stating “Oh, water is wet!,” that means that I can put out a fire with it, that means I can wash myself and everything I own and eat with it, that means I can cook food with it, that means I can mix it with almost anything to make everything from bricks to steel with it, that means that when I am thirsty I will be able to drink it and it will quench my thirst with it and so on and so on.” If the very hollow sects would explain to themselves first what the ramifications of Jesus having been born, crucified and resurrected are, then they would not have to mindlessly repeat “Jesus saves” ad nauseam because they could also explain what it actually meant. This is not Christianity, it is a hopeless blindness akin to telling everyone they are a sinner and must endlessly be repenting without understanding what “sin” or repentance are. Is it any wonder that this type of mindless, insulting repetitious emptiness is losing its audience and its hold on people?

At one time keeping people illiterate, as a tool to control the masses by, would have been an understandable excuse for “believing” without thinking and for giving rise to wild superstitions. But, in today’s world, when there is no possible excuse for people not being able to read and write, that people should deliberately choose not to think to the point of swallowing empty Christian slogans without first contemplating or comprehending them is personally irresponsible and patently unchristian. It is the same as the empty war slogans that have historically been used to insight people to kill other people whom they do not know, have never met or seen and have otherwise done them no harm. Here instead Christ is being shamelessly prostituted to the detriment of all who are gullible enough to listen and blindly believe in an empty creed.

How do people expect to be “saved” if they choose to be asleep spiritually at the same time? Why would anyone choose to be a blind Christian? If asked what “being saved” means; they would have no answer. A school teacher expects her students to understand her lessons and be able to take them and actively apply them. Is it too much to ask that Christians make the same effort to understand Christianity?

The sooner all the Christian religions collapse the sooner real Christianity will be reborn. And, with the rebirth of Christianity a new world will appear to and for those who hunger for a purer and more rational Christianity that is willfully born from within, from a rational inner desire to find God within – where Christ said you would find Him. “The kingdom of heaven is within” and therefore at hand. No one needs a priest or preacher to tell them that and no preacher or priest can realize that for anyone else. Everyone has to do that for themselves, by themselves. To congregate is a good thing. But, when it is used to take the place of our personal spiritual responsibilities it ceases to be a spiritual gathering and is just another social get-together.

All too often Christians think themselves better than other people because they believe, while having no clear concept of salvation, that they have been “saved” and that others should do as they do, that they might be “saved” also. This is arrogant in light of the fact that all the major world religions agree on many, many mystical points including their concept of God.

In fact, the only main difference between the concepts of God among the main world religions and Christianity can be summed up as the difference between an impersonal versus a personal Being.

All of the main world religions see God in very much the same way as the Old Testament portrays God – All encompassing and everywhere at once yet, within every speck of It’s own Creation. Close, yet distant. Only consciously accessible from within the human heart. A distant omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Being that is indescribable, unfathomable, simultaneously distant and unapproachable. Loving and wrathful – caring yet vengeful. An inextinguishable Fire – Representing Itself as a mystical all powerful force requiring a priest to intercede with.

In the New Testament and with Christ’s first coming, God presents Himself personally to humanity in His true human form. He addresses fellow humans as their friend and brother and anyone can now commune with Him directly through It’s aspect of Love represented by the Father or It’s Wisdom represented by the Lord Jesus Christ. Intercessors are no longer necessary – no priests, preachers, churches or temples. This is the only real difference between the Christian and non-Christian world with respect to God. A Christian, out of love and respect for their fellow man, should not look down upon these differences. Being a good living Christian example of the word of God should be all that is needed to impress it upon others to inquire further into it. Rather than through hypocritical coercion by proselytizing. Christ Himself did not recommend proselytizing. If you don’t believe it – look it up in the Bible.

Christians often look down at those who practice other religions and condescendingly call them heathens without knowing what a heathen actually is. A heathen is someone who worships “things or other people” in place of God and that is all. Many Christians who look down on heathenism often practice Christianity heathenistically.

Example: in Italy – the land of the Vatican – where after nearly 2000 years of continuous Christian influence having had its hold, anyone would think that if Christianity should be clearly understood anywhere on Earth, it should be understood here; yet, in a very recent poll taken asking who they, as Italians who claim Catholicism as their own, would pray to in times of need, despair or disaster the results were astounding. Believe it or not, Christ came in 6th after select saints and the Virgin Mary. What is to be concluded from this? Clearly, here we have Christians who call themselves Christian yet do not understand nor actually believe in Christ. To pray to these others is heathenistic. To pray to a statue of Christ or the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Peter etc., is a heathen practice. To worship the ground in the Holy Land where Christ may or may not have walked or been born or the various other relics related to this is a heathen practice. Likewise congregating by virtue of the lavishness of a church, temple or assembly hall is equally heathenistic. Objects are being worshiped instead of God at the instigation of the Christian religions that use it as a propaganda tool. These practices have gone on for thousands of years and have the same affect upon the people who do this as the heathenistic practices of the ignorant savages in the jungles with the difference that the savages can plead ignorance. It takes the spiritual aspect of Christianity completely out of Christianity making it a useless, empty and completely mundane and physical experience. The Bible is quite clear on this. So, how and by what right can Christians be so intolerant to those of other faiths? Including other Christian sects!

In the United States there are millions of people who call themselves Christians who say that it is okay to kill other people in the name of God and then condemn Islam for the same reason.

When Christianity becomes Christian again it will be time to rejoice – until then it is best to abandon all the Christianity that has become completely unchristian and replace it with an active heartfelt inner Christianity that is!

May God Bless us all!

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