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Authors Inspired To Heal – For Some It’s Not About The Money

Health, Healing and Healers – The Natural Healing Arts

There are many people in the natural healing arts who have contributed their inspired knowledge to the world. Some had been formally trained in orthodox medicine and some were not. Formal training does not necessarily make anyone a healer. It just means that they have gone through the training and have legal license to ply their wares in the healing trade but, as history has shown, every profession has it’s “credentialed” quacks. Although formal training in the various healing arts is good, all of the natural and genuine healers are and were inspired to reach a little deeper to pursue the matter of healing in the truest sense of the word. As is evident in their writings, all of the natural healers “march to a very different drummer” often repeating very similar principles or at least clarifying fundamental principles and then applying them with clarity and complete understanding in ways that actually work.

healers, healing, healthAt times they even bring into the world new, completely natural and effective modalities and methods of healing. All of the best, most effective and gifted healers had all, in one way or another, defected away from the norm and their formal training to seek out better methods of healing that were often more humane, generally inexpensive and of course, by far more effective than what was considered orthodox in their time. This is not to say that orthodox medicine does not have it’s place or purpose, as it certainly does.

Healers heal out of love – not for the sake of profit and this clearly comes across in their writings. Historically, they have never needed a “PR machine” to validate or promote themselves. People who needed their help were guided to them, their renown coming soley from their good works and the fact that they accurately explained and provided very simple and effective remedies to simple, as well as complex ailments that were and are still considered “incurable.”

It is not necessary to be critical of anyone and their methods as everything answers to a Higher Power. In the end if their methods work without causing harm, they should be examined fairly, cold bloodedly and be adopted.

All great healers have another common trait. They all acknowledge an ever present Higher Force that is active in all things that everyone inescapably answers to – everyone reaping what they have sown. They also acknowledge that they are actually helpless in healing were it not for the grace of that Almighty Force because even though they might be able to bring together the opening of a wound they cannot force the flesh to actually knit itself together. Even if they give the correct remedy, they cannot force someone to heal. This is out of the hands of all human beings and no one can claim to over ride this Almighty Force. This same grace is not present when people are given poison as medicine, in whatever healing modality and, they are made sicker or even die from it because the practitioner is a false healer.

This said; the authors mentioned in this section have, by the fact that they had created a significant following without financial endorsements or promotions have made their mark in history through honest efforts and tangible results. Their work is provided here that it might be examined to test its worth and perhaps be of assistance.

Another experience that true natural healers have in common is that despite that fact that many of them became quite famous and healed some of the prominent worlds leaders and celebrities – like the authors in our other book selections – all of the natural healers mentioned have had their detractors and persecutors. There is no way to explain this satisfactorily for some people. Let’s just say that this is the nature of life on Earth. To put it Biblically, “the Light shone into the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.

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