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Robert Fludd: Christian Mystic, Physician and Metaphysician

Robert Fludd – 16th Century Christian Mystic and Doctor Of Medicine

Robert Fludd was born in England in 1574 in a time when to speak of matters of mysticism to boldly could mean heresy. Everything had to be substantiated by Biblical and clerical scrutiny or else.

We include Robert Fludd and offer some of his works and redrawn etchings because they are in complete accord with the work of Franz Bardon and Jakob Lorber. Therefore, it makes sense that anyone wishing to comprehend Robert Fludd, Jakob Lorber or Franz Bardon would find that a comparative study would yield a better understanding of the works of the complimenting author. This endeavor is not for the scholar alone.

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Anyone wishing to better penetrate the mysteries of life in general and Christianity in particular, has to make the effort to sometimes transcend the mundane paradigm we all find ourselves in. All religions, of the East and West ask this of their followers – some more and some less. In the East the goal is “Enlightenment.” In the West the goal is “Spiritual Rebirth.” Both represent the awakening of the “sleeping” human spirit from its terrestrial darkness.

All religions prior to the New Testament are Old Testament religions having very similar descriptions of the Deity and Godhead. In Christianity God has incarnated. Presenting Himself physically in the person of Jesus Christ. Robert Fludd teaches the universality and interconnectedness of things spiritual, astral and physical within the Western Christian paradigm. This is an exceedingly wonderful contribution to the West, if only more people of the West would make the effort to explore it.

Although the material world is already filled with clues, Biblical metaphors are necessarily used throughout the Bible because, Sacred Script, in an attempt to describe something spiritual and unseen, is left with only the metaphor or parable because there is no other way of expressing something unseen to someone having no concept of it to make it more comprehensible. It is then left to the listener or reader to make the necessary inner effort of hear and mind to use the metaphor or parable to form the correct concept out of it and then proving it in application. Robert Fludd, in his graphic depictions, expresses quite accurately the unseen goings on in the higher dimensions. Jakob Lorber and Franz Bardon confirm it. Bardon lays out the structure and its workings, Lorber fills in the finer details.

The work of Robert Fludd was originally written in Latin. We ourselves do not presume to be experts but, common sense dictates that straight translation from any language, let alone an nearly dead one, without understanding the subject matter will lead to an incorrect interpretation and mistranslation. Also, it is common for sincere writers who have written about Fludd, having had an interest in his philosophy often have quoted him in their commentary which is perfectly fine. Often, however, these compilations are mistaken for the work of Fludd himself. This happens very often with many mystical medieval authors. (Paracelsus is another author who’s writings suffer the same fate) The writings of authors of this type when read leave the reader, inexperienced in the subject matter, to speculate as to what they are actually talking about. The speculation arises due to a lack of actual experience in the subject matter and comment from their own suppositions. Reading the originals is always most valuable. We will do what we can to bring as much of the work of Robert Fludd to you or at least connect you to it in due time.

One other misconception in the work of people like Robert Fludd and Paracelsus, to name just two, is that others use them to further their own cause even if not intended by the writer. Associations to Masonic and other secret societies are often made with Fludd’s work. Fludd and others like him, wrote at an extremely high level and had nothing to prove. They did not write to impress. They wrote from inspiration. Anyone with that kind of understanding would not need to associate or otherwise mingle with groups or societies for the sake of credibility. Members of such groups, societies and orders would need to quote from authors like Fludd to establish their own credibility but, not the other way around. There is also no long winded discussions about where Fludd or others like him have their influence from. It is Divinely inspired from within. That is why all things prophetic convey the almost exact same identical message; varying only in depth.

Robert Fludd published several books in his day which included beautiful pictorial illustrations of accurately conceived spiritual concepts that are clearly part of Christianity yet who’s concepts are never discussed within Christian religions. These drawings expressed in pictorial form the details of universal mysticism from the Western and Christian point of view. Robert Fludd left us these pictures in place of Biblical metaphors. Because what is generally available of his depictions are second, third and forth generation copies, they have lost some of their detail. We have tried to redraw and translate some of these very informative charts that Robert Fludd had published in the 16th century. This is sometimes difficult because some of the words are faded beyond legibility. Even though there is a lot to be said about the old world hand etched work of the originals, in redrawing these works they benefit from the clarity afforded by modern computer graphics. We will modify our redrawn representations of Fludd’s work should we discover that the same words can be better translated or, if in relation to Fludd’s other works another meaning was intended.

What is the most astounding in the pictorial works of Robert Fludd is how clearly they express spiritual concepts that otherwise defy description. The drawings are worth meditating over because the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is definitely apropos to these magnificent renditions of spiritual order.

The work or Robert Fludd is extremely relevant for those who are seeking after the reality of Divinity because

a) it is Christian,

b) it places Christianity in context with mysticism,

c) it is in accord with the Bible

d) it is a very clear and descriptive illustration of universal Kabbalistic order and its relation to Christianity, life and existence.

If you want to know Robert Fludd here is a selection of his work.

These are the charts and drawings currently available by Robert Fludd

robert fludd, rosicrucian, rosenkreutz, christian
Catoptrum Meteorographicum or The
Depiction of Meteorological Divination
robert fludd, rosicrucian, rosenkreutz, christian, mysticism
The Plan of Universal Causes
robert fludd, sephiroth, rosicrucian, rosenkreutz, christian, mystic, mysticism
The Christian version of the
Sephirothic Tree of Life
robert fludd
The Sephirothic Tree of Life combined
with the Kabbalistic information of Franz Bardon
  • The Constitution of Man (not ready yet)
  • The Constitution of the World (not ready yet)

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